Rainwater Harvesting Essay

Rainwater harvesting is a system that collects and stores the rainwater in tanks and other reservoirs for future use, as it is very important to conserve rainwater so that there is no shortage of this natural resource.

Thus, the concept of rainwater harvesting is also growing rapidly and people are playing their role in conserving the environment and utilizing this natural resource.

In this Rainwater Harvesting Essay, we described rainwater harvesting and its importance, its advantages of rainwater harvesting & much more.

Rainwater Harvesting Essay 100 words:

Rainwater harvesting refers to the accumulation and storage of rainwater for natural reservoirs or tanks or the infiltration of surface water to bring surface water to the surface for later reuse.

The rainwater harvesting is very important because it is a practice to prevent wastage of water and it is used in many ways.

There are several methods such as surface water collection system, harvesting roofing method, underground tank, dam, slope, barrage, water storage reservoir, trenches etc.

Harvesting water ensures and prevents the smooth supply of water in future.

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Essay on Rainwater Harvesting 150 words:

Rainwater harvesting refers to the collection and storage of water for reuse.

It can be used later for various purposes like irrigation, gardens, household purposes and livestock, instead of allowing it to exit the gutter; also can be used as drinking water and groundwater storage.

Rainwater harvesting improves water supply throughout the year; with fluctuating climate change and the elimination of groundwater storage, rainwater harvesting helps mitigate those effects.

This can help recharge groundwater storage and ensure water availability in scarce areas. Rainwater conservation is also practised in individual homes and apartments.

Although new methods and techniques exist for harvesting rainwater in modern times, it is a traditional practice followed in rural areas.

Rainwater is always useful at a time when there is less rain; can be used in many ways whether by traditional methods or with the help of new methods and technology.

Rainwater harvesting Essay

Rainwater Harvesting Essay 300 words:

Nowadays people have become dependent on the federal government system of water to provide water for their every need.

The present situation of water management and distribution in cities has been centralized by the federal government which has introduced an enormous gap in group responsibility in water management.

This has gradually but regularly eliminated the outdated conventional water harvesting system.

Rainwater harvesting is an old and efficient approach for rainwater harvesting throughout future use.

It is commonly used in various locations in India to overcome water shortage issues.

Rainwater harvesting is an efficient source of groundwater to recharge naturally.

However, the groundwater level is reducing day-to-day resulting from rapid urbanization and development of cities on a large scale in addition to a discount on the quantity of rainwater.

Rainwater harvesting is the way in which to reduce groundwater use in addition to at all times preserve its degree sooner or later.

In the dry areas of India and different nations, it is extra necessary to fulfil the demand for water for various functions.

The following factors show the actual fact of rainwater harvesting:

  • It performs a great role in stopping groundwater degradation and improving the groundwater table.
  • This helps in improving the water high quality in aquifers.
  • This is to preserve extra water and stop surface water runoff through the monsoon.
  • This helps in decreasing soil erosion.
  • This is to bring the outdated tradition of water conservation among many folks.
  • Rainwater can be harvested higher using the next methods equivalent to floor runoff harvesting and rainwater harvesting above the roof.
  • Both very efficient strategies help to extend the groundwater and meet the water supply requirement easily and cost-effectively.

Essay on Rainwater Harvesting 350 words:

Rainwater harvesting is the accumulation, storage, conservation, and filtration of rainwater in the future for drinking water or for many other uses; the stored rainwater has to be maintained regularly.

The main objective of rainwater harvesting is to collect rainwater from a large surface above and then transport it to the storage tanks through the distribution system.


Rainwater harvesting provides an independent supply of water during most water combinations, where clean water is expensive for people in rural areas, accumulated water will be a cheaper source of potable water and can be stored for a longer period.

This practice is common by people in independent residences and buildings.

In developed countries, accumulated rainwater is a source of supply and also reduces the cost of domestic water consumption.

In a fluctuating climate, a rainwater harvesting system helps to capture rainwater when it rains.

Most countries with unpredictable environments use rainwater harvesting as it is an economical and reliable source of salinity and salts-free clean water.

It complements the water supply and prevents water wastage.

Rainwater is used exclusively for irrigation facilities; soil ridges are made to trap rainwater and prevent slopes, providing enough water for crops to grow.

In future, dams and ponds can be constructed for storing large amounts of water for irrigation, retainiwallsall are provided to avoid landslides.

Rainwater harvesting reduces the effects of flooding.

Due to rainwater harvesting, less water is directed towards the sewer system and it reduces stormwater in freshwater bodies and also prevents pollution of water bodies.

In many areas, underground water sources are slowly sieving. Construction of deep wells is costly and can harm the natural environment.

Thus, this source of rainwater is reliable and effective, can be used when the groundwater supply is depleted.

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Rainwater harvesting has various benefits and uses; however, harvesting systems have to operate and maintain to ensure water quality. Water also needs to be purified and filtered for use.

Essay on Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Essay 400 words:

Rainwater harvesting is the collection and storage of rainwater in natural water or artificially designed sources to prevent water runoff and meet future water shortages.

The amount of water harvesting is influenced by factors such as the frequency of rainfall, the amount of rainfall, how rainwater is collected, and the size of the resources to collect water.

The groundwater level is falling day by day due to various reasons like deforestation and ecological imbalance.

Demand for water supply increases, especially in urban areas, due to the constantly increasing level of urbanization and industrialization. This is leading to overuse of groundwater and thus lower levels.

The risk of water scarcity has increased substantially in the future and non-adherence to some effective solutions can be life-threatening.

Water harvesting is very useful and caters to varied needs such as recharging the groundwater level, reducing electricity bills within the water supply and offering water supply anytime.

It is estimated that 1m increase in water level saves about 0.4 kWh of electrical energy.

Advantages of Rainwater Harvesting:

Rainwater harvesting by individuals is essential in all areas; It is sweet to reduce the concern of water shortage sooner or later.

The following factors show the actual fact why rainwater harvesting is important:

  • Surface water can’t meet water demand for various functions.
  • Everyone depends on groundwater for his or her each need.
  • The groundwater level is continuously decreasing due to deforestation, rapid urbanization, rainwater infiltration into sub-soil, etc.
  • Rainwater harvesting maintains the water level in pure water resources.
  • It reduces the opportunity of water on roads, reduces the risk of soil erosion and improves water quality.

The following are the primary strategies of rainwater harvesting:

  • Collecting rainwater on the floor for future use.
  • Collecting rainwater on the floor is a very effective and conventional technique, this may be completed using small ponds, underground tanks, dams, weeds and many others; however, groundwater recharging techniques are a brand new concept of harvesting.
  • This may be completed using dug wells, pits, trenches, hand pumps, recharge wells, recharge shafts, recharging lateral shafts with bore wells, and dispersion techniques.




Every person should collect rainwater, so it can be used for other works.

The surface and roof water should be protected from waste because it helps to increase the groundwater level.

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