My School Essay

In this My School Essay, we had describes the school is the second home of the children, it is also called the temple of knowledge.

It is the place, where mental development takes place and the ability to understand things around the world is developed.

School is a very important part of everyone’s life because, without it, no one can appreciate dreams of becoming successful, so everyone should understand the importance of school.

We had provided with various ‘essay on my school’ in the different word limit so that children can get the idea to write an essay.

My School Essay 7th Class:

My school name is Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial Public School; it is located in Delhi, it also has many branches.

The school has its own distinct identity to build a better future for children. My school is designed in such a way that it looks very beautiful and attractive.

The building of Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial School is three-storey, with large classrooms from the basement to the third floor and it is well organized keeping in mind the facilities of the children in each class.

The school has not only a classroom but its grassland hall and auditorium are also very good; apart from this, trees and plants in the middle of the school as if add beauty to the school.

My school environment is very calm and good, always positive thoughts are generated in my mind and I am always encouraged to move forward in my life.

Every single day of school fills with new energy into me. At the same time, in addition to the children’s education, good arrangements have been made for sports and other activities.

My school has classes from 1 to 12. At the same time, each class is divided into three sections.

Let us tell you that there are about 55 rooms in the three-storey building of the school, out of which some rooms are surrounded in the Commuter Lab, Chemistry Lab and Physics Lab, while some of them are also in the Principal Office, Admin Department and Staff Room.

There are other classrooms in which fans, lights, furniture are well arranged, and in addition to some rooms, AC is also installed.

And there are about 60 teachers in my school, besides this, there are ten other staff also. Not only this, but the school also includes a gardener to look after trees, a sitter for cleaning, gatekeeper, including clerks and other staff.

The library of my school is very big and good, it has many thousands of books available with different authors for different subjects are also available, including NCERT books.

Apart from this, the auditorium at my school is also very good. Special functions are organized on 15 August, 26 January and Gandhi Jayanti.

And the annual function of my school is also organized on a very large scale in which many of the officers also participate in it as the Chief Guest.

On this occasion, many big leaders are also invited, many special guests also participate in the special invitations sent by my school.

Honour and rewards are given to the children of the school and encourage them to move forward and encourage them.

Talking about the quality of education, my school has been number one in the city for the last several years. Also, read My School Essay for class 10th.

Because most of the students who came out of this school are working in some big company today or are holding high positions, and many more children studying from this school are also working abroad.

The result of this school is very good every year. At the same time, the best thing is that all the students pass with very good numbers.

Teachers are also very experienced and good, who teach the children well and keep a good record of every activity associated with them.

Along with this, they explain every topic in a very interesting manner, so that children can get a good knowledge of their subject.

I am very satisfied to study in Rani Laxmi Bai Memorial School because all the teachers in my school are very supportive, with this the atmosphere of my school is so good that I feel very good and I had expressed it in My School Essay.

My school is one of the best schools in the world.

Essay on My School for Class 8th:

The school is called the child’s second home, where the children are developed properly.

At home, the child is only grown-up, but the development of the child in school is true, it is a very important part of everyone’s life.

Knowledge and skills are provided in us from the school itself. We go to school to live our better lives and become successful human beings.

The school environment is quite good, which includes sports as well as cultural activities. It is through school that we develop a sense of respect, courtesy and discipline.

Because every morning we touch the feet of the teacher in our school and wish them, due to which we develop a feeling of respect for the other.

Along with this, there is a 25-minute prayer every morning in the school, in which we worship Saraswati Maa, which leads to the development of religious feeling in us.

Apart from this, the national anthem during the prayer and the Vande Mataram and slogans during the holidays awaken the feeling of national integration.

The ability to work and learn properly in the classroom develops, along with this, they also become disciplined.

Sharing food with friends and playing with them in the school interval, it is very good to share our thoughts with friends and this also creates a sense of sociality in us. There is also a chance to make good friends.

Many sports activities are also organized from time to time to teach the spirit of sports in children so that students interested in sports can get an opportunity to showcase their talent.

Apart from this, general knowledge competition for the knowledge of the country and the world, also arts-related competition is organized to develop creative ability in children.

Many other such activities are organized by the school, which helps the children to move fast. They also get help in increasing their knowledge and skills in different fields.

There is also a lot of emphasis on keeping cleanliness and discipline in my school. Motivational messages are also given in school every day, which gives the inspiration to move forward and also helps in achieving our goals.

All kinds of activities in school are not only for entertainment but also help in developing your skills in other areas. Many types of activity including PT also lead to physical development.

While understanding the importance of technology in today’s era, the emphasis is also given on teaching computers as technical education in my school.

Many experiments are also done for practical knowledge of subjects like Physics and Chemistry, which helps in learning a lot.

At the same time, seeing the green trees and trees in the school premises refreshes the mind, it also helps to understand the importance of nature.

Essay on My School

Essay on My School for Class 9th:

I am very fond of my school and I love it, because, in addition to studying in school, I get a chance to participate in sports and cultural activities, which gives me a lot to learn.

Let me tell you, my school is located in a quiet place about 1 kilometre from my house, where there are many trees and the pollution and noise of the city is not heard, which makes my school extremely appears clean and peaceful.

