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In this Essay on Computer, we had described the definition of computer, with the uses of computer & its history in detailed.

The computer is the best invention of science, which has brought a new revolution in each and every parts of the world.

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Short Essay on Computer 250 words:

 A computer is not just an electronic device, but it is machine, to give a new incentive to the development of the personal world and make every task easier.

With the help of a computer, the largest data can be stored and the largest number can be calculated very easily & with the use of computers, hours of work are now being done in minutes.

Whether it is professional work or to entertain yourself by watching a film, it is extremely useful in every form, so every work in the world has become dependent on computers today.

Computers have widespread in every field, that is why today’s era is being called a computer era.

What is a computer?

A computer is an automatic electronic device, which is derived from the Latin word ‘Computare’, which means to calculate, so it is also called compiler computer or calculator or machine, but it is not right to call computer as just calculating machine as it is used for many different tasks.

At the same time, the credit for the invention of the computer is given to Charles Babbage.

Today, computers are conquered the whole world, because computers have made every task so easy and have reduced the physical forgiveness of human beings.

With the help of computers, many things can be done including storing data and creating databases, online fund transfers, exchange of information.

At the same time, the utility and importance of the best laptop computer have increased even more due to the connection to the Internet.


The invention of computers has given a new push to development in every field, today in most areas all work has become dependent on computers.

Man has completely become the beginning of this modern computer, although everything has a limit, it has its way.

Therefore, we should use the computer within a limit or else its excessive use affects the eyes and health.

Computer Essay

Essay on Computer 300 words:

In today’s modern era, with brilliant and creative inventions as computers, man is setting his new record in every field, whereas the discovery of the computer has brought the man to a new level of development.

Human beings could not have imagined anything before, today it is easily done through the computer.

This is the reason that today the computer has reached almost every person in the world.

Features of Computer:

With the help of a computer, now manual work is being done in hours, computer in a few seconds.

In addition, computers have played an important role in storing information and storing data securely.

Computers are starting to work in every area of the world including industrial, technology, information, entertainment, sports, war and military.

Computer Utility:

Today, not only through the computer, we can send information to the person sitting in any country of the world in seconds, we can also do video chatting, email, messaging etc.

We can also book tickets for any journey from home with the help of computers.

We can shop online, collect household bills, play games, study and get information from any corner of the world.

Apart from this, computers can be used in many ways including storing information, creating datasheets, typing.

At the same time, in most areas including banks, educational institutions, hospitals, airports, industries, corporate sectors, most of the work has now become based on computers, because the use of computers can easily keep the operation of bank accounts, etc.

Nowadays, with the use of computers, man has also made his way into space.


Today the computer has become a useful part of man’s life.

Now almost all the work is done with the help of a computer, due to which man has become very comfortable and physical effort has reduced, as well as time has been saved and the pace of development fast happens.

But a man should use it according to need because excessive use of it makes the power of thinking and understanding weak.

Essay on Computer 500 words:

With the discovery of a computer, humans had reached from the ground to the sky. It has become very easy to keep records in the house, office, etc.

 Everything from financial transactions to procurement is now being done through computers.

The great discovery of computers has not only reduced the physical forgiveness of humans but has also given new momentum to the development of the country and has also saved a lot of time.

Advantages of Computer:

Computers have made human life so simple and easy, which humans could never imagine before, this is why there is no region of the world where computers are not being used. Some of the benefits of the computer are as follows:

  1. There has been a considerable help in storing data, creating databases, etc.
  2. It has become very easy to conduct financial transactions, make purchases and collect bills, etc.
  3. Solving complex calculations has become extremely easy.
  4. Revolutionary changes in the industrial sector.
  5. The development of science has gained momentum.
  6. There has been development in the field of education.
  7. Has emerged as the best medium for the exchange of information.
  8. The discovery of computers has given rise to many more new discoveries.
  9. Games have helped develop new technology, and many indoor games have been promoted.
  10. The discovery of computers in the field of medicine etc. has made it highly possible to cure and has helped in detecting many new diseases, as well as keeping a record of any patient.
  11. The entertainment world has also become completely computer-based, editing of movies, animated movies, graphics, etc. effects are all possible only through computers.
  12. The invention of computers has led to an increase in literacy rates and new opportunities for employment for educated youth.

