Plastic Ban Essay

Plastic pollution is a type of pollution that is harmful for our environment, It is a threat to life on Earth, plastic bags should be ban to reduce pollution.

Plastic bags cause land, air pollution as well as water pollution.

This is why they have been banned in various countries, however, these are still widely used in most parts of the world and are proving to be hazardous to the environment.

Plastic Ban in India Essay 200 words:

Plastic bags are readily available in the market and are widely used.

These are particularly popular at grocery stores because they are useful in carrying grocery items.

Available in various sizes, they are very economical and easy to carry, however, the price we are paying to use these bags is unseen.

These bags are costing our beautiful environment.

Yes! The plastic bags that we use in our everyday lives are hazardous to the environment.

The problem is much more serious than it appears, researchers claim that plastic bags are a major cause of water pollution.

They are also the cause of making our agricultural land infertile and many other serious problems.

Many countries have banned the use of plastic bags to ensure a clean and green environment, India is also one of these countries.

Our country has banned the use of plastic bags in many states, however, the implementation of this rule was not appropriate.

These are still available in the market, retailers provide goods in these bags and the shopkeepers carry these goods easily via it.

It is time each of us should understand the seriousness of this issue and stop using plastic bags.

plastic ban essay

Short Essay on Plastic Ban 300 words:

The pollution level in our environment is increasing day by day. It has grown rapidly with the advent of the Industrial Revolution.

The increasing number of factories and vehicles on our planet has increased pollution levels manifold in the last few decades.

While the smoke from vehicles and factories has adversely polluted the air making it difficult to breathe, industrial and residential wastes have caused water and land pollution causing many serious diseases.

Plastics: The Major Cause of Environmental Pollution:

Among other things, plastic plays a major role in pollution today.

Plastic that is derived from fossil fuels such as oil and petroleum is being widely used for the manufacturing of many things including plastic bags, kitchenware, furniture, doors, sheets, packing materials, counter tops and what not.

People prefer items made of plastic because they are lighter in weight than wood or metal items and are also very economical.

The increasing use of plastics is increasing the amount of plastic waste that is difficult to dispose of. Plastic is a non-biodegradable material.

It breaks into pieces, deteriorates over time but does not decomposes with the soil, it lives in the environment for hundreds of years and adds to environmental pollution.

It gets mix with landfill and leaks pollutants that damage soil and water. Plastic must be saved from burning as it produces poisonous gases when burnt which can cause serious diseases.

Plastic disposal has thus become a major challenge today.

The Plastic bags that are a major part of plastic pollution are thus banned in many countries.

However, banning only plastic bags will not help, other plastic items should also be banned to reduce environmental pollution.


It is high time that we must understand the intensity at which plastic is destroying our environment and making life difficult for plants, animals, sea creatures as well as human beings.

The use of plastic products should be minimized to ensure a cleaner environment.

Plastic Ban Essay 400 words:

The plastic bags that we commonly use in our everyday lives are a threat to life on Earth.

These have slowly flowed into our lives and are becoming a major cause of disease in animals as well as humans.

Plastic Bags: Harmful to Human Health:

Plastic bags are extremely harmful to human health.

They are manufactured from the time they are disposed of as waste – plastic bags do nothing but adversely harm human health.

The toxic chemicals produced when giving plastic bags their desirable form have a negative impact on the health of the people involved in their making.

Plastic bags are widely used for food packaging. Researchers claim that some toxic substances from plastics enter the food stuffs in them.

Plastic bags thus contaminate food rather than keeping it safely packed, there have been several plastic cases of food damage.

Eating this type of food can cause food poisoning, intestinal problems and other health hazards. Plastic bags can also produce suspected human carcinogens.

In addition, plastic bags produce enormous amounts of non-biodegradable waste. This waste remains on the earth for about 500 years.

This waste material enters the water bodies and deteriorates the quality of drinking water.

Drinking water quality has declined drastically over the past few decades.

This is mainly because lots of plastic bags are dumped in rivers specially drinking water sources. It has given way to various water borne diseases.

Plastic bags causes serious illness in animals.

Animals and marine organisms are mostly affected by plastic bags. We throw away the plastic bags careless ly after use.

These plastic bags become a large part of the waste areas where innocent animals go in search of food. Animals often eat small plastic materials and even whole plastic bags with their food.

Small plastic materials accumulate in their bodies and cause health problems over time.

On the other hand, smelting the entire plastic bag in one go can cause instant death. It is the same with sea creatures. Water resources are highly polluted due to plastic waste.

This is turn the quality of the water that marine organisms drink.

Fish, turtles and other sea creatures also eat plastic material and sometimes accidentally grab the entire plastic bag for food and eventually fall ill.


Thus plastic bags are extremely harmful for health. It is in our favor to stop using them and switch to environmentally friendly alternatives.

Essay on Why Plastic Ban 500 words:

Plastic bags are quite popular because they are light weight and thus easy to carry.

Also, unlike clothes or paper bags, we don’t even have to go for shopping this plastic bags, as they are economical and are thus freely given by shopkeepers on purchase of goods.

It is because of all these reasons that plastic bags are preferred by both shopkeepers and consumers. However, we need to look beyond the transient facility and see the bigger picture.

Problems due to Plastic Bags:


Plastic bags are non-biodegradable, thus the biggest challenge is to tackle them.

They break into small particles and enter the soil and water bodies, although they do not decompose.

They live in soil and water for hundreds of years and release toxic chemicals that harm our beautiful planet.

Environmental Degradation:

They are destroying nature due to their harmful effects, plastic bags have become a major cause of land pollution today.

Waste plastic bags are dumped in landfills, where they take about 500 years to rot.

These bags are light in weight and are easily transported by air, the litter caused by them on land and landfill causes land pollution.

Plastic bags that enter the water bodies are a major cause of water pollution, thus they are spoiling our environment in every possible way. Also, read plastic ban essay conclusion.

Harmful to animals and marine organisms:

Animals and marine organisms consume plastic particles with their food. Plastics cannot be digested and thus get trapped in their intestines.

Large amounts of plastic accumulate in the intestines of various animals and marine organisms and cause serious health problems.

Sometimes, animals accidentally grab the entire plastic bag. It gets stuck in their throat or intestines and kills them to death.

Sea turtles are particularly known throughout the plastic bag, which is mistaken for jelly fish.

Research suggests that waste plastic bags have been a major cause of untimely animal deaths.

Disease Causes in Humans:

The production of plastic bags releases toxic chemicals that can cause serious illness in those involved in their production.

Food packed in plastic bags can also pose a health hazard, besides waste plastic bags cause environmental pollution.

Polluted environment is a major cause of various diseases caught by humans.

Filled sewage: 

Waste plastic bags often fall down with water or fly through the air and get trapped in drains and sewers.

Crowded sewers and drains can pose a threat to humans as well as animals, especially during rain.

Plastic bags cause water to accumulate as the drains are blocked, this can result in a flood-like situation and disrupt normal lives of people.



Conclusion for Plastic Ban Essay:

We need to understand the problems caused by easy-to-carry plastic bags and prevent their use, it is time for our government should take some strict steps to ban plastic bags.

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