Summer Vacation Essay for Students

Summer Vacation Essay for Students

Summer vacation

Summer vacation is the most enjoyable and good time for the students because there is no study pressure or mental stress on them. This holiday gives them great relief from the scorching heat.

Students have their own different ways to spend their summer vacation. Some go to visit their grandparents, join the summer camp, while some prefer to stay at home and some study.

Generally, every child is eagerly waiting for the summer vacation, every child starts planning for a summer vacation in advance, someone plans to travel to the hill places with his family.

Everyone plans on their own level for the summer holidays and tries to complete it.

Apart from this, many children learn a variety of language courses, English speaking courses to make good use of their summer holidays, or many children also like swimming courses and sports activities for their health fitness.

Everybody enjoys their own way during the long summer vacation.

At the same time, in schools, the teachers are asked by the teachers to write an essay on the topic of the summer holiday – Essay on Summer Vacation, so we will provide you with the essay on summer within different word limits in this article.

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How do you enjoy summer vacation?

  1. Swim at a local pool, lake, or another body of water.
  2. Take a walk or rent with friends.
  3. Ride your bike through a park or neighbourhood.
  4. Learn a new game.
  5. Grow a garden with delicious fruits or vegetables.
  6. Camp outside with friends or family.
  7. Go for the picnic with friends or family.

So that you can take these essays according to your needs which are written below –

Essay on Summer Vacation in 250 words:

Summer vacation is a time in which children appear happiest, with the most happiness reflected in their faces because neither they have the tension to complete homework nor the fear of getting up early in the morning.

Every child studying in school waits for their summer vacation and while many more children start planning for it several months in advance, parents also lure the children to get good numbers in the exam. They will take them for summer vacation trips when they top class.

Let us tell you that every school has its own time period of summer holidays, but in most schools, the summer holidays are around 45 days.

In such a long holiday, many children learn a computer course, many children join swimming classes, many children try to learn different languages or many children try painting, cooking classes, dance classes, exercises classes, drawing classes, beauty class.

Actually, the temperature is very high during the summer, so all the schools and colleges are closed during this time so that the children can take care of their health and rest during this time.

Along with this, children can also pay attention to their extra activity in summer. In summer vacation, children also try to improve by paying attention to their weak subject.

Essay on Summer Vacation in 400 Words:

About one and a half month-long holiday i.e. summer vacation which every child is eagerly waiting for the whole year, planning for summer vacation after the completion of the annual exam, in advance.

This time is very pleasant and good for children who are happy when the last bell of the school rings.

Summer holidays are a time of year to get rid of the same routine throughout the year and the tension of doing homework that everyone wants to enjoy.

This is the reason that during the summer many sports camps and educational camps for children are also organized. Apart from this, many activities are also done to develop children’s mind.

So that children can develop well physically and mentally. Apart from this, for many children who are weak in math’s, English or any other subject, summer vacation time is very valuable, because they can recover their weak subjects well in the meantime.

Apart from this, there are a lot of children’s plans, such as one planning a trip or one joining classes for self-defence such as taekwondo during the summer holiday.

Overall the summer Vacation is aimed at protecting the children from the scorching sun i.e. One has to keep healthy and make them mature in other things besides studying.

Along with this, during the summer holidays, children get an opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills in other fields besides education, which also helps them to become a multi-rounder.

Apart from this, children also get an opportunity to go to their grandmother’s house and spend time with them, because throughout the year, children are busy in their school and tuition.

Summer holidays are also associated with the emotions of children, during which they have fun openly and try to improve themselves.

This time is full of happiness in the life of every child, as most of the parents try to make their children’s summer holidays special so that the child can grow in every area and they can develop better.

And for the coming year, with the full enthusiasm, enthusiasm and new energy, he can do better by taking admission and convince himself of his talent.

Summer Holidays Essay in 500 words:

While holidays are sometimes available on festivals or on special occasions, but a weekly holiday or a holiday on festivals can only erase fatigue and then the same routine on the next day, get up early in the morning for school, make bags, do homework.

Reading tuition, completing the project, and in addition to the burden of studies, the pressure of the Parents to bring good marks is kept in this routine throughout the year.

Tedium leads and schedules an urge to do something different like a dance of their choice classes, sports clubs to join the others.

And the best time for all of this is summer vacation, as it is for a long time and during this time children get a chance to develop themselves in other areas.