Disadvantages of Computer:

Every coin has two aspects, in the same way, that computer also has countless benefits on one side, on the other hand, it has some disadvantages too, which is written below:

  1. The addiction to excessive use of computers is making humans ill.
  2. Excessive use of computers is affecting the eyes of humans.
  3. Computers have made humans lazy.
  4. Now people connect with each other through social networking sites through computers, due to which people have stopped associating with each other.
  5. Cybercrime has increased due to transactions and purchases made through computers.
  6. Online fraud incidents have increased.


The computer has made human life very easy, has given them a new direction and has encouraged the development of the world.

At the same time, increasing dependence on computers has had a profound effect on the power of thinking and understanding of people.

People are getting away from their loved ones, with this, the lazy tendency is increasing inside human beings. Therefore, it is good for all of us to use it wisely.

Essay on the Importance of Computer in our life 1000 words:

Computer discovery is considered to be the most spectacular and best discovery among the world’s discoveries to date. Computers have spread their roots in every region of the world.

At the same time, computers are being used in almost every area of the world, from the industrial sector to entertainment and agriculture, only computers are in dominance today.

Importance of Computer:

A computer is a machine developed by humans, due to which it is also compared to the human mind.

Difficult addition, subtraction, division and multiplication etc. solve the number in a blink of an eye.

Today computers are being used in every region of the world like schools, colleges, banks, hospitals, railway stations and airports etc.

The computer is such an amazing thing that due to its features it has become an important need of the day.

Today, in addition to filling electricity, telephone bills with the help of a computer, ticket booking can also be done.

It can be used for a long time by storing important data related to your work on the computer.

Be it the field of sports, be it of engineering or medicine, then the field of science, the use of computers is increasing day by day in all places.

You can do all these things very easily by adding internet facility to your computer.

Because the internet is also important, through which you can exchange a lot of information from one place to another in minutes.

With the computer, you can get information related to any subject through the internet.

Apart from this, it is used in the reading paper, forecasting the weather and sending emails and then video chat.

The computer is also a great source of entertainment, on this, you can listen to songs, watch movies etc.

We can also play a lot of games, young children entertain themselves by painting on computers.

The computer works so fast that human beings do that work in weeks or days, the computer does it in hours or minutes.

Today, we are living in the world of computers, from large and small offices to house-to-house use and considering its importance, it is being made an essential part in universities.

 That is why, with the importance of computers and constant use, we can say that computers have become an important part of today’s life.  Also, read essay on computer conclusion.

Uses of Computer in Different Fields:

The computer is useful in each and every field. Some places where computers are used are as follows:

Use of Computer in Hospital:

The computer is a miracle for hospitals because treatment of any type of patient is possible through the computer.

Nowadays, various types of tests are done by computers, which was not possible without computers.

Use of Computer in Industry:

Today the industrial sector has become completely dependent on computers, as all information related to industry transactions and record-keeping can now be protected through computers.

Use of Computer in Home:

Now the computer is accessible in every house, people are surrounded by computers in the corporate sector, but in homes too, they are using it fiercely for their personal use including watching movies, playing games.

Computer use in school:

The use of computers has made learning very easy. Students not only get help in doing their studies from the computer, as well as teachers have also been able to prepare questions etc. from the computer.

Apart from this, computers can be used for different purposes in the fields of entertainment, banking, medicine, etc.

Computer use in Business:

Today, the use of a computer is increasing in business.

The computer is used in almost all types of business and in all business, the computer is used for different things like to make the computerized bill, to prepare a list of items kept in-store etc.

The computer has become a very good means to accelerate business.

Computer use in Entertainment:

Today, computers are being used very much in the field of entertainment such as watching videos, playing games, or creating videos. Now we get a lot of functionality on the computer so that we do not need Television for entertainment separately.

Computer use in Government:

Computers are being used in all departments for government work, by using computers all the work can be performed quickly and easily.

In today’s day, all government offices use computers for different purposes like to book tickets in the railway department, to register a case in the police station, to control traffic signal, etc.

Apart from this, there are many other offices where computers are used.

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Conclusion for Computer Essay:

Today, the computer has made every task very easy, due to which the logical power of human beings has decreased.

In fact, human beings have become so dependent on computers; the computer should be used only within a radius.

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