I go to my school by school bus every morning, while the school also takes great care of my journey, my school teacher has a complete record of reaching from home to school and from school to home.

my school, take full care of me, which is very good for me and my parents.

My school is big enough to teach around 2800 students, the special thing is that every student is treated equally and there is a complete focus on creating a better future for them.

In my school, special attention is also given to the amenities of the students, so that students do not suffer any kind and they can complete their studies with dedication.

Let me tell you that my school was established in the year 1991, and since then there has been a lot of development in this school, my school is ranked first in the city for the quality of education.

More and more parents living in this city want to get their children admitted to my school because the record of this school so far has been very good, I hope that my school will remain number one even in the further.

Talking about the design of the school, the multi-storey building of my school looks beautiful and attracts everyone on its side.

There are about 50 rooms in this school, in which each room has a good arrangement of light, along with windows, so that children can also enjoy the natural air while studying, there is also enough light from the windows.

The bench has been arranged in every classroom in a systematic manner, a blackboard and a whiteboard in each classroom, through which teachers give information about any topic to children.

My school has a large playground, which also has the facility of a basketball court, cricket net, sketching and table tennis.

Also has a computer lab to develop technical skills, in which children are taught the basics of computer and are taught related lessons so that they can use it better in their future.

My school also has a library, in which several thousand books are kept, it is quite large, in which many children can sit and read at a time.

Library teachers tell us about new books and we can also bring them at home for reading.

Many times I even bring books related to my course from library to home, which helps me in getting information on a particular topic.

My school also has a large garden, which has many kinds of trees, which is very nice to see and gives natural beauty to the school, it also creates a feeling of protecting the environment inside the students.

In my school, people of all religions study together, which creates a sense of equality and learns to live together.

My school is a government recognized private school, in which children from class 1 to class 12 can study.

Apart from this, my school administration is also very serious about cleanliness.

Let me tell you that my school has also contributed to the Swachh Bharat Mission of Indian Government.

Teachers are highly qualified, intelligent and experienced, who inform children about all subjects in a better and easier way so that they can get knowledge on every subject.

My school also has an auditorium, in which many cultural programs are organized from time to time.

For this, during our national festival Independence Day, Republic Day and Gandhi Jayanti, children give speeches, debate competitions, essay writing competitions and various competitions are also organized.

My school has all the facilities and the way of studying is also very progressive and creative, so my school is the best school.

My School Essay for Class 10:

Man is not born intelligent, by coming to this earth, he gets knowledge, and he gets this knowledge from his school.

The school plays an important role in advancing any human being in the right direction and achieving success in his life.

Realizing the importance of education and school, every parent motivates their children to go to school right from the beginning so that they can build their better future by earning knowledge.

School not only brings mental development but also the feeling of togetherness and unity is manifested in children.

Because school is a place where people of all religions and castes come for the attainment of knowledge and all have the same goal and there is a purpose.

At the same time, all people are treated equally in the school, there is no discrimination of any kind and children are encouraged to move forward.

Structure and Design of the School:

My school is situated in a quiet place in the city, surrounded by green trees and plants and it is far away from the pollution and noise of the city, allowing us to study in a quiet and pure environment.

My school is about one and a half kilometres from my house. Our school has about 50 rooms, each class is divided into 3–3 sections. There are about 3 thousand children studying in my school.

The school also has a playground, garden and canteen, where we spend our free time with our friends.

Apart from this, swings have also been made for primary class children in my school so that they can entertain themselves along with their studies.

Apart from this, there are commuter labs, chemistry labs and physics labs in which children are taught different types of experiments. Apart from this, there is also a large auditorium, in which many different types of programs are made from time to time.

Discipline in My School:

My school pays special attention to discipline. First of all, we go to school and take his blessing by touching his feet.

After this, Saraswati is worshipped and sings the national anthem, then starts his studies.

Apart from this, a dress has been fixed in our school to keep all our children under discipline, besides there is a special emphasis on the school on the cleanliness of our dress.

My school is very strict about discipline.

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How to Behave and Teach Teacher in My School:

All the teachers of my school give information about every subject in a very creative and simple way.

His method of teaching is very different so that even the most difficult questions are very easily understood.

My school teachers treat children very politely and help them to solve every small and big problem.

Apart from this, the principal of my school is also very good, he understands the problem of every child and explains it with love. I love all the teachers at my school.

Sports activities along with studying in held in my school.

In addition to studies in my school, sports activities are also organized from time to time. Along with this, the importance of sportsmanship is also told.

And all the children of the school are asked to participate in the sports competition, which they can prove themselves in this field.

Along with this, students who perform well are also rewarded, so that their morale can be increased and their physical and mental development can be done.

At the same time, the way education is necessary, in the same way, sports are equally important in human life, described in My School Essay.

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Students should understand the importance of school and respect our teachers.

One should obey the orders of his teachers and cooperate in maintaining cleanliness and discipline in school.

The path of our life is easy from the school itself and we can achieve success in our life; therefore, we should have a genuine feeling towards our school and go to school honestly and respect everyone in the school.

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