World Environment Day Essay

In this World Environment Day Essay, we had discussed the history, importance of world environment day & theme for world environment day 2021.

The environment is the entire universe and the living world, it not only includes humans beings but also all animals, trees, plants, natural vegetation etc.

A clean environment is very important to live a peaceful and healthy life but our environment is getting destroyed day by day.

World Environment Day is an annual campaign launched by the United Nations Environment Program on June 5 to raise global awareness of the environment and nature to protect the Earth.

World Environment Day Essay 100 words:

World Environment Day is a campaign celebrated by people worldwide on 5 June every year.

The campaign was set up to raise global awareness of people about environmental issues as well as to take positive environmental actions.

It is governed by the United Nations Environment Program and was established in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly.

It is the day to focus exclusively on the current environmental conditions to improve the environment & celebrated by people in more than 100 countries.

It is the day when the public and politicians are stimulated through increased awareness of the environment for public works, along with increasing political attention.

The day was created to promote people to work on environmental issues and to become active agents of sustainable and environmentally friendly development worldwide.

Essay on World Environment Day 200 Words:

World Environment Day is observed every year on 5 June worldwide, it was established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 to raise global awareness about environmental issues.

To protect nature on this planet is celebrated to motivate people to do positive environmental work.

The campaign was announced when the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment began and it is also run by the United Nations Environment Program.

On the occasion of World Environment Day 2015, Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi has planted a plant in his official residence (7, Race Course Road, New Delhi).

This campaign’s main objectives are to encourage the media and celebrities among the public and participate in its celebration.

The goodwill ambassadors of the United Nations Environment Program send messages around the world to take action for World Environment Day.

The campaign makes a call to the public to attend its celebrations on a large scale to make people aware of the real environmental conditions and to be agents of effective programs against environmental issues to tackle climate change.

We should join the celebration and resolve to save our environment for a better future.

Essay on World Environment Day

World Environment Day Essay 250 words:

World Environment Day is a campaign celebrated annually on 5 June to inspire people worldwide to prevent negative environmental changes.

The campaign was set up to focus on the state of the environment and to encourage people to be an active part of the positive changes of the environment on Earth to ensure the safe future of our planet.

History of world environment day:

World Environment Day was declared in 1972 by the United Nations General Assembly at the inauguration of the United Nations Conference on Human Environment.

 However, the campaign was launched and was first celebrated in 1973 on 5 June. It is celebrated every year and its celebration is based exclusively on its annual theme announced by the United Nations.

The event is hosted by a city, where environmental topics including various topics are discussed.

It is the most important day of the United Nations to encourage and aware people around the world to take some positive actions to protect our environment.

Now, it has been a large global platform for public outreach in over 100 countries.

Importance of World Environment Day:

We belong to the environment, it is very important for everyone’s life because life is possible because of the environment.

All human beings, animals, natural flora, trees, trees, weather, climate are all contained under the environment.

The environment not only works to maintain balance in the climate but also provides all the things necessary for life.

Today, science has promoted technology and there has been a lot of development in the world, on the other hand, they are also responsible for the increasing environmental pollution.

Modernization, industrialization and the use of growing technology have adversely affected the environment.

Man is harvesting trees and playing with natural resources due to his selfishness, due to which the environment is being severely damaged.

Due to some man-made reasons, the atmosphere, hydrosphere etc. are being affected, the temperature of the earth is increasing and the problem of global warming is arising, which is quite dangerous for human health.

Therefore, understanding the importance of the environment, all of us should cooperate in saving our environment.

Activities performed at the World Environment Day celebrations:

The celebration of World Environment Day takes place through various activities in India, especially in schools and colleges.

Teachers plan some effective programs to create awareness among students such as essay writing, subject discussion, slideshow, quiz competition, seminar, and workshops.

On this special occasion Workshops, painting competitions, film shows, citation writing, slogan writing, etc. are also organized.

