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Digital India is a campaign launched by the Government of India to improve online infrastructure.

Also, it provides a secure online government service to Indian citizens as well as to make India, a digitally empowered country in technology.

Its initiative is coordinated by the Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY).

To provide public services to the citizens, using information technology is an essential objective of the Digital India program so that technology can be reached to the citizens.

Short Essay on Digital india 200 Words:

Digital India is a technology-driven platform to transform India into a digitally endowed society and knowledge economy.


1. Digital infrastructure- For this, high-speed internet facility, mobile phone, and bank account, the typical service center should be accessible.

Besides, there is a need for Internet identity, public cloud, and shareable private space in safe and secure cyberspace.

2. Demand for governance and services for online and mobile platforms should be available in real-time.

It should be seamlessly integrated between departments and courts.

All citizen documents must be made accessible in the cloud platform to decrease the need for physical materials.

The plan is to integrate the cashless electronic transactions and geographic information systems [GIS]. Also, Read Essay on Digital India 500 Words.

How India will become Digital India:

Digital technologies affect all aspects of our society. Therefore, this Digital India program covers more area in making India a digitally empowered country.

Essay on Digital India with headings 500 Words:

Digital India is the program for which the government has set a budget of 1, 13,000 crores.

Under this program, the goal to connect six lakh villages, including 2.5 lakh panchayats with broadband and the government plans to achieve this target by 2017.

So far, 55 thousand panchayats have been added under this scheme.

The government has identified 9 such pillars of Digital India which are very important.

1. Broadband Highway:

The government has thought of laying a national optical fiber network in the entire 2.5 lakh gram panchayat.

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is the nodal department of this project.

Deadline to provide this broadband facility has been provided in all panchayats by 2020.

Network and cloud infrastructure can be integrated by using the National Information Infrastructure (NII) so that high-speed connectivity and cloud platforms can be provided throughout the country.

This facility can be accessed everywhere from government departments to the panchayat level.

Infrastructure components used in broadband networks are

State Wide Area Network (SWAN),

National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN),

National Knowledge Network (NKN) and

Government User Network (GUN).

2. Allowing Universal Access on Phone:

Mobile phone coverage is provided in the remaining 55,619 villages of the nation.

In this, the Department of Telecommunications can become a nodal department, and the cost of this project is about Rs 16,000 crore. Also, read Digital India Essay 1000 Words.

3. Public Internet Access:

This Program can be introduced to strengthen Common Services Centers (CSCs) and increase their number so that each Panchayat can get one CSC (totaling 250000 CSCs).

CSCs should be built in such a way that they become more multidisciplinary endpoints for providing government and business services.

The deity also has a nodal department to implement this scheme.

4. E-Governance:

Digital technology is used for better distribution of government services.

The government aims to increase its procedures and delivery of services.

For example- UIDAI, Payment Gateway, Mobile Platform, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), etc.

Now school certificates, voter ID cards are provided only online (i.e. Digital-Locker).

Here the database and information are kept in electronic form.

Digital India Essay in English
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5. E-Revolution:

It is an innovative e-governance platform that provides supremacy services through electronic mode.

It consists of the 44 mission projects. This program integrates the earlier national e-governance plan.

At the same time, all public services i.e. health, education, farmers, security and financial inclusion, etc. are all electronically managed under e-revolution.

6. Information to all:

All information that relates to governance and public services for citizens is easily accessible to all with the help of digital platforms.

7. Electronics Manufacturing:

The purpose is to promote the manufacture the digital technology devices, in our country. i.e., electronics.

To promote the manufacturing of electronics in India so much that it becomes a target of net-zero import by the year 2020.

Many steps are being taken under the National Electronic Policy, including taxation incentives, promotion incubators, cost reduction, clusters, skills development, etc.

8. Use of IT for Jobs:

This column focuses on imparting skills and training to the youth so that they get employment opportunities in the IT sector.

It consists of eight components which have some specific scope of activities such as:

  • Focusing on disadvantaged regions – in rural areas and North East,
  • Providing training to 1 crore students in IT / ITES sector,
  • Besides three lakh service delivery agents providing training.

9. Early Crop Program:

Under this, governments will install Wi-Fi facilities in all universities and at public places across the country.

E-books will be provided in the schools; an email will be made the primary means of communication; Aadhaar permitted the biometric attendance system will be organized in all central government offices.