How I spent my summer vacation:

This time for the summer holidays I (Rahul) had made many plans with my brother, such as playing cricket every morning, then eating ice cream in the afternoon, drinking mango shake and eating watermelon and then doing Taekwondo class in the evening and sitting in the park Meeting friends etc.

Apart from this, my parents had planned a trip to Goa for me and my brother, where I loved it and it was summer break. Because during a trip to Goa, I had a lot of fun with my parents and brother amidst the waves of the sea.

To make these moments memorable, I clicked a lot of pictures, with this I also did water sports for entertainment with my family, which I loved doing so, it felt as if I had come to a different world.

I did paragliding there, watched the dolphin and at first I was a bit scared on the speed vote, but then I had a lot of fun, I experienced it for the first time. Not only this, but I also drank my favourite burger and a cold drink near the sea.

During this time, I was in the mood for fun, forgetting all the tension of my studies. During this time I also interacted with people from many different countries and people of different religions, danced and enjoyed a cruise in Panjim Beach in Goa with my parents.

My experience of every second in this 6-hour cruise was very good, many positive thoughts were coming in me and new energy was also coming in me. It was a great feeling for me. I did not know how 5 days passed for this trip.

After this, when I returned from this trip, I stayed for 4 days at my grandmother’s house in Delhi where I told her the experience of this trip and ate delicious food on her grandmother’s hand, granny gave me a novel and a cricket kit in the gift Also, which I liked very much.

This holiday was one of my best holidays yet. After that, I returned home and finished my project work. Let me tell you that I am very happy and satisfied with my holiday this time.

Essay on Summer Vacation in 600 Word:

The children studying in the school are waiting for the summer holidays throughout the year and the children are already planned. Many plans to visit the mountainous area with their family and friends, while many plan to visit their grandparents or a relative.

At the same time, the summer holidays are very long, so children try to learn many different types of activities on this occasion. Let me tell you that this essay is based on enjoying a trip to Uttarakhand during the summer holidays –

Summer vacation in India:

This essay is based on the visit of Rahul (changed name) to Uttarakhand:

I (Rahul) went to Nainital to spend summer vacation with my family. Where I stayed with one of my relatives and spent my summer vacation hanging out.

I was happy to forget the joy of not doing homework, the pressure of studying parents or the burden of examinations.

And with it, a tour of Nainital will be as if icing on the cake. I spent about 20 days of my summer vacation at my aunty house in Nainital with my parents and my aunt’s children. Which is one of my most special moments!

This journey was about 15 days. I took this journey from Delhi to Nainital by train and during this journey, I enjoyed Bhelpuri, Puri Aloo on the train with my mother and father.

Apart from this, I clicked a lot of pictures with my brothers and parents, so that I can remember the special moments of my journey and keep these moments with me forever.

After this, when I reached my aunt’s house, they made my choice of mosaic for me, which I liked very much after drinking it. Apart from this, he made my favourite rajma, rice and the same process continued throughout my visit to Nainital.

Every day Aunty would cook my favourite food and take me for a walk in the evening and I would play games like basketball, football kabaddi, kho-kho with my own cousins.

One day I went to see Nainital Lake and a waterfall with my siblings. I loved going somewhere and I would always like to come here in my spare time.

I also went boating with my mother and father in Naini Lake, which I enjoyed quite a lot as if the view here was fascinated me, seeing the greenery and the beauty of Naini Lake, I clicked a lot of pictures and then I ate ice cream and also drank shikanji.

During my trip to Nainital, I also tried to learn from the culture there, during this time I also met people from many different religions, with whom I spoke openly about their religion and culture and also shared my views.

I am very happy with the trip to Nainital because this trip doubled my summer vacation and I got to learn a lot from it. I think this holiday was the best of all my holidays so far.

I am completely satisfied and extremely happy with these holidays. I got a chance to meet all my family and relatives during my holidays, during this time I ate my favourite fruits, went swimming, played my favourite sports and also enjoyed some seasonal fruits that happen in Nainital.

I had so many happy moments that my inner soul was completely satisfied and then when I returned from my trip, I worked on my summer vacation project with a fresh mood and my own summer vacation with my elder sister completed homework.

In this way, my entire summer vacation was happily passed and now the school was about to open, due to which now there was positive feeling in my mind, it seemed as if these holidays gave me the energy to study for up to 1 year. Now I am perfectly fit and fine. Thank you.

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