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Newspaper are a major part of the information revolution, at present people start their morning reading the newspaper.

Newspapers in our India country are in many languages ​​such as Hindi, English, Tamil, Punjabi, Kannada, Telugu, Marathi, Urdu, etc.

Newspapers are a repository of information, in this we have to go abroad, trade, politics, economy, society, employment share market, prices of crops, health information, science, space, film industry, food and the smallest happening in the country and abroad.

Newspaper is a cheap and accessible source of daily information.

Everyone loves to read newspapers because news and entertainment material is also available according to everyone’s interest in it.

Informative information for students in the newspaper and results of board examinations also comes in them, so students also like newspapers.

The price of each newspaper varies according to their reputation and popularity.

Newspapers are published daily, weekly, and monthly, their purpose is to make every type of information reach people every day.

Newspaper Essay 500 Words:

In the olden days there was no means of communicating information to people, either by sending someone on a horse or by tying a letter to the pigeon’s neck and exchanging information but time changed and newspaper emerged.

The first newspaper was printed in a place called Basin, Italy.

After this, all countries understood its importance and all places started using it.

In the 18th century, the British started printing newspapers in India too.

Importance of Newspapers- Newspaper essay:

The importance of a newspaper can be determined from the fact that every class of people likes to read it and everyone also has the ability to buy it, hence the newspaper is the cheapest and accessible means of delivering information.

The importance of newspapers is increasing day by day and the number of people reading them is also increasing because everyone likes to read it, there is some information in it for everyone.

People of the business class read it because they get to know the daily market prices and also know how the market is in the country, as well as the business people can publish advertisements in the newspaper for their business progress.

Newspaper is a very important item for the students because it contains information related to science politics education and information about various schemes, as well as the results of board examinations are also published in newspapers.

Newspaper is very important for youth seeking employment, because all the companies in the country and abroad give information in newspapers for recruitment, which is very important information for the youth.

People of other classes also want information about the events happening abroad and around them, so they read newspapers and calm their curiosity.

Nowadays, along with the news, the opinions of experts and other important information are also being published in the newspapers, which attracts people of all classes.

In addition to giving news of the world, newspapers also tell the difference between truth and untruth, they publish and analyze the events going on in politics.

Whatever government scams are shown prominently and tell the truth to the public.

This is the best means of bringing the voice of the government to the public and the voice of the public to the government.


At present, newspaper is the most important source for getting news and information.

If there were no newspapers, the world might not have progressed so fast.

However, now many technological means have been arrived to convey information but peacefully and comfortably, the information can be read only in the newspaper.

To know the situation of any country or abroad, the situation there can be estimated by just reading the newspaper there.

Essay on Newspaper 1000 Words:

There have always been two expeditions of curiosity and curiosity in the human mind, due to which he always wishes to know others and the events around him.

The newspaper fulfills all those wishes, it descends on the wishes of the people of every class.

Business people read newspapers every day to take stock of the situation of the foreign market of the country.

Students are running abroad in the country to read events and education related articles, sociologists read newspapers for information about the new arrangements of society, for literary works going on in the new era and for political information.

Today, if you want to take stock of the social, political, economic situation of any country, then reading the newspaper there will be enough.

The newspaper has closed the whole world like a bunch in it, from the information of the incident of a small part of the country to the printing of foreign events daily, which gives us a place to know about all the activities going on in the world.

That is why the newspaper is called the fourth pillar of the economy of any country because it establishes communication between the government and the public.

History of Newspaper- Newspaper Essay:

The name of the newspaper was not even till 3 century ago, at that time people used to send messages through the communicator, pigeon, to convey information to each other.

But it used to take several days or sometimes months to reach the information, till then new information would come.

The newspaper originated on the receipt of quick information, the newspaper was innate in the 16th century in the city of Basin, Italy, after which its expansion grew progressively.

Gradually people started believing its usefulness and started expanding in other countries as well.

India was a poor and under rule, so it took time for newspapers to come here, but in the 18th century it was also exposed in India by the British to deliver information in a country like India.

In view of the fame of newspapers in India, Christian priests took out a letter called “News Mirrors” to propagate their religion.

To give a befitting reply, the founder of Brahma Samaj, Raja Rammohan Roy, successfully edited a newspaper called “Kaumudi”.

Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar edited a newspaper named “Prabhat” at that time it became very popular in the newspaper.

Gradually, the newspaper expanded and it was edited in all regional languages.

Development of Typography:

The development of printing arts in India is the story of the development of newspapers.

