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In this Air Pollution Essay, we had described the air pollution causes, its components & how to control air pollution in details.

Air pollution is the mixing of any harmful substances with the atmosphere, which affects the fresh air, human health, quality of life, etc. on a large scale.

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Air Pollution Essay 200 words:

Air pollution is increasing day by day as industries grow, such polluted air, although spreads throughout the atmosphere and affects the lives of people all over the world.

Polluted air is a factor in lungs disorders and even lungs cancer, thus affecting health as well as other body parts.

Air pollution has reached its peak by continuously destroying the entire ecosystem and affecting the life of trees, animals and also affecting the entire environment by allowing harmful hot radiation of the sun on the earth.

The re-polluted air prevents heat from going back into space as a better insulator.

Nowadays, air pollution is one of the major environmental issues; most of the air pollution is due to automobiles & various means of transport, industrialization, growing cities, etc. Also, read the Essay on Air Pollution 350 words.

The leakage of many harmful gases or hazardous elements from such sources is polluting the entire atmosphere.

The ozone layer is also being greatly affected due to air pollution, which is causing serious disruption in the environment.

Due to the over the increase in the population of human beings, their need is also increasing, which is the main cause of pollution.

Man’s daily activities cause many dangerous chemicals, polluting the environment, which forces negative changes in the climate.

In the process of industrialization, the aggressive handling of many harmful gases, particles, paints and batteries, cigarettes, etc. release carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and other toxic gases into the atmosphere.

All types of pollution are associated with the environment, which invites the harmful rays of the sun to the earth by damaging the ozone layer.

To reduce the level of air pollution, we have to bring about big changes in our activities daily.

We should not cut the trees to reduce the effects of air pollution, use public transport, use prohibit sprinkler and do such activities that help prevent pollution in the environment.

At present, air pollution is the biggest problem in big cities all over the world especially due to industrialization.

Fog, smoke, particulates, solids, etc. leakage into the environment which causes poor environmental conditions in the city due to which people get dangerous health-related diseases.

People spread a lot of dirty waste daily, especially in big cities which contribute to pollution in the city environment on a very large scale.

Smoke and polluted gases from a motorcycle (bike), industrial process, waste burning etc. contribute to the air pollution.

Some natural pollutants like dust, soil particles, natural gases etc. are also sources of air pollution.

Essay on Air Pollution 350 words

Essay on Air Pollution 350 words:

When pure fresh air is polluted due to dust, smoke, toxic gases, motor vehicles, mills and factories, etc., it is called air pollution.

Some natural and some human resources are factors of air pollution, however, most of the air pollution is caused by human activities such as burning of fossils, coal and oil, releasing harmful gases and substances from factories and motor vehicles.

Such harmful chemical elements like carbon oxide, nitrogen oxide, carbon mono oxide, sulfur oxide, solids etc. are getting mixed in the fresh air.

The level of air pollution has increased to a very large scale, due to the increasing the need for motor vehicles in the last century, which has increased air pollution by 69%.

Other sources of air pollution are the decomposition of waste in the landfill and the removal of methane gas (which is very harmful to health) from the process of neutralization of solids.

Rapidly increasing population, industrialization, increase in use of automated vehicles, aeroplanes, etc. have made a genuine natural issue.

The air we breathe every moment is completely polluted which goes through the blood circulation in our lungs and throughout the body and causes countless health problems.

Polluted air destroys trees, plants, animals and humans either directly or indirectly. Also, read Air Pollution Essay Conclusion.

If the policies that protect the environment are not seriously and strictly followed leads to the rising level of air pollution could increase on an annual basis of 1 million tons in the coming decades.

As we all know, fresh air is a very important factor for a healthy life, we need to think, what will happen when the air of the whole environment becomes dirty.

First of all, air pollution is a matter of great regret for the entire human race.

Essay on Air Pollution

Some of the major big factors of air pollution are the use of toxic fertilizers, pesticides etc. by inexperienced farmers to increase their crop yield.

Chemical and hazardous gases (ammonia) are released from these fertilizers and combined into air pollution.

Burning of fossil fuels such as coal, petroleum including firewood from other factories, etc. are the main issues of air pollution.

Various types of smoke originating from motor vehicles and automatic vehicles such as cars, buses, bikes, trucks, jeeps, trains, aeroplanes, etc. are also the cause of air pollution.

Toxic industrial fumes and harmful gases (such as carbon mono oxide, organic compounds, hydrocarbons, chemicals, etc.) are released into the environment from factories and mills due to the increasing number of industries.

Some domestic activities like using unaware cleaning producers for cleaning, washing powder, paint etc. also releases the several toxic chemicals into the air.

The ever-increasing pollution levels have also worsened the negative and harmful effects on the health of its living. Also, read Air Pollution Essay Conclusion.

Air pollution is also the reason for the increase in global warming because the temperature of the atmosphere is increasing due to the increase in the level of greenhouse gases.

These greenhouse gases increase the greenhouse effect and rising sea level, melting of glaciers, changing of seasons, changing of climate, etc.

Increasing air pollution is causing many fatal diseases (cancer, heart attack, asthma, bronchitis, renal diseases etc.) and death.

Many important animal and plant species have been destroyed on this planet. The increase of harmful gases in the environment is causing acid rain and erosion of the ozone layer.

The constant increase of harmful and toxic substances in the fresh air of the atmosphere is the cause of air pollution.

Pollution caused by various external substances, toxic gases and other human actions affects fresh air which then adversely affects human life, plants and animals.

The level of air pollution depends on all the pollution that comes from different sources. The topography and weather conditions are increasing the endurance of pollution.

