Essay on Importance of Trees

Trees have very much importance because they make the earth fit for the existence of humans and other living organisms.

They provide us with air to breathe, food to eat and shelter to live and play a major role in keeping us alive and providing us a comfortable life.

We should plant more and more trees to ensure a clean and green environment and to promote healthy living.

Essay on Importance of Trees 100 Words:

Trees are our life’s companions, they make us live by absorbing carbon dioxide and provide air oxygen.

If there were no trees, then life on earth would not have been possible, it is our nature to keep the whole earth green and happy.

Trees continue to give us something throughout our life, yet we cut trees for our personal selfishness.

Today it is a matter of great irony that we are bent upon destroying the trees that are giving us life.

If we have to save the Earth, then more and more trees have to be planted.

Importance of Trees Essay 250 Words:

Trees are a precious gift of nature, due to the trees, this green earth and our life is happy.

Trees are true warriors who fight pollution for us right from birth and give us clean and beautiful environment.

Trees have been on our earth for thousands of years, they cannot move but can breathe like humans. Trees absorb pure toxic carbon dioxide and provide pure oxygen to us.

Trees gives fruits and grains for us to eat throughout our life, rain is also due to which we get water to drink, clothes, wood for fuel, paper, rubber, herbs for curing diseases.

During rainy days, soil erosion is prevented, leaves of trees make the land fertile, trees give other animals an equal place to live and other valuable mineral wealth is also given by them.

But gradually since industrialization and urbanization has increased, the trees have been indiscriminately harvested by humans, due to which the natural balance of the fall has been disturbed.

Due to lack of trees in cities, there is less rainfall and air pollution also remains in greater quantity.

If the cutting of trees continues at this speed, then the day is not far when the Earth will be destroyed.

Trees are very important for our lives, so we have to make people aware and plant more and more trees so that our future will be safe and clean.

Essay on Importance of Trees 500 Words:

Trees are unique product of nature, trees are valuable assets of a country and they are also called green gold.

The climate is clean and beautiful where there is a large amount of trees, also there is a lot of mineral wealth available to live life there.

In our country of India, trees are worshiped, they are given much respect as any human being.

But ever since we have started adopting western civilization and as urbanization is increasing, due to the growing of trees, the trees are being harvested at a rapid speed, the trees are not being planted fast.

This is not only happening in our country, it is happening all over the world, due to this the entire climate change of the earth has crooked.

Benefits of Trees:

(1) Trees make the environment clean and beautiful.

(2) Trees provide clean oxygen to us by absorbing contaminated and poisonous carbon dioxide and other gases from our atmosphere.

(3) Where there is a large amount of trees, there is also a small amount of noise pollution because the density of the trees does not allow the noise to spread.

(4) Wherever the tree is in large quantity, there is no erosion of the land and with the help of these, the acidity of the land also decreases.

(5) We get organic manure from the dry leaves of trees, which makes the land fertile.

(6) Trees provide us cool shade in summer.

(7) Due to trees, the atmosphere of our earth changes from time to time, due to which the balance of the earth remains.

(8) We get flowers, fruits, rubber, lacquer, silk, paper, matchmaking, wood, herbs and other mineral substances from trees.

(9) Trees prevent floods by stopping excessive water flow.

(10) Due to trees, our wildlife wealth is safe today.

(11) Due to trees, every place gets the right amount of rain, due to which we get more potable sweet water for the crop.

(12) Trees are the life guards of all beings.


The tree is our valuable asset, if we continue to exploit it, then this wealth will end then our life will also end.

We have to understand the importance of trees because they are the protectors of the whole nature, as long as it is present on earth, then there is life on earth.

Without these the earth will become just a dry and barren planet.

Today, due to increasing urbanization and our slight selfishness, the number of trees has reduced, whose change you can see that the temperature of the earth is increasing and the environment has also become balanced.

Therefore, we have to increase the number of trees by becoming aware of today, our environment and life can continue to run smoothly.

Essay on Importance of Trees

Short Essay on Importance of Trees 1000 Words:

Trees have a lot of importance in our life because of the rise of human civilization and early people used to spend their lives in the group of trees (forests).

