Pollution Essay

Pollution is a slow poison that continues to destroy our environment and our lives day by day, it is mainly divided into three parts: air pollution, noise pollution, water pollution.

Air pollution is due to smoke coming out of vehicles, factories, flying dust etc. Noise pollution is caused by the horns of vehicles, the running of machines and other noise-generating objects.

Water pollution is caused by putting factories waste materials and plastic waste and other things in rivers and ponds.

If we have to reduce pollution, then we will have to plant more and more trees and make people aware of pollution, only then we can wish for a good future.

Pollution Essay 500 Words:

At present, pollution has taken a very formidable form.

Due to this, life has become very difficult in big metros, here every day some new disease is being born.

Pollution is spreading so fast that nowadays it seems that it has become a part of our life.

Due to pollution, not only human life has been affected but also there has been a change in the environment of wildlife, animals and earth.

Types of Pollution:

Pollution has been divided into three main parts according to international standards, apart from this, there are many types of pollution:

Air pollution: Air pollution is caused by mixing of polluted gas from vehicle into the air.

The main sources of air pollution are the smoke emanating from motor vehicles, smoke from factories and chimneys, dust blowing, odor caused by rotting objects, firecrackers etc.

Water pollution: Water pollution occurs due to many types of harmful chemicals, bacteria etc that are emptied into the water.

The main sources of water pollution are the discharge of polluted water from the factories into the rivers and ponds, the gutter opening into the rivers, plastic thrown in the water.

Water pollution is spread by adding other waste material.

Noise pollution: A loud and unbearable sound above hearing range falls under the category of noise pollution.

The main source of noise pollution – loudspeakers, horns of vehicles, sound of machines, thunder of clouds etc. due to which noise pollution is spread.

Pollution Essay

Pollution Prevention Measures Essay:

To prevent air pollution, trees should be planted in large quantities, as well as where there is indiscriminate cutting of trees, they should be stopped.

Industry businesses that spread air pollution should adopt new technology which leads to less pollution.

In order to reduce water pollution, we have to pay more attention to cleanliness.

We throw garbage in rivers and ponds, the factories are responsible for water pollution should be closed.

Noise pollution is mostly done by human beings, so if we stop using the horns ourselves and if we take care of the machines regularly, then they will not produce any noise and there will be a decrease in noise pollution.


The way pollution is increasing on our earth, it will take the form of destruction in the coming few years, if some strict rules are not put in place to stop the pollution soon then the whole environment of our earth will be spoiled and our life will be in crisis.

If we have to reduce pollution, then first we have to improve ourselves and make people aware of the losses occuring due to pollution.

Until the people of our entire country are not aware, then it is not possible to reduce any type of pollution.

Essay on Pollution 2000 Words

Pollution is the problem of the whole world, not only of India, but all the countries are worried about it due to increasing pollution.

Today almost everything in the world, whether it is live or non-living, is getting polluted in some form or the other.

Water, air, soil and the entire planet have been hit by pollution. Due to pollution, some problem or new diseases arise every day.

The entire atmosphere is being polluted due to leakage of gas from factories, increasing radioactivity from nuclear plants, toxic chemicals and wastewater from factories and factories in rivers, ponds, seas.

Today, we are only paying attention to our progress but we are not worrying about nature at all. Science has made a lot of progress today, but has still not been successful in curbing pollution.

The World Health Organization is repeatedly warning all the countries of the world, but still no drastic action is being taken on increasing pollution.

If our country continues to concentrate on caste and reservation,when will india get a time to think about the environment?

Types and Side Effects of Pollution:

Water Pollution- Pollution Essay:

At present, water pollution is a big problem. At present, all our major rivers like Ganga, Yamuna Chambal, etc. are littered with all the dirt, in which various types of plastic and other garbage are lying.

In some places it seems that garbage is flowing in place of water in the river, some people also do their daily activities, washing clothes, bathing animals near the rivers due to which their water gets contaminated.

The matter of even greater concern is that poisonous and chemical-rich water released from factories is also released in rivers and ponds.

According to a recent data, about 73 people die every hour due to drinking polluted water in our country and this figure is increasing year after year.

Our governments are also no less in increasing water pollution because the water released from the gutter is often released into the rivers and oceans, due to which the entire water gets polluted.

Which makes the water poisonous, due to which the life of the living organisms in the river is in danger and this poisonous water are used for drinking, due to which various diseases spread.

Air Pollution:

Air pollution is a matter of concern because many cities of our country come in the top ten list of most air polluted cities in the world.

From this, it can be estimated that how fast air pollution is increasing in our country. In our country, every year 12.4 lakh people die due to air pollution and this figure is increasing year after year.

Air pollution is generally the main caused by smoke from factories and chimneys, smoke from coal, smoke coming out of homes, smoke from stubble burning, etc.

Another major cause of air pollution is also that indiscriminate felling of trees which is increasing day by day and urbanization is increasing due to which air pollution is increasing.

Asthma cancer, skin disease due to air pollution, irritation in eyes, heart diseases, due to which human and other animal animals die prematurely.

Our environment is also affected by air pollution. Trees and plants wilt and due to this, excessive air pollution occurs.