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Essay on Digital India

Digital India Essay 1000 Words:

Digital India program is a program launched to empower India digitally.

Under this campaign, all health services and government offices including education, hospitals and villages will be connected to the capital of the country.

Advantages of Digital India:

The most important objective of this project is to connect every person with electronic media.

People are well connected in this metropolis, but it is possible to in small towns and villages.

Therefore, the government has taken this important step. Benefits as follows:

1. Digital Lockers:

The government has made digital lockers available to the people to keep transparency in which we can keep our documents safe.

2. Curb of corruption:

Due to online work, it will be easy to curb the corrupt because everything happens in front of everyone so that all the work can be done in the right way.

3. Time-saving:

Through the digital project, people will be able to do their work quickly and smoothly.

The work that is done after waiting for hours in offices will be done in a few minutes.

4. The rapid development of villages:

Digital India Project is capable of changing the nature of the country.

If it is given smooth and necessary importance in the villages, then it will not take long for that village to become a city.

5. Employment opportunities:

All opportunities and information for employment are available on the Internet.

After the Digital India Project, many government portals will be launched, which will provide more opportunities.

6. Ebasta portal:

Under this, students will be given information related to studies.

Books will be made available, important notes and other materials will be provided through this portal.

7. E-Hospital Portal:

Under this portal, the public will be able to get both the appointment and advice from the doctor easily.

At the time of any crisis, information about any disease and its analysis can also be obtained under this portal. Also, Read Digital India Essay FAQ.

8. E-sign or electronic signature:

This is another facility provided by Digital India under which the Aadhaar card holder is integrated with his digital signature.

This will get rid of the troubles caused by wrong and copying the signature.

Disadvantages of Digital India:

1. Small retailers in India deal only with cash and are not able to invest in digital infrastructure.

2. Implementation of Digital India Scheme requires a huge amount (money).

3. Illiterate people do not understand.

4. Although software can be developed for this, the software can be easily hacked.

5. Digital communication has completely ignored human touch and personal touch cannot be established.

6. Establishment of digital communication causes environmental degradation in some cases. “Electronic waste” is an example.

7. The vibes given by telephone and cell phone towers are so strong that they can kill small birds. The common sparrow disappeared due to the presence of several towers as vibrations hit them on the head.

8. Higher power consumption is required for digitization.

Challenges before Digital India Mission:

Digital India is a reveal scheme of the Government of India.

E-commerce will help facilitate the Digital India program. Digital India is meaningless without cybersecurity if many legal advisors agree.

To make Digital India a success, it is mandatory to provide proper training to the employees of every office.

The country’s Internet speed became a major obstacle for Digital India:

There is a big problem of internet speed in many parts of the country, which is not allowing Digital India to grow in those areas.

In this way, someplace is proving to be a major obstacle for this project.

The country’s technical shortage is threatening security:

The computer and information system of the country is connected to the Internet.

They are dominated by foreign companies, which is putting a question on the success of Digital India.

For this, the country needs native technical control, which should keep the facts of the country away from the technology of foreign countries, so that an environment of security is created in the country.

Danger due to the freedom of Internet behaviour on children:

The children of the country have got the opportunity to connect with the Internet due to Digital India and freedom on their internet behaviour is also forcing us to think once again about Digital India.

Nowadays children use it to study on the internet. But the Internet, which is providing information to us all over the world, we have seen many times in getting the children in the trap of their meaning and meaningless information. Also, Read Digital India Essay FAQ.

Electricity problem in the country is also a hindrance in the success of Digital India:

Even after so many years of independence, many parts of our country are still seeing electricity as a dream.

The power problem is also an obstacle for Digital India. To dream of progress in a country without electricity is needless and meaningless.

It is a matter of fact that without electricity, the Internet will not run, which will directly show its impact on Digital India.

The government of the country must provide electricity to every village in the country.

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Conclusion for Digital India Essay:

Digital India is a multi-purpose initiative of the Government of India, which is a major initiative to ease and ease the work of every office in the country.

This has contributed invaluably to the development of the country; It is playing an important role in empowering citizens digitally.

Today, the country has gained a lot due to the Digital India campaign, as the work has gained momentum due to digitization in many government offices, there is a wave of fearlessness in the work.

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