Plastic Pollution Essay

In this Plastic pollution Essay, we will discussed Plastic pollution as it quickly damaging our surroundings.

Waste plastic material is difficult to dispose and contribute to massive air pollution on Earth, it has become a cause for global concern.

The use of plastic bags, utensils and furniture has also increased, the quantity of plastic waste therefore increases plastic pollution.

It is time that we must always take this problem severely and work towards its elimination.

Essay on Plastic Pollution 200 words:

Plastic pollution is caused by the accumulation of waste plastic materials within the atmosphere.

Plastic is a non-biodegradable material, it does bury into soil or water and its impact is worse when burned.

It is harmful to people, animals as well as crops.

Every year many animals, birds and sea creatures die due to plastic pollution.

Plastic plates, bags, spoons, glasses and different materials are simply available in the market.

They are economical and easy to use.

People like to use and throw plastic utensils during gatherings and events because it removes the effort of cleaning and cleaning utensils afterwards.

However, very few individuals are conscious that this waste cannot be disposed, so easily, it stays within the atmosphere and adversely harms us.

Not only plastic utensils but carry bags, furniture and various other things made from plastic are also not used extensively.

It is excessive time we should realize the dangerous effects of plastic pollution and make our contribution towards bringing it down.

Essay on Plastic Pollution 400 words:

Plastic pollution has grown to be a serious threat to our surroundings today and it is likely to worsen within the coming instances.

There are various causes that give rise to this type of pollution. There are additionally many adverse results of plastic pollution.

Causes of Plastic Pollution:

Economical and easy to use:

Plastic is one of the most generally used materials in the case of the manufacturing of containers, bags, furniture and various other things as a result of it is economical and may be simply moulded into various forms.

The use of plastic items has led to increased plastic waste which is a reason for plastic pollution.


Plastic waste that is increasing day by day is non-biodegradable.

The Plastic does not get disposed in soil or water, it exists within the atmosphere for hundreds of years and combines land, water and air pollution.

Plastic does get disposed:

Plastic bags and different items made from plastic break into small particles that make their way into the soil or enter the water bodies, contributing to plastic pollution.

Results of Plastic Pollution:

Polluted water:

Plastic waste is entering water bodies like rivers, oceans and even oceans and is polluting our water tremendously.

This water is provided to our locations, no matter how much we filter this water, it can never return to its pure form and thus negatively impact our health.

Polluted Land:

Massive quantities of plastic waste are dumped in landfills.

The wind carries plastic bags and other small plastic particles from one place to a different, affecting the major area.

Plastic particles release dangerous chemical compounds that accumulate within the soil and break its quality affects plant growth.

In addition, waste on land produces mosquitoes and different insects which might be carriers of varied severe diseases.

Harmful to marine organisms:

Plastic bags and other plastic litter that transfer into rivers and seas are misunderstood as meals by sea creatures who usually eat them and eventually fall sick.

Troubles animals:

Animals mostly feed on meals thrown within the garbage.

They eat plastic bags and other items along with different issues.

Plastic bags usually get trapped of their intestines and kill them also the cause of many severe diseases.


Plastic pollution is a cause for severe concern, it is increasing because of the negligence of people.

It is time that we must always take strong steps to fight it.

Plastic pollution Essay

Essay on Plastic Pollution 600 words:

Plastic pollution is growing day by day.

Research exhibits that using plastic has increased significantly within the last two decades as a result of plastic is convenient to use and the cost is low.

To fulfil the growing demands of the people, the variety of factories manufacturing plastic products has grown quickly.

The extra plastic is used, the extra plastic waste accumulates on our planet and causes harmful plastic pollution.

It is becoming life-threatening as it is giving away to various diseases.

Plastic Manufacturing: Consuming Useful Resources:

The manufacturing of plastics consists of valuable fossil fuels comparable to oil and petroleum.

These fossil fuels are non-renewable and difficult to extract.

A lot of investment is made in bringing these fossil fuels and they are needed for varied different functions.

If we proceed to make use of these beneficial fuels for the manufacturing of plastics, we will get out of them and will be unable to employ them to produce or run different necessary things.

Marine Life: Worst Result by Plastic Pollution

Plastic bags and other plastic particles are transported by air and water to the river, oceans and other water bodies.

These going for picnics and camping also disorder on plastic bottles and packets of chips which improve plastic pollution.

It all goes into rivers and seas and adversely impacts marine organisms.

These poor creatures eat plastic instead of meals causes extreme sickness in fish, turtles and different marine organisms.

Annually many of them die due to plastic pollution.

Researchers claim that the variety of deaths and diseases caused by plastic pollution will improve within the coming years.

Plastic Pollution: A threat to People and Animals:

Like sea creatures, animals also consume plastic lying within the garbage and mistaken it for meals.

Many instances, they by accident grab the entire plastic bag will get trapped in their intestines and dies.

Plastic waste continues to deteriorate over time and turns into a breeding ground for mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

The majority of mosquitoes infiltrate here and provides rise to numerous diseases yearly.

Plastic waste can also be polluting the rivers that are the supply of drinking water for us.

The quality of drinking water is deteriorating daily due to plastic air pollution and various water-borne diseases are occurring.

Collective Efforts to fight Plastic Pollution:

Plastic products are difficult to disposed and harmful when plastic waste goes into landfill and even more harmful when it goes into water bodies.

Unlike wood and paper, we can’t eliminate it because the burning of plastics produces dangerous gases which might be hazardous to the atmosphere and life on Earth.

Plastic thus causes air, water and land pollution.

No matter how much we try, we can’t completely overcome plastic products.

However, we will definitely restrict our plastic usage.

Many plastic products such as plastic bags, containers, glasses, bottles and many others may be easily replaced with eco-friendly options comparable to garments/paper bags, metal utensils and many others.

Controlling plastic air pollution is just not the only account of the government.

In actual fact, the government can’t do anything alone, we have to work responsibly to reduce plastic pollution.




Plastic pollution is growing at a speedy tempo and has grown to be a serious concern, we are able to reduce plastic pollution by restricting its use.

Every one of us should work towards tackling this problem.

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