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In this Water Conservation Essay, we had discussed the importance of water conservation, what are water conservation techniques & result of water conservation.

Water conservation is the work done towards saving water by ensuring that clean and safe drinking water is not wasted.

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Essay on Water Conservation in 100 words:

Water is so important from the very beginning of a life that all major civilizations are near the river in the world.

Rivers play an important role in developing major cities in India as transportation through the river is very easy.

Nowadays scientists are talking about life on Mars because they found some frozen water particles and moisture in the air.

Scientists are still searching for life, but the main point is that due to the availability of water we can imagine life otherwise there is no possibility of life, so we can also say that water is life.

Water is important for the ecological balance of the Earth i.e. water from the sea evaporates and adds air as water vapour and turns into a cloud.

When the cloud migrates from the sea to the plain area and cools down, it converts to rain and replenishes the river and groundwater.

The Importance of Water Conservation Essay

Importance of Water Conservation Essay 200 words:

Water is a substance without which we cannot imagine our life.

Also, this transparent chemical substance is used for many other purposes, to quench our thirst, it is used to carry out many household tasks.

Water is also used for agricultural purpose and is needed for industrial use.

Here is a brief look at how it is used in various places.

Agricultural Use:

It accounts for about 70% of the water used worldwide. In agriculture, water is used primarily for irrigation purposes.

Additionally, it is also used for breeding animals. Most of the water used for irrigation is drawn from rivers, Groundwater is also used for this purpose.

Thus rivers are said to be of great importance to farmers, they provide water for irrigation but they also play an important role in the water cycle.

Industrial Application:

Industrial use of water includes water used for washing, diluting, cooling, transporting, manufacturing, manufacturing and processing various products.

Thermal power plants, engineering and pulp and paper industries consume the most water.

Domestic Use:

Water in the home is used for many purposes mainly includes drinking, cooking, bathing, washing utensils, washing clothes, cleaning houses, cars and other vehicles, watering plants and for sanitation.

Each country has its system of water supply to ensure that water reaches every household so that the above basic needs of its citizens can be met.

While water is used for cleaning, washing and bathing purposes, it needs to be purified before drinking and before using it for cooking purposes.


Water is important for the survival of mankind. However, unfortunately, it is being ruined at a rapid pace around the world.

Everyone should contribute to saving water.

Water Conservation Essay 400 words:

Our Earth has always protected us and has always ensured that we get everything we need.

All-natural resources exist for the benefit of mankind, but sadly we have only exploited and misused these resources in return.

Water is a natural resource that is the cornerstone of all life forms, it is believed that the first form of life on Earth originated in water.

This clear liquid moves as the backbone of the living world, we have not only misused this resource but also made it scarce.

We have polluted the rivers, oceans and also disturbed the level of groundwater.

Save Water Save Earth:

We cannot imagine life on earth without water so we must realize that it is very important.

According to research, it is known that only 1% of all freshwater on Earth. We, humans, are ruining it like anything, the day is not far when water will be as expensive as gold.

There are several ways in which we are contributing to the waste of water given below:

  1. Leaving the tap open when not in use.
  2. Spraying water in lawns and parks when not needed.
  3. Not to reuse water:
  4. Most of the water can be reused so a lot of savings can be made.
  5. Polluting rivers and other water bodies.
  6. Unplanned Water Management.
  7. Deforestation also leads to loss of groundwater.

We should also remember that about 70% of our body is water, how will we survive if there is not enough water on the earth.

And we had wasted so much water in our daily activities such as washing cars, vegetables, clothes etc., soon a time will come when there will be little or no water for our existence.

There is already very little water for use and the remainder requires a long process of purification before being consumed.


This is the right time that we feel that we are creating a huge problem for ourselves and the result will be that we will not be able to deal with them.

Without water, the entire living kingdom would die and soon we would have barren earth.

Wake up and save water to save Mother Earth.

Essay on importance of Water Conservation

Essay on Water Conservation in 500 words:

The biggest problem of global warming is certainly a huge water depletion on Earth which is mainly due to the misuse of water all over the planet.

In today’s time, there is a great need to understand the formula of “Save Water Save Earth”.

Pure water is the major source of all necessities, one who wants to live in a healthy way of living.

Water Conservation Measures:

We need better and less use of water to prevent the worst drought conditions on earth.

In this essay, we will focus on how to conserve water to save the environment of beautiful greenery and most importantly life on earth.

If we think seriously about it, we find that it is not difficult at all.

First, we need to start with our daily lives. Our new generation badly needs to understand the formula of “Save the Earth”.

We can save it every second of our lives, a small step can add hundreds of gallons to water savings.

Here are some points that we need to focus on in our daily lives.

Take some precautions during regular activities such as closing the tap while brushing, washing hands and shaving can save about 160 gallons of water per month.

Instead of taking a shower, using the bucket will also help the needy about saving water.

Watering the plants in the morning and evening hours rather than in the afternoon is always a better way to conserve water, although planting trees in the spring season can also be added to the solution.