Noise Pollution- Pollution Essay:

Noise pollution is caused by loudspeakers, horns, the rattle of vehicles, the sound of machines, the sound of airplanes, the construction work, the thunder of clouds, etc.

But the main source of noise pollution comes from human-generated works. If a human stays continuously around high volume sound, then he can be deaf as well as his mental balance will get distrub.

At present, people use loudspeakers everywhere in weddings, parties, any kind of publicity, which greatly increases the noise pollution.

Children and old people have more problems due to noise pollution. Noise pollution also affects the day-to-day routine of animals.

Soil Pollution:

The main reason for soil pollution is the work done by human beings because human beings promote each type of pollution for their little greed.

The waste material coming out of factories,are either bury in the soil or thrown improperly, due to which the land there slowly starts becoming barren.

At present, there is a problem of soil pollution due to plastics because toxic materials keep coming out of the plastic all the time, which make the whole land poisonous.

The use of urea fertilizers used in the field has also increased greatly due to which the land becomes polluted.

All these have an impact on human health because poisonous chemicals are found in the grains and vegetables originating from the land, which worsens human health, which is why many diseases are spreading today.

Light Pollution- Pollution Essay:

Day and night are natural activities, if there is any change in them, then it affects the whole nature. At present, electricity is being used very much due to the progress of science.

And nowadays, more lights are used, due to which, even at night, it looks like day.

Due to increasing urbanization, there is a lot of light even at night. Due to which wild animals have a lot of trouble, their entire routine gets spoiled due to this. Light pollution also has a bad effect on human health, due to this there is not enough sleep.

Radioactivity Pollution:

Pollution caused by radioactive radiation is called radioactivity pollution. This pollution is not visible to the eye but is the most dangerous for health.

The person coming into contact with it or any other animal that dies in no time.

This pollution is usually from the atomic bomb, nuclear power from the waste material coming out of the house. Wherever this pollution spreads, there is no sign of life.

Thermal Pollution:

Presently thermal pollution is increasing very fast because as the needs of people are increasing, there are different types of factories in which water is used to keep many types of substances and other things for cooling purposes.

Due to which the water becomes very hot and it is released directly into the rivers, due to which the temperature of water suddenly changes. This causes the death of living organisms in the rivers.

Pollution Balance Measures:

To plant trees:

If our earth is to be saved from pollution, we will have to plant more and more trees and whoever is doing indiscriminate cutting of trees,strict action against them must be taken. Tees absorb carbon dioxide and give us oxygen. If there are no trees then we will not get oxygen and our life will end. Ttake pledge today, do plant at least one tree on your birthday.

Stop using Plastic- Pollution Essay:

Presently, how plastic is connected with our life like water and air, plastic is being used in everything. Toxic materials keep coming out of plastic for thousands of years, which pollutes water, air and the entire environment.

We have to stop the use of plastic, the government is also banning plastic, but the use of plastic will continue to increase till we become aware.

Promote Car Pulling:

Due to increase in the number of vehicles, the needs of fuel has also become very high and due to this, there is increase in air pollution. Nowadays, every person carries his own vehicle which further increases the problem of air pollution.

If we use public vehicles and if we go to the same office, then sharing a car will save fuel and reduce air pollution.

Use Energy Properly:

We have to use energy properly. Different types of engines we see are very polluting and waste material released from it is poisonous.

Clean the Rivers- Pollution Essay:

We all have to clean the rivers, ponds and oceans together, because from that we get water to drink and other animals also depends on water for same.

If water start turning poisonous, then a variety of diseases will spread, which can also take the form of an epidemic, so we should not throw garbage in rivers and ponds.

Focus on maintenance of vehicles / machines:

Maintenance of vehicles and machines is very important if they are not maintained, then they cause a lot of noise pollution as well as air pollution.

To save a few rupees, we pollute our environment, this is a matter of great concern, so it is always necessary to maintain vehicles and machines from time to time.

Reduce usage of urea Fertilizer:

Urea manure is being used by the farmers for higher yields in the fields, which improves the yield of the crop but makes the land barren and at the same time many types of poisonous substances are added to that crop, which enter directly into our body and our health deteriorates, so farmers should reduce the use of urea fertilizer and use natural fertilizer.

Make strict rules law:

The Indian government has enacted several laws to curb pollution, but due to non-compliance of those laws, pollution is increasing, so we have to ensure that the laws made to prevent pollution are to inforced properly.

The Indian government should make more stringent laws against pollution because if nature only doesn’t exist then what’s the use of life so it is very important to save the environment.

Spread Awareness about Pollution:

We all have to work together to spread awareness about pollution right from every citizen to top decision making authority.

We have to convince people that if we continue to spread pollution like this, the life of the next generation will be in trouble. Also, our entire environment will get destroyed due to pollution.

Therefore, we have to go from city to village and educate people about pollution through small dramas and other methods, only then pollution can be stopped.




The government has taken many steps to solve the environmental pollution in our country, our government has set up a pollution institute in Madhya Pradesh, which will give pollution related information to the government every year.

Strict action is being taken on whichever person or institution is responsible for increasing pollution.

At present, sewerage treatment plants are also being set up in small towns. Also, campaigns are being run every year to promote plantation.

If we all cooperate to prevent environmental pollution essay, then the day is not far when the balance will establish in the environment and the life of other beings along with human life will also be out of danger.

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