We have built houses with these leaves and branches, from which we have got wood for food and energy.

We have made weapons from trees and hunted with their help and science has also started from trees because when the first wheel was made it was made of wood.

It is a matter of great irony that the trees due to which we are living today with so much happiness, prosperity and taking clean oxygen, we are destroying them in return.

According to a Hindi proverb, it is like hitting a battle-axe on your foot because as soon as the trees become extinct from our earth, human civilization will also be destroyed at the same time.

Importance of Trees in Human Life Essay:

(1) We get oxygen from trees.

(2) Trees help reduce air, water and noise pollution.

(3) They get valuable herbs from which many diseases are cured.

(4) We get fruits and grains from the trees to eat.

(5) Dry wood is obtained from trees by which we can get energy by burning fire and can make doors, bunk wheels, machine parts, small arms, water vessels etc.

(6) Trees provide cool shade to us during summer, due to which we feel less hot.

(7) We get glue, silk, rubber, polish paper and other minerals from the trees, which is very important for our industry business and our life.

(8) The ozone layer of the earth is protected due to trees, due to which we are protected from ultraviolet rays coming from the sun.

(9) Due to trees, there is a good amount of rainfall, which increases the rivers, ponds and ground water, and we get clean and sweet water to drink.

(10) Due to trees, the surface of the earth remains cool due to which the temperature does not increase.

(11) Due to trees, the earth’s environment is able to function systematically.

(12) Trees prevent erosion of the land and prevent flooding.

(13) Due to trees, the chance of earthquake also decreases to some extent.

(14) Trees keep greenery in nature and cool air moves throughout the environment.

Importance of Trees in Wildlife:

Trees are also very important in the life of wildlife animals because the tree is their home, wildlife animals also get food only through trees.

To avoid the scorching sun during the summer days, they sit in the shade of trees, some wildlife hide behind trees to hunt themselves.

Birds build their nests on trees and use their small branches to make nests, therefore, where there are more trees, animal birds are found in large quantities.

Side Effects of Deficiency of Trees:

At present, the forest of trees has been replaced by cement forests, due to which the environment of the entire earth has been affected.

What will the loss be due to lack of trees, we will understand through the following points:

(1) Due to the lack of trees, water, air and noise pollution are increasing in huge quantity due to which various kinds of serious diseases are spreading in human life.

(2) Due to the lack of trees, the temperature of the earth is increasing by 1 to 2 degrees every year.

(3) Due to shortage of trees, rain is not getting the right amount in all places, due to which in some places drought, there is flooding in some places and nature is being destroyed.

(4) The peace and happiness that comes from trees is not being found because people have surrounded buildings in place of trees, due to which neither clean air nor sunlight can reach there properly. .

(5) Pollution has increased so much that people’s lives have been in trouble, in some cities, it has come so far that people now walk with masks on their mouths.

(6) Earth’s atmosphere has gone twisted due to lack of trees, due to which earthquakes and tsunamis occurs.

(7) Due to lack of trees, the desert is continuously expanding.

(8) Due to excessive felling of trees, the volcanoes which have become calm again become active due to which toxic gases are released which is harmful for the whole earth.

(9) Due to the cutting of trees, the life of wildlife animals has been in danger, some of their species have also become extinct and some are on the verge of extinction.

(10) Human nature has also become short-tempered and angry due to changing climate.



Conclusion for Importance of Trees Essay:

Trees are an integral part of our life and it is our responsibility to protect them.

As long as trees exist on the earth, only human civilization exists, so we have to protect trees.

Today the time has come again when the Chipko movement took place to save the trees because trees are being cut down for urbanization and big highways, but they are not being planted again.

Forests are being indiscriminately harvested by some greedy people but nothing is being done by the government.

Not only our government has appointed many forest protectors to save trees, but they are also helping to cut down trees due to some greed.

Due to this, the entire environment of the earth is being affected, if this continues, then in the coming few years, there will be a lack of water to drink and food to eat, as well as the lack of the most important clean air for life. It will be done.

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