It is necessary to fix all leaks in the house to prevent unnecessary water loss without delay.

Instead of using a bucket, washing the car with a pipe is always a poor choice in terms of saving water.

The use of a washing machine and dishwasher always helps protect it from water when they are fully loaded.

Implement the right process of recycling of water in your home always proves to be the right decision in the context of conserving water.

Conservation of water is something that makes nature and our future safe.

We all know that the water level on the earth is decreasing day by day and due to this our nature is suffering badly.

It must be better to learn and apply to conserve water and maintain its purity for the healthy life of our future generations.


After seeing the current state of available water on the planet, every single drop of water now needs to be saved.

As we know that 71% of the Earth’s area is covered by water, but the fact is that only 3.5% of the water is left, which is useful for survival, thus, we need to consider the importance of water for the sake of our future generations.

It is necessary to understand that the circle of natural resources is specifically the blue part of the earth which is ‘water’.

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Essay on Water Conservation 1000 words:

Air, water and food are necessary to maintain the entire life cycle on earth, no one can survive without lack of one.

Water is said to be an invaluable asset and every drop of it is very valuable.

Although there is 70 per cent of the water on earth, we can use only 1 per cent of water. Therefore, we should use limited water with great thoughts.

Water conservation is the training of using water efficiently to decrease needless water usage.

Today water conservation is important for us because fresh clean water is limited as well as a valuable resource.

Water is an essential asset for nurturing the life of all and is a fundamental demand for all activities ranging from local uses to agriculture and industry, therefore conservation of natural resource is significant for the environment.

Regular increase in human population has created severe pressure on water resources.

Today, we are faced with severe scarcity of water due to misuse of the river, pond, lake, reservoir and groundwater and perhaps this crisis is going to increase further in the coming years.

We also need to accelerate efforts to save water and give serious consideration to water conservation.

Importance of Water Conservation:

Due to the growth of population and industry, our need for freshwater sources is increasing, but we have limited storage of water.

In such a situation, water conservation is the only solution that can save us and the future generation from the water crisis.

Inadequate conservation of water can lead to a lack of satisfactory water supply, which can have drastic consequences include rising water costs, low food supplies, health hazards, and political conflicts.

Due to lack of water, the balance of the environment will also deteriorate and there may be a crisis in the forest, groves, wildlife etc., therefore, water conservation is important.

Water is important for the whole life and its limited source on earth motivates us to pay attention to water conservation, otherwise, our coming generation will have to struggle even for a drop of water to drink. Also, read the Water Conservation Essay FAQ.

Water Conservation Techniques:

There are many ways in which we can conserve water. If we make limited use of water and take appropriate steps to save it, then the limited stock of water can remain for a long time.

Collecting Rainwater:

If we collect rainwater, then every year the water crisis we have to see can be relieved.

We can store rainwater by making canals, ponds, reservoirs, tanks etc.

We can use this stored water for home use, industries and agricultural operations.

We can build ponds around villages, cities, by constructing huge canals and providing relief to water-stressed areas.

Preservation of Underground Water:

Groundwater means water located inside the ground that we extract from wells, hand pumps etc.

Due to the extraction of more groundwater and its misuse, groundwater also decreases.

We should protect groundwater by creating ponds, reservoirs etc. and the level of groundwater rises.

Land pollution also needs to be stopped because it contaminates groundwater.

Correct use of Water in Daily Work:

 We abuse large amounts of water in our daily lives because we are unaware that this water is available in limited quantity on the earth.

There are many tasks in which we wastewater, in bathing, washing clothes and utensils, washing vehicles, during festivals, cleaning the house, etc.

If we understand our responsibilities and make good use of water, then we can contribute to water conservation to a large extent.

  • Always close the taps tightly so that no water is wasted from them.
  • Immediately repair any leaks in and around your nozzle.
  • To reduce your water usage, use an aerator or water flow reducing attachment on your nozzle.
  • Do not outing water constantly while washing dishes.
  • When brushing, turn off the water when you are brushing (This saves about 80% of the commonly used water).
  • You can reduce water usage from 40% to 50% by installing a low-flush toilet
  • Lawns and gardens require only 5 millimetres of water per day during hot weather.
  • Less water is required during spring, autumn or cool weather, so use less water at that time.
  • We can prevent the misuse of this water by installing water meters in the houses.

Saving Rivers, Ponds:

River, pond, reservoir are the main sources of water, therefore we must protect them.

The biggest ill effects on these water resources are water pollution.

When these main sources of water are exhausted, it will be difficult for us to get drinking water.

Therefore, we should protect rivers, ponds and reservoirs by preventing pollution of rising water.

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We should understand the importance of water conservation from the fact that now only 1% of water is left on earth.

And if we continue to waste it in this way, all the sources of water can be exhausted in future.

Therefore, we need to be aware of and seriously try to conserve water while fulfilling their moral responsibility.

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