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In this Rainy Season Essay, we had discussed the rainy season in India, types of monsoon, advantages & disadvantages of the rainy season & much more.

The rainy season is the part of eco-system, at this time the weather becomes pleasant, the mind of all living beings and human beings becomes cheerful.

In this article Essay on Rainy Season, we had provided the essays in different word limits, which you can use as per your need:

Rainy Season Essay 100 words:

Our country is an agricultural country, so it is very important to have rain. Life cannot be imagined without rain, because rain gives us drinkable water.

After the scorching heat, when the monsoon arrives, there is happiness and greenery all around.

Cold winds blow everywhere, crops cropped in the fields, farmers’ faces blossomed and children also enjoy the rain and cool breeze.

The rainy season is the most pleasant & I love this season the most and prettiest.

rainy season essay

Essay on Rainy Season 250 words:

The rainy season starts from July in our country and it rains till September.

After the scorching heat of summer, everyone eagerly waits for rain.

The farmers of our country keep staring at the sky all the time & the rainy season is no less than a boon for the farmers.

At this time, the farmers are sowing a Kharif crop and the rains come, the crops are waving and seeing the green fields waving around the fields, astonishment arises.

Newly sprouted trees also grow due to heat, dried rivers, ponds, step wells, dams are filled with water, the thirst of the earth quenches and the groundwater level rises.

All living beings get a sigh of relief from the rain, the peacock dances in a puddle, the cuckoo recites the sweet melody and the frog expresses its joy by treading.

The rainy season is very charming, everyone’s mind is like this because greenery, cool air and happiness spread peace all around.

During the monsoon days, black and white clouds are seen running in the sky to get water, it is very nice to see lightning in the black clouds.

Due to the summer, the children who stop going out of the house, during the rainy season, they go out and sing and dance and enjoy the rain.

The rainy season provides new life to every living organism on earth, so I like the rainy season very much.

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Rainy Season Essay 500 words:

Rainfall mainly occurs in the month of Sawan and Bhado in India, this is the time when the monsoon is most active & the relief from the scorching heat of summer is only due to rain.

Due to summer, the temperature in India rises so much that it becomes difficult to get out during the day.

The water of all the rivers, drains and ponds dries up, which makes the life of animals and animals very difficult, but when the rainy season arrives, there is greenery everywhere.

It seems as if the nectar has been showered on the earth in the form of drops of rain, life is possible on the earth only due to rain.

Importance of Rainy Season:

The rainy season is considered to be the best season of all seasons, whenever the rain comes and the particle of the earth swells with zeal.

When the first monsoon rains occur after the scorching heat on the earth, there is a fragrant smell from the earth, beyond which even the world’s most fragrant perfume falls.

Our country falls in the hot provincial area, so it gets the most heat here, there is a lack of water in the rivers and therefore the availability of water is less.

In our country the importance of the rainy season increases, even more, when the rainy season comes, everyone’s heart is liked.

When the rains are good, crops in every province of the country are hoisting in the greenery enveloped all around and it seems as if the earth has covered the green.

Due to rain, all the river drains and ponds are filled to the brim with water, due to which all living creatures on earth get to drink sweet water.

And the groundwater level of the earth also increases due to which the heat outbreak is reduced and the cool cold winds are moving all around, which makes every creature’s heart rejuvenated.

If the rains are good then the progress of the country is also rapid. At present, most of the water scarcity is fulfilled by the monsoon rains, so the importance of rain is incredible in our lives.


All the seasons in our life is important for us but the most important is the rainy season due to which the entire life system of the earth changed but sometimes due to excessive rainfall there is some loss.

Rain is very important for our earth, therefore, its water should be saved and if there is more rain, we should plant trees.

essay on rainy season

Essay on Rainy Season 1000 words:

Our country of India is a country with many variations, therefore variation is found in the seasons in our country.

The total of six seasons in our country is summer, rain, winter, pre-winter, autumn and spring which changes every two months.

According to the name of the seasons, the environment of the earth changes, one of them is the rainy season, which acts as a lifeline in the entire environment.

During the rainy season, there is very strong and heavy rainfall, many times, there is continuous rain for weeks. The rainy season starts in July and ends in August.

The Arrival of the Rainy Season:

When the arrival of the rainy season, there is happiness and greenery all around, life is relieved by the scorching heat and heat stroke.

During the rains, children play a lot and swim in their paper boat in the water & the farmer is also very happy because of his crop waving.

