Importance of newspaper in our daily life

Importance of newspaper in our daily life

importance of newspaper

Newspapers are an important part of our lives, but due to digital development, the importance of newspaper has reduced.

According to Wikipedia, India has the world’s largest newspaper market and sells 78.8 million copies per day.

Importance of reading newspaper:

If we say about the newspaper that this is our first need of the morning, then it will not be wrong.

There are some of us who do not like to drink morning tea without reading the newspaper.

Recall the second day of Diwali and Holi when in the absence of newspaper, our morning is lonely and we understand the importance of newspaper.

These are two or three days in a year when we do not receive the morning newspaper, otherwise, we receive our newspaper every morning in a much-disciplined manner on all other days.

Whether it is a rainy night or a cold morning, we take out our newspaper with daily news at the threshold of our home.

If we try to know the history of newspapers then it is very ancient, it is said that it started in Kolkata.

The earlier newspaper was limited to a particular area, but due to new inventions, the exchange of information became immediately possible.

Also, there was proficiency in the art of printing. There are many such machines available nowadays, with the help of which thousands of copies are produced in a few hours.

Due to all these inventions, the importance of newspaper was no longer confined to one region and the country reached abroad.

Today we can read information about every corner of the world from every corner of the world.

Nowadays, keeping in mind the convenience of the reader and the importance of news, a newspaper is available in every language, in which many information such as sports, business, politics, governance and administration are made available to the reader.

Many newspapers are also published internationally, giving information about the country and abroad.

Some pages of newspapers also relate to a particular area, in which problems and information are published there.

 importance of reading newspaper

Why is Newspaper important in our daily life?

The newspaper provides space for public complaints.

There is Importance of newspaper in everyone life because it also provides information on subjects like arts, science, business, sports, crime, fashion etc.

Every information you get from newspapers is very important and useful.

Newspapers Types:

Some newspapers are published in a particular area, while some cover international-level news.

On the basis of each type of news and publication, the newspaper is divided into several parts.

We are showing the type of newspaper in the table below:

National Newspaper Regional Newspaper
Local NewspaperTabloid Newspaper

Importance of newspaper in our daily life:

In today’s times, the newspaper is not only a means of providing information to informers, but it has given credit to people of every section.

In this, along with the news of the country and abroad, sports, entertainment, studies, gossip are all kinds of news.

Articles related to laughter, literature, religion etc. are also present.

Whether it is an important article on the government or a big business curtain, everything is published fearlessly in every newspaper.

Bollywood and Hollywood news is also given special recognition, many newspapers have a separate page for it.

Importance of newspaper in education:

Every newspaper has a separate job portal for the youth, in which they can get information about the job vacancy.

Through many, youth are given guidance about their careers.

The interest of children is also taken care of by newspapers, for them, there is a separate column in newspapers.

Some newspapers publish different booklets, which have different activities for children.

Through these booklets available for children, competitions are organized on a very large scale by many newspapers, due to which the talent of children is also revealed.

Nowadays, with all these things, newspapers have a lot of advertising.

Whether it is the launch of a new product or wedding or job-related advertisement or government advertisement, etc., all newspapers have a major source of income.

History of newspaper in India:

The first newspaper was started in Bengal by Viceroy Hockey under the name “Bengal Gazette”.

However, even before that, many pages were used to exchange information.

But the Bengal Gazette is the first full-fledged newspaper, as the first newspapers were in the English language, it was not useful to the public, it was merely a means of using the British.

The first Hindi newspaper was published in 1826 under the name “Udant Martand”.

It was a weekly newspaper, but it had to be closed in 1827 due to pressure.

Subsequently, while fighting against the British, Bengal newspapers, news Sudha Varshan, Kesari, Vande Mataram etc. were edited.

Advantages of the newspaper:

The newspaper is very useful to us along with our daily habits, its usefulness is different in different areas.

Let us chuck some light on its usefulness.