As new machines were printed in India, the number of newspapers has also increased rapidly.

Currently, local newspapers of all cities are being published in the local language, which shows its popularity and plurality.

Many people are required to do a newspaper business, first of all it requires a newspaper printing machine, machine man, computer, computer operator, paper, editor and reporter.

It is also a means of employment for many people.

essay on newspaper

Advantages of Newspapers- Newspaper Essay:

(1) Source of daily information:  Every day we get information about political, social, economic, sports entertainment, society, employment, science, weather, market and other events of the country and abroad.

Also, newspapers and people of all categories can read because it is cheap and accessible, it can be taken anywhere and can be read.

(2) Business class: The merchant class gets a lot of benefit from the newspaper because from the newspaper they first get to know the daily situation of the country and abroad and local market.

And through the newspapers, any merchant can advertise his particular item, which increases his business.

Along with this, the trader gets information about the new item coming in the market and also knows about the technology so that the trader can prepare for the future in advance.

(3) Youth category: The newspaper is very valuable for the youth as it gives them complete information as well as the recruitment of government and non-government jobs.

Due to which the youth gets jobs by preparing them.

At present, the syllabus and experts opinion is also being given in the newspapers to help the youth, which helps the youth in getting jobs.

(4) Students and teachers: For students and teachers, the newspaper is a repository of information, here they get new information every day.

The teacher who reads and the students have also taken full care of the activities going on in the country.

Presently, different informative articles are being published for the students in newspapers, due to which students get higher education, in these the opinions of foreign and domestic teachers are also printed.

Information about new changes coming in the field of education is already available to students.

(5) Farmer class: For the farmers, the newspaper is no less than a boon because they get the information of the weather from which they are able to plant their crops on time and also know how to increase the yield of the crop.

Farmers also get to know about the prices of crops going on in the market and government schemes from the newspapers, which makes the farmer class to earn more profit than before.

(6) For the common people: People of the general category have a lot of curiosity.

They like to keep knowledge of all the areas, so the newspaper fits their wishes, this makes them politic, economic, literary and other small derisive events Information that simplifies their routine.

(7) For the housewives and the elderly: In the present time, the newspapers are very useful for the summer because the method of making new recipes is published in them as well as the information about the right and wrong items available in the market.

It has become difficult for the elderly to find time in the huge life of the present, so the elderly people read the newspaper to spend their time, this also consumes their time and they get new information.

(8) Direct and indirect employment: Newspapers provide employment directly and indirectly.

Newspapers are printed in large amounts, so more people are needed to publish these, which directly gives employment to people.

Indirectly the use of newspaper for one day, therefore it is sold in the trash which gives employment to the trash and also gets some money to the seller.

(9) Source of communication between the government and the public: The government uses newspapers to convey information about its plans and policies also to bring the voice of the public to the government, newspaper reporters publish their voice in newspapers.

This makes communication between the people and the government and the government does not face any problem in implementing new policies and schemes.

Disadvantages from Newspapers- Newspaper Essay:

While newspapers help us all round, many times both the public interest and the national interest have had to bear their fatal consequences.

Sometimes big riots happen in the country due to misinformation being published in newspapers.

Sometimes some selfish people get their inferior feelings published in a newspaper for a particular caste, due to which inferiority is spread throughout the society.

From the point of view, sometimes newspapers thrust the country into the trough for their small selfishness.

Pornographic material and such pictures are used in newspapers which are not good for the society in any way, it has a bad effect on every person of the society.

Types of Newspapers- Newspaper Essay:

There are types of newspapers, it depends on the time of their publication: some are published daily whereas some are published semi-weekly, weekly, semi-monthly and monthly.

There is also a form of newspapers which can be published on a particular subject such as political, social, science, economic development, literary trade etc.

Major Newspapers of India:

Many types of newspapers are published in our India country but some of the prominent ones which everyone likes to read are as follows:

The Times of India, Hindustan Time, The Economics Times, The Hindu, Dainik Bhaskar, Amar Ujala, Lokmat, Dainik Jagran, Rajasthan Patrika, Punjab Kesari, and Indian Express etc. are the leading newspapers.



Conclusion for Newspaper Essay:

Today, newspapers have a lot of support in the economy of every independent nation.

The public has every right to criticize the government they choose and raise their voice.

Every person can express his views freely before the government.

All this has been done through newspapers because through them we can raise our voice and reach other people and the government.

Newspapers should also publish news independently, if they are banned in any way, it would be like throttling a nation.

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