Newly sprouted trees of dried forest trees are grown again during the rains. On the dry black hills, a sheet of greenery is spread, colourful flowers are seen everywhere.

Rivers, ponds, ponds, dams etc. are all filled with water, the whole atmosphere becomes cold. Animals eat green grass and tree plants for birds.

The arrival of the rainy season is the key to happiness for all living beings on earth.

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Benefits of the Rainy Season:

The entire environment gets the benefit of the rainy season, due to the rain, we can explain the main benefits of the environment through its point below.

(1) Farmers:

For the farmers, the rainy season is no less than a boon because, before the rainy season, the farmers prepare weed by planting weeding and manure in their fields.

The farmer works hard throughout the day in the intense heat and then keeps staring at the sky to see when the clouds will come and rain.

 Most of the farmers of our country sow their crops only on monsoon based rains. Also, read Rainy Season Essay Conclusion.

(2) Environment:

The rainy season is of vital importance to run the cycle of our earth’s environment smoothly, if it does not exist, then the entire environmental system will deteriorate.

There will be turbulence for water everywhere, then it will become difficult to live life on earth.

Therefore, when the rains come, fodder water is made available for the animals and water and other crops are also available for the humans.

Earth’s life once again comes into the environment. Therefore, the rainy season is important for our environment.

(3) Fauna – Animals:

Due to the severe heat, all the trees, plants and grasses dry up, as well as water ponds and rivers dry up, due to which the animals do not get anything to eat and there is very little water to drink.

But when the rainy season comes, then again the scarcity of water and food is removed, so the rainy season acts like nectar for the animals.

(4) Groundwater level rise:

Due to heat and extreme temperature, the water vapour of the earth flies away and due to excessive exploitation of groundwater by humans, the groundwater level decreases due to which the earth remains warm and we do not even get to drink healthy water.

When the rainy season comes, it is due to rain that the groundwater level rises, due to which the temperature of the earth also decreases and we also get clean water.

(5) Business boom:

Our India is an agrarian country, so most of the income here comes from agriculture, so the year when there is no good rainfall, the prices of all the commodities go up in that year and the business runs at a slow pace.

If it rains well then the farmers get a good income and they come to the market and buy new items, which increases business rapidly. Also, read Rainy Season Essay FAQ.

(6) Progress of the country:

Even today, more than 70% of our country’s income is from agriculture, so most people in our country are still farmers.

Therefore, whenever there is more rainfall and the crop becomes good, there is a boom in every type of business.

Due to this, everyone gets money to spend and everyone buys new items, which starts progressing the country.

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Losses Due To Rain:

There are some losses due to the rainy season, but due to most human-caused work, their fatalities are seen. Following are some of the major losses due to rainy season –

(1) Flood:

Due to excessive rains, a flood situation arises due to which crop a loss of public wealth, but floods also come from human-caused work because forests have been harvested by humans due to which water flows rapidly.

Loss of life is also due to humans because humans have made their living place near the rivers and have stopped their area of flow due to which flood situation arises.

If humans remain within their limits, the flood situation cannot take such a terrible form.

(2) Seasonal Diseases:

In the rainy season, seasonal diseases are very high, such as cholera, malaria, skin diseases, cough, cold etc., but most of these diseases are caused by pollution caused by humans.

If we take care of the human environment then there will be no diseases due to rainy season.

(3) Soil Erosion:

Due to excessive rainfall, erosion of the land starts, which leaves the fertile soil flowing away. Which is not good for the environment and crops.

The situation of soil erosion is currently very much seen because excessive trees have been harvested by humans, which is causing erosion of land, so I will have to plant more and more trees and prevent erosion.

After the arrival of the rainy season, in India, there is a flow of festivals, in the same way, everyone gets happiness from the rain in India and the whole environment becomes cold and enchanting.

Following are the main festivals celebrated after the rainy season: Teej, Rakshabandhan and Diwali etc.


Due to the rainy season, a wave of cheerfulness runs throughout the entire life of the people, the rainy season serves as the nectar for the life of all living on earth.

The beautiful view of the waving crop in the fields is very pleasant; seeing greenery all around, everyone gets peace of mind.

Animal, birds narrate their new raga, this is a very panoramic view in the sentence itself and the relief from the fierce heat due to the rainy season cannot be imagined.

We should also honour the rainy season by collecting water during the rainy season.

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