Nature Essay

Nature is our greatest friend because we dwell on the planet and it’s surrounded by nature.

It offers us resources to stay, water to drink, pure air to breathe, meals to eat and land to live, animals, crops, etc. for our different customers.

People should get pleasure from nature to its fullest without disturbing their ecological balance.

Nature must be taken care of properly and it must be clear, well-organized and shielded from destruction so that we can always get pleasure from our nature.

Nature is likely one of the most valuable gifts given to us to get pleasure from but it does not harm it because nature is probably the most beautiful and attractive around us that makes us happy and provides us with a pure environment to stay healthy.

Mother Nature Essay 300 words:

Our nature offers us different kinds of flowers, birds, animals and crops, a blue sky, land, flowing rivers, sea, forest, fresh air, mountains, valleys, hills and more.

God is the creator of all beautiful things in nature, which we should always not spoil and harm anyway.

We should not destroy the originality of nature and create imbalances in nature.

Nature has given everything to us, but we have nothing for it and we are destroying our property day by day to fulfill our needs.

In the modern technological world, many inventions are starting every day without caring for any disadvantages to nature.

Everything in nature has its power and uniqueness available from God.

It has many forms which are changing from season to season and even minute by minute the sea looks bright blue in the morning, but by noon this page looks green.

The sky changes color by light pink at sunset through the day, bright blue in the late night, sunset in the evening and violet twilight in the evening.

We also have moods that change by nature when nature changes.

Nature has the power to change which changes our mood and behavior accordingly.

The nature has the power to cure patients from their injuries and illnesses.

Nature is very important for our healthy life, so we should keep it clean and protected for our future generations.

Conclusion for Nature essay:

We must not cut down trees and forests and prevent soil erosion, spoil the sea, rivers, pierce the ozone layer, and act selfishly.

We all should know about our nature and do our best to keep the nature and environment clean. Pollution of nature is dangerous for nature and humans.

To live a healthy and happy life, we must try to save our planet and prevent pollution.

To keep the ecosystem in balance, we must not practice cutting down trees, conserving energy and water.

Essay on Nature 700 Words:

Nature is a great teacher. No wonder our ancestors used nature to understand life.

Our ancient texts are full of hymns dedicated to nature, as we in many instances treated God as nature.

The sun, moon, trees, rivers, etc. were all considered as divine beings. Let’s see what we can learn from them:

Sun:  Giver of light, energy, weather and the list is endless, but the most we can learn about it is that we are in a position of power when we should be.

Many times the sun has come out of the clouds… Yet, what does it do?

It does not wrestle with clouds that show who is bigger; it does not take away the moment of the glory of the cloud, allowing the cloud to touch someone as great as the sun.

Instead, the cloud gives the cloud a halo layer, making the cloud look more beautiful. Humans, especially politicians, need to know this from the sun.

When one is great, in a position of power, it is not necessary to take light from others all the time.

Appreciating others not only increase the glory of that person, but also make others to see you again makes curious.

Moon: Peace, aggravation in the afflicted or restless mind. Each day the moon changes its shape, it’s known as fickle, however have you ever imagined the moon with a sad expression?

No never. In any form, it always appears that the moon is smiling, whether it’s a extensive half-smile or an open-toothed half-moon smile or a peaceable full moon smile.

It’s all the time happy and full of affection, it doesn’t matter that it has to face change every single day and gives hope and love inspiration

Rain: We love rain; we look forward to a break from the warmth, it offers life to the dried earth.

It helps the crops to develop however beautiful rain creates messy, dirty roads.

This lovely life of ours generally creates messy, ugly situations, from which we understand life, this make us understand the worth of what we have in life.

They help in the development of America, the dirty roads do not reduce rain; Bad circumstances should not make us value and love life any less. Also, read nature essay.

Trees: Providing shade for nature’s enthusiastic helpers, oxygen givers, tired travelers, health givers, birds of shelter and other creatures.

The tree does not intentionally harm anyone. Instead, it feeds the hands that hurt it, whether it pelts with stones for fruits or cuts it for wood.

First knowledge of qualities like patience, forgiveness, generosity must come from the care of trees.

River: The River is one of the most important ecosystem in the world. It provides equal life to farms, animals, trees and humans.

It finds its way through mountains and hills through rocks and boulders, it is fickle in some places, falls down with a roar or is sometimes very peaceful.

Also, finds its own sweet music, its own makes the way and there is nothing that can stop it, no, not even the biggest boulder.

And best of all, it accepts its merger in the big, wide sea Can human life and its final journey be different?

Sea: There is no one on earth who can claim to know how many treasures in the ocean in their depths. Constantly attracted by the moon, they towels and bounce in response to their proximity.

Look at our lives, we can never measure the depth of human emotions, what can we do? Every emotion is a treasure that does not have to be displayed to one and all.

Being peaceful and unpretentious despite our prosperity, there should almost always be the most important lessons within our borders that we can learn from the sea.

Never forget that there is always another wave, even if he has returned earlier… always more for life, despite the failure.

Farm: Sometimes and sometimes muddy, sometimes a lush green and sometimes brown, the fields reflect so much of the weather that they bear the brunt and the pain of dismantling Are ready, giving the farmer his best crop.

Even when crops are harvested and they are neglected, they grow grass to feed the cow. 




This nature essay gives us many things like food to eat, water to drink and houses to live in which use of natural resources.

This includes all things, so we have to take care of nature.

By eliminating pollution, our nature has to be completely clean, so that the balance of our nature is always maintained.

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