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In this Essay on my trip, we has discussed about my trip to Goa.

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My Trip Essay to Goa:

During the last summer holidays, I planned to go out for a trip with my six companions.

Our school had a holiday for 2 months, so we wanted to plan a journey, in which we should enjoy and our knowledge should also increase.

Location Selection:

We had to choose a place for a trip where a good hotel can be easily accommodated on reasonable rent and where the beautiful scenery can be seen.

But it is difficult to find a good hotel as well as natural beauty in one place.

Apart from this, we were not even willing to bear the cost of a very expensive hotel hence the choice of location was a difficult problem.

We considered several places but could not reach a decision, after discussing with many friends and relatives, finally one of our relatives suggested us to go to Goa.

Goa is a good healthy place, the climate here is very good, there are some good hotels and their prices are also affordable.

There is also an abundance of natural beauty, knowing the appropriate place from all points of view, so we decided to go to Goa. Also, read my trip essay conclusion.

How to travel:

We decided to travel by train, we boarded an express train at 5 in the morning.

The vehicle caught speed in a short time, flurries of cold air on the way made us very happy.

We started seeing the view outside the train, we saw very beautiful natural beauty.

The fields were seen convincing on both sides of the track.

In a short time a large pasture appeared, many animals were grazing the grass.

Hearing the loud roar of our train, some of the animals ran away with fearful hooves and raised their tails.

The shepherds started calling them, but they ran in the opposite direction of the train.

After a while, we saw a big tube well, there was an engine in it and water was falling from a very thick stream. Also, read my trip conclusion.

Drains were made for irrigation, through which water was going into the fields.

We had dinner in the afternoon, after eating the food, we started feeling a bit tired and we fell asleep.

When we woke up, the evening had ended, it was started getting dark.

Outside we saw farmers going towards the house, animals were also returning from the grasslands.

It became very dark in a short time.

So we closed the windows and ordered the railway men for the evening meal, our food arrived in a while and we slept again.

essay on my trip to goa

Reaching Goa- My Trip Essay:

The next day we reached Goa, we had to remove our woolen clothes at the station itself.

We stayed at Modern Hindu Hotel, it was built on a large romantic spot.

The shadow of nature was scattered all around, opening our rooms in the hotel, we had food and after resting for some time, went out for a few time.

Natural views of Goa:

We traveled to Goa for some distance, it was a beautiful place.

Houses were built beyond the beach, we inquired about the nearby sights from the residents there.

Here tourism places were far away, so we fixed a taxi for the next day at night and returned to the hotel.

The next morning, the taxi arrived at the hotel.

First we went to see the famous campel garden of Goa, the garden was built in several levels at the bottom, and from a distance it looked very beautiful and attractive.

The garden had a wonderful blend of natural beauty and human art, there were many types of trees of fruits and flowers. Also, read my trip conclusion.

In many places, shapes of animals and birds were made after beautiful cutting, which was made on sight.

After that we went to see a famous Basilica of Bom Jesus church some distance away, it was a unique piece of natural art.

After this we saw the Aguada Fort, the palace was built on sight.

Many ancient artefacts were stored in the palace.


Conclusion for My Trip Essay:

Thus on the third day from Goa, we started the return journey.

We continued to discuss the beauty of Goa all the way and returned home with pleasant memories of the same.

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