In industries, the amount of emissions of harmful gases from various types of raw materials used in the manufacturing process is increasing.

Increasing population density is demanding more industrialization, which ultimately causes air pollution.

Types of Air Pollution:

There are two types of air pollution, which are natural and man-made sources.

Some natural sources of air pollution such as volcanic eruptions, volcanoes (ash, carbon dioxide, smoke, dust and other gases), contraction, dust, sea and ocean salinity, soil particles, storms, forest fires, cosmic particles, Rays, bombardment of asteroid materials, comet sprays, pollen grains, fungal spores, viruses, bacteria, etc.

Man-made means of air pollution are industry, agriculture, energy plants, automated vehicles, domestic sources etc.

Man-made means include some air pollution such as smoke, dust, smoke, particulate matter, gas from the kitchen, household heat, smoke from various vehicles, use of pesticides, toxic gases used to kill weeds, the heat coming out of the plants is from fly ash etc.

As the number of air pollution increases, it is divided into two types, primary pollution and secondary pollution.

Primary Pollution:

Primary pollution directly affects fresh air and smoke, ash, dust, smoke, mist, spray, inorganic gases, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, is emitted from the nitric oxide and radioactive compounds.

Secondary Pollution:

Secondary pollutants which affect the air indirectly by chemically reacting with primary factors such as sulfur trioxide, ozone, hydrocarbons, nitrogen dioxide, etc.

The collective efforts of people all over the world can help in controlling air pollution.


Air Pollution Essay 1000 words:

Air pollution is pollution due to which human health is getting worse every day and it is also having a very bad effect on the environment.

This pollution is playing a major role in thinning the layer of ozone, due to which you will feel as if the air has been polluted as soon as you step outside the house.

One can see the clouds of smoke coming out of the chimneys of buses, scooters, cars, factories like fly ash (particles of ash scattered in the air) from the thermal power plants is polluting the air, cars is increasing the pollution on the road, cigarette smoke is also second in polluting the air.

Effects of Air Pollution:

  1. Where more pollutants are polluting the air, burning sensation in the eyes, chest tightness and coughing are common.
  2. Air pollution is also a sign of angina (a heart disease) or asthma (a lung disease), or sudden health deterioration.
  3. Some people are very fragile, on whom the effect of air pollution becomes very fast and quick and on some people are effected after some days.
  4. Children are more fragile than adults, so air pollution has a greater effect on them, because of which diseases such as varum and bronchitis occur in children.
  5. Children should be kept indoors during times of high air pollution so that they can be protected from air pollution. Also, read Air Pollution Essay Conclusion.

Major Components of Air Pollution:

Carbon Mono Oxide:

It is a semi carbon produced from petrol, diesel fuel and wood burning, it is also produced from cigarettes. This creates a decrease in oxygen, also causes trouble in our sleep.

Carbon dioxide:

It is a greenhouse gas. When humans burn coal oil and natural gas, burning of these produces carbon dioxide gas.

Chloro-fluoro carbon:

It is a chemical that destroys ozone.

When it is used for air conditioning and refrigeration, its particles reach the stratosphere of our atmosphere, by mixing with air and damaging the ozone layer consisting of other gases.

This ozone layer protects animals and flora on the ground from ultraviolet rays damaging the sun. This is why chloro-fluoro carbon is a big threat to humans and another biological world.


Lead is especially found in diesel, petrol, batteries, paint and hair dyes etc. and it affects the children. This worsens the functioning of the brain and stomach and also cause cancer.


The ozone layer is the uppermost layer of the stratosphere in the atmosphere and it is a characteristic and important gas.

Its function is to prevent the harmful ultraviolet rays coming from the sun on the earth surface.

Yet it is highly contaminated on the ground surface and also poisonous. Ozone emanates in large numbers from clusters. Ozone causes watery eyes and irritation.

Nitrogen Oxide:

This causes fog and acid rain. This gas is produced by the burning of petrol, diesel and coal. This causes many types of diseases in children which are common in winter.

Suspended Particulate Matter (SPM): These are solids, fumes and dust particles in the air which remain in the air for a particular time. Due to which the lungs are damaged and have trouble breathing.

Sulphur dioxide:

When coal is burnt in a thermal power plant, the gas released from it is ‘sulfur dioxide’ gas. Sulfur dioxide is also present in gases used to melt metal and prepare the paper. This gas is very helpful in producing haze and in acid rain. Sulfur dioxide causes lung diseases.

How to Control of Air Pollution:

  • The government should make such policies that employees work from home.
  • Use more and more bicycles.
  • Use public transport.
  • Encourage students to use school transport.
  • Ask the family members to use cabs, so that they can sit in the same car and go to the office. This will save fuel and also reduce pollution.
  • Take care of trees and plants around your houses properly.
  • Do not use electricity, when not required.
  • Only switched on the cooler, fan or air conditioning in the room where it is necessary.
  • If you have dry leaves in your garden, do not burn them, but make it compost.
  • Get your car’s pollution checked at an interval of every three months.
  • Use only lead-free petrol.
  • Industrial areas should be set up away from residential areas.
  • Encouraged to use long chimneys (with filters and electrostatic precipitators).
  • Also, encourage high-temperature indicators in place of small temperature indicators.
  • Use flammable sources of energy.

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Conclusion for Air Pollution Essay:

Air pollution is one of the major environmental problems that need to be solved simultaneously.

Urbanization has led to the exploitation of natural resources, which has led to constant pollution in the atmosphere.

Effect of all pollution is harmful and to protect the environment, we have to plant more and more trees.

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