Save Water Essay

In this Save Water Essay, we had discussed how to save water, water conservation methods & much more.

Water scarcity is a universal problem. So it is for all the responsible citizens of our planet to be jointly dealt with.

We need water conservation not only for ourselves but also for our future generations.

Save Water Essay 200 words:

The most precious gift of nature is water, it will also be known as ‘ life’ because life on this earth can never be imagined without water.

Earth is known as a “blue planet” because it’s the only known planet within the universe where there’s a sufficient quantity of water.

About 71 % of the Earth’s surface level is water.

Most of this earth’s water is found within the oceans, this water cannot be used due to the extreme presence of salt, and the proportion of potable water on the earth is very low.

In some parts of this earth, people have to travel long distances to collect pure potable water but in other parts of this earth, people do not understand the value of water.

Waste of water has become a burning issue on this planet because large amount of water is regularly wasted by humans.

We need to stop the waste of water to avoid this danger therefore awareness should be spread among people to save water from being wasted.

Save Water Essay

Essay on Save Water 350 words:

The most precious gift of God to us on this earth is water.

We have plenty of water on Earth however 0.3% of water is usable, thus there is a need to save water on Earth.

Apart from oxygen, life is present due to the usable water on Earth hence water is also known as ‘life’.

On Earth, we get water everywhere in oceans, oceans, rivers, lakes, ponds, etc., but we need pure or germ-free water.

We need water from morning to night in our daily tasks, we use water for drinking, bathing, cleaning our clothes, food items, gardening, crops, and many other activities.

In addition, we use water to generate hydropower as well as for various industries, thus it is very clear that we cannot imagine a single day without water so our survival on this blue planet requires water saving.

But unfortunately people seem to ignore it.

Getting drinking water in some parts of our country is still a challenging task but in some other areas where water is available, people are seen wasting water.

In future, they will also face this challenge so we should take care, ‘Save water, save life’ and try not to waste it.

Water can be saved in many ways, there are 100 ways to conserve water.

The simplest method of water conservation is rainwater harvesting, in which we have conserve rainwater and this water can be used in our daily activities.

Rain water can also be used for drinking after purification, we should know how to save water in our daily life so that we do not have to face water scarcity in future.

Save Water Essay 450 words:

97% of our planet is contained in saltwater, which we cannot use for drinking. The left 3% of water is usable but 2% is also blocked by glaciers and ice, therefore, we have only 1% left.

We only depend on a small percentage of water, so it is our responsibility not to pollute and abuse it.

Water Conservation Methods:

Several methods can be used to conserve water:

  • By saving water from pollution, we can save a lot of water.
  • If crops are grown by farmers under agro-climatic conditions, then additional water will not be required.
  • Using geothermal water.
  • We can conserve water by renewing traditional water resources, especially in a country like India.
  • By saving water used in industries
  • Consider the rational use of ground water, this can be helpful in saving water.
  • The use of modern irrigation methods in agriculture can also help in saving water.
  • Water can also be saved with the help of flood management.
  • Water can also be saved by guiding municipal agencies.
  • Water conservation can also be done through the collection of rainwater.
  • After installing the filtration system, this water can be easily used for gardening, lawn irrigation or toilets.
  • You can also use stored water through rainwater harvesting for small scale farming.

Domestic Methods of Water Conservation:

  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth this can save lot of water and also, educate your children to do the same.
  • By following this practice, you can save at least 400 liters of water every month.
  • A small leak in the sink or toilet may cause excess water use, so beware of such small leaks as this can help in conserving water.
  • You will be surprised to know that just a short bath can help you conserve a lot of water, so next time, promise to take a short bath.
  • You should remember to use a broom or rags to clean the floor instead of using water.
  • Buying energy-efficient appliances such as bathtubs, sink systems, etc. for your daily needs can save a lot of water.
Essay on Save Water

Save Water Essay 800 words:

Water is a precious gift of nature to humanity.

Water is one of the most important elements in nature that supports life on this earth.

We need water for cooking, washing clothes, bathing, farming and other things.

In recent years, careless ways of water use have led to water scarcity in various parts of the world that’s why water conservation is needed.

Life on earth is not possible without water, therefore, conservation of water is quite important for sustaining life on earth.

About three-quarters of the Earth’s surface is covered with water, however about 97% of this water is saltwater and it is not suitable for human consumption which exists in the form of oceans.

Only 3% of the entire water on Earth is suitable for drinking and 70% of the available drinking water is not suitable for consumption because it exists within the form of glaciers and ice sheets.

Only 1% of the available drinking water is offered as clear drinking water and is appropriate for human consumption.

It is estimated that more than one billion people in the world depend on this 1% clean drinking water for their survival.

It is clear that we need to use water carefully so that other people do not have to face water scarcity. Also, read Save Water essay conclusion.

How to Conserve Water?

  1. To conserve water, we just have to make some positive changes in our daily activities.
  2. Turning off the water tap after every use involves washing the vegetables and fruits in a vessel filled with water instead of washing them with water.
  3. 450 litres of water can be saved by using mugs and buckets for bathing and washing.
  4. Similarly, using a fully filled dishwasher and washing machine will save about 2 to 2.4 kiloliters of water per month.
  5. People should provide water only when they need water in their gardens and lawns.
  6. Avoid watering the plants in the afternoon, especially between 11 am and 4 pm, as most of the water evaporates.
  7. As responsible citizens of the Earth, we have to promote playing dry Holi to prevent heavy water wastage during the festival.
  8. Leaky joints and taps must be properly fixed to prevent leakage to conserve water. With this, about 60 litres of water can be saved every day.
  9. Rainwater harvesting should be started by the government or civic management authorities at the village level.
  10. Large or small ponds can be dug to store rainwater, the saved water can be used for bathing, washing clothes, toilets, washing various items, watering plants, etc.

Saving water is equal to saving life!

So let us pledge to make our earth a safe and beautiful place to live.

Hopefully you will be impressed by the information on these subjects and follow them.




In this save water essay we concluded that after air, water is a crucial resource that is essential for people as well as all living species, plants and trees.

It is also necessary for maintaining our planet’s biodiversity and food chain.

The quantity of clean water is very limited and it is prominently available in lakes, rivers and groundwater, therefore it becomes important for us to conserve it so that it remains available in future.

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