 Students are encouraged to take positive actions about protecting our environment.


The state of our environment is falling day by day due to pollution and global warming. We must celebrate environment-friendly development to save the environment for a better future in our country.

Essay on World Environment Day 300 words:

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on 5 June by people in about 100 countries.

It was declared and established by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972, but has been celebrated annually since 1973.

Its annual celebration is based on a special theme declared by the United Nations to work positively in that direction.

The celebration of this campaign is organized by different cities every year, during which an international exhibition takes place for the entire week.

The United Nations made people aware of it and promoting the environment through this campaign celebration. It is an effective annual campaign to positively gain public action and political attention.

Various types of activities are organized to make its celebration more effective and to fulfil the objectives of the particular theme of the year.

The activities are like essay writing, paragraph writing, speech, drama drama, street play, quiz competition, art and painting, parade, debate and many other activities.

Other types of exhibitions are organized to promote environmental awareness among the people.

It attracts a huge gathering of academics, environmentalists, professors, scientists, politicians etc. including the general public where new ideas are generated about the environment.

Apart from celebrating World Environment Day by the host city, it is personally celebrated by countries in their states, cities, hometowns, schools, colleges, public places etc. with parades, cleaning activities, concerts, recycling initiatives, plantations.

All kinds of green actions are included to motivate people towards the bad state of this beautiful planet.

It is not a public holiday, thus all schools and offices remain open and none are closed. It is an initiative to work together to do some positive work to maintain the beauty of the planet.

We should keep all the objectives of this campaign in mind throughout the year and make them beautify the surrounding areas through plantation and sanitation, saving water, reducing electricity usage, using organic and local foods accordingly.

We have only one planet to live in, it is our home and only we are responsible for maintaining its natural beauty.

World Environment Day

World Environment Day Essay 400 words:

World Environment Day is a campaign celebrated every year on 5 June to implement new and effective plans to address environmental issues to make the environment better, safer and healthier.

It was declared by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972 during the inauguration of a special conference for the environment called the “Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment”.

It is the most important day to spread awareness about the environment among people all over the world as well as to encourage positive actions about a clean and beautiful environment on earth.

It is celebrated with a lot of preparations as a major event of the year, during which political attention and public functions are enhanced.

This day was established with various plans, agendas and objectives to remove all environmental issues from this planet and make it a truly beautiful planet.

It was necessary to establish this special program to focus on environmental problems and for people to face environmental issues.

Its celebration helps us understand the importance of a healthy environment for our healthy lives, as well as empowering the public to be active agents of sustainable and environmentally friendly development around the world.

It spreads the common understanding among people that their attitudes towards environmental issues need to be changed to ensure the availability of a safer and more prosperous future for all countries and peoples.

The World Environment Day campaign is run by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). It is headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya but is celebrated in over 100 countries worldwide.

It was established in 1972 but was celebrated for the first time in 1973.

Its festive program is organized every year with different themes (announced by UNGA) to different cities (known as host cities).

It is celebrated through international cooperation of the people. The theme of World Environment Day Celebration 2016 was “Fight against illegal trade in wildlife for life” and host country Angola.

It focuses on bringing people of all countries on one track and their focus on tackling climate change and improving the management of forests.

It is celebrated with many creative activities such as plantation, cultural activities by students, drawing, painting, quiz competitions, debates, lectures, essay writing, banner demonstrations, speech reading etc. on topics related to environmental protection.

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Workshops (about sustainable project management) are also held to encourage youth about environmental and climate change issues for a secure future on Earth.

An environmental fair in 2009 in Chennai and Bangalore with activities such as spot painting competition, e-waste management and training programs for students for renewable energy devices, wildlife conservation, rainwater harvesting systems, waste recycling and reuse processes.

To honour this day, every year debate on rising global warming, biodegradable waste, awareness campaigns about the “go green” revolution, eco-friendly infrastructure and energy efficiency to curb global warming and save natural resources are organized.

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