1) Became a weapon of independence: When the British ruled, the public was helpless, fed up with British domination.

Neither was anyone listening to them nor was anyone reducing their sorrows.

In such a situation, the articles given by the revolutionaries in the newspapers of the time became a source of enthusiasm among the people and filled them with new energy.

2) Information about the country and abroad: There are many news channels in which every news is broadcast, but still newspapers have their own identity.

There is the importance of newspaper in people life because they Read newspapers daily and receiving news from abroad is an important part of people’s lives.

3) Means of entertainment: Nowadays news has special things for entertainment along with the news.

There are many things in the newspapers Bollywood News, which is special for entertainment.

In today’s times, many good and big newspapers give small copies with the main newspaper, which becomes a means of entertainment.

4) Giving a different identity to the game: We get instant news about any sport, it maybe cricket or tennis.

Along with giving us the information, this news also fills the minds of the players.

This news gives a distinct identity to both the player and the game.

5) Useful for children: Newspapers have also started focusing on their children.

They organize various magazines as well as various magazines for them.

With which they get a lot of information along with their entertainment, as well as reading habits.

6) Information about things through advertisement: Through advertisement published in newspapers, we can get a lot of information like job, marriage.

Nowadays we get instant news about any new item in newspapers, whether it is mobile or car or kitchen-related things, and we get information about these things and their price.

7) Information about government schemes: Information about any government scheme, whether changes have been made or new launches are available in newspapers immediately.

So that we can know and take advantage of it.

Disadvantages of the newspaper:

Although newspapers have many benefits, everything useful to us has some disadvantages. Similarly, our newspapers also have some demerits, which we are mentioning here:

1) Excess of advertisement reduces the importance of newspaper: In ancient times newspapers were used only for the publication of news.

But nowadays, in newspapers, advertising has become more objective to make a profit.

Readers buy their newspapers for the purpose of reading the news and their hands get frustrated due to the brightness of the advertisements.

2) Influence of a powerful person reduces the importance of newspaper: Many times we see that the influence of a powerful person is reflected in our local newspapers.

Sometimes news related to a particular person is hidden, sometimes some news is overpriced.

3) Priority to sector-specific news: In today’s time, local newspapers are getting more prominence by not giving priority to national newspapers to advertise in the area.

4) Changes in the language of newspapers reduces importance of newspaper:

In today’s time, the language has changed. Even those who are concerned with literature still want newspapers to do some special editing for them in good style.

So that the coming generation also has knowledge of the literary field.

5) Delay in publication of some news: According to the functioning of newspapers, news of the day is collected in it.

This news was then printed at night and distributed in the morning.

Many times it happens that due to the completion of the printing process some important news becomes destitute for publication and their publication gets delayed.

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Conclusion for Importance of Newspaper:

There is importance of newspaper in our daily life because it provides information collected from all over the world. It also helps to develop new ideas, and at times guides the common man to think and discuss.

A newspaper serves as an important medium to control corruption and scandal. The main topics of general interest in the newspaper include politics, social issues, sports, economy, films and the stock market.

Newspapers are a genre of mass media. There is also the importance of newspaper in creating social awareness.

It raises voice against social issues like child labour, dowry etc. They urge common people to act and behave rationally.

We get information about upcoming films and television shows in a newspaper. It also contains a list of multiplexes with timetables for movies.

Wide coverage of newspapers is obtained at a low cost, although newspapers. It also affects the thinking habit in men. It is also seen that illiterate adults are getting educated to read newspapers.

Trade on such dirty tricks to survive. Being politically left or right, they call the strike and the lockout wrong.

The incidents of bank robberies and rail accidents or similar untoward incidents are distorted or exaggerated. They deliberately sensationalize news because it appeals directly to the less educated and less cultured.

The dignity and reputation of a newspaper rest on its degree of loyalty to truth and fearless reporting.

It is our cheapest and most powerful weapon in the final analysis & importance of newspaper can be recognized.


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