Noise Pollution Essay

Noise pollution has spread like a pandemic in our entire country, if no concrete steps are taken soon, the coming generation will have to suffer its terrible consequences.

It is like a slow poison that slowly worsens human health. This happens mostly in big cities because most of the business and big business of our country are done in big cities, due to which excessive noise is generated.

Noise pollution is not only fatal for mankind, it also affects the routine of wildlife.

This pollution is caused by large machines engaged in industries, horns, wedding parties, publicity, use of loudspeakers in festivals, and large vehicles such as trucks, buses, tractors, bulldozers, etc.

Essay on Noise Pollution 200 words:

Noise pollution has become a problem all over the world, loud and unbearable sounds above 40 decibels are classified as noise pollution.

If it produces excessive vibration then it is harmful to the health of human beings and animals.

If a person spends most of his time in crowded areas or in areas with excessive noise, then his hearing capacity is gradually reduced.

Noise pollution can cause mental disorders such as irritability, headache etc. to humans as well as physical disorders such as high blood pressure, slowing of blood flow, which also increases the risk of heart attack.

Excessive noise also affects the routine life of wildlife, their habits change, food-related issues and their fertility.

If adequate measures are not taken on noise pollution sooner it can create a big problem in the future.

Noise pollution is caused by large factories, industries, airplanes, trains, large machines, construction works, loudspeakers, horns and vehicles.

To reduce noise pollution, industries have to be kept away from the populated area, rules and regulations on usage of horns and loudspeakers need to be frame, maintaining large machines from time to time so that they do not produce loud noise.

Noise Pollution Essay

Noise Pollution Essay 400 words:

Noise pollution is only a form of pollution, if you understand it in general terms, whatever unbearable loud noise is produced in our environment is called noise pollution.

Extremely loud sounds mostly affect the elderly and young children.

Sound pollution also causes deafness this gradually worsens the health of human being. It not only affect human beings but always can be fatal for them.

At present the way science is progressing noise pollution is also increased due to innovation in technology by making machines, loudspeakers, horns etc.

Nowadays TV and loudspeakers are come household gadgets, which keep on surviving throughout the day and produce loud sound which increases the amount of noise in the entire environment.

In this life, man is only busy in consuming his luxury items, due to which he is not paying attention to the pollution that he is creating in the environment.

Mankind is playing with the health of the animals as well as the health of the birds, which are a matter of concern.

Causes of Pollution:

  • Excessive use of loudspeakers by humans.
  • Using a pressure horn.
  • Noise generated by large machines used in industry.
  • Increasing construction work in cities.
  • Population growth.
  • Increased traffic in cities, which leads to jams, causing their noise to increase in volume.

Sound Effects of Noise Pollution Essay:

If a person is exposed to a loud voice every day, then his / her hearing ability gradually deteriorates, many people also fall prey to deafness.

Due to noise pollution, human nature is irritable and at the same time it has problems like headache.

An example of how wild life also threatens the life of wildlife is that today the species of beaked whale fish is on the verge of extinction due to the practice conducted by the forces at sea.

Measures to reduce Noise Pollution:

Since most of the noise pollution is spread by human beings, so as long as there is no human on this subject, there is no noise pollution.

  • To reduce this, people have to reduce the use of loudspeakers.
  • And playing the horn unnecessarily will have to be reduced.
  • Businesses have to be established away from populated areas.
  • Must follow traffic rules.
  • Low noise machines need to be used.

Essay on Noise Pollution 500 words:

Noise pollution is prevalent everywhere, it is almost impossible to eliminate it because all the organisms are able to communicate through this, including the human race.

Noise pollution cannot be eradicated but can be reduced so that it does not adversely affect the lives of the earth.

Although efforts are made by the government to reduce noise pollution but it cannot be reduced until people themselves think of reducing it.

Any object or other process that produces a high noise comes under the category of noise pollution.

Due to increasing urbanization in India, a part of the population lives in cities, which makes it very crowded and where there is more congestion, it is natural to produce noise and this gives rise to noise pollution.

Noise pollution is basically divided into two parts – natural noise pollution and man-made noise pollution.

Causes of Pollution:

Natural noise pollution arises from various events occurring on the earth includes all the incidents that produce any kind of sound.

Volcanic eruption: This is a natural phenomenon, it generates a lot of noise and at the same time it also causes air pollution and water pollution.

Rumble of Clouds: The climate of the Earth is constantly changing due to which clouds are formed and due to their thunder, noise is generated in a large area which causes noise pollution.

The lion’s roar, birds’ tweet, the sound of rivers and waterfalls, the rustle caused by the shaking of tree plants, the noise caused by the rising of the sea waves, etc. produce natural noise pollution although it does not harm anyone.

Manmade noise pollution: Manmade noise pollution is basically spread by humans.

Large inventions has been made by humans, which produce a large amount of sound such as trains, airplanes, submarines etc. Let us know what causes manmade noise pollution:

Noise is generated due to population growth.

Supersonic (at the speed of sound) airplanes that move at high speeds produce a high amount of noise.

Noise Pollution Essay 700 Words:

Noise pollution is caused by traffic vehicles such as scooters, motorcycles, cars, buses, auto rickshaws, tractors, trucks, etc. which run on the roads every day.

The Noise is also generated by machinery engaged in construction work such as cranes, bulldozers, construction equipment etc.

The sound of the tracks of the train as well as the sound of the iron box on its running, the noise generated by the running of the metro, the loud horn of the train whose voice is heard for 2 kilometers.

One of the causes of pollution is fireworks performed at festivals and festivities.

Effects of Noise Pollution:

  • Man becomes a victim of deafness.
  • Excessive sound causes diseases like irritability and headaches.
  • Blood flow decreases, chances of heart attack increase.
  • The digestive system of human is also affected by this.
  • The routine of living animals is affected and also their fertility is affected.
  • The elderly and young children fall prey to this noise, as it is very annoying for them.

Measures to Control Pollution:

  • First of all, we have to make people aware about noise pollution by making them understand the illicit effect of noise pollution, not only affects the human life but also the life of animals is also being affected.
  • In order to reduce noise pollution, people should be made aware by advertising in a peaceful manner.
  • The width of the roads should be lessened so as to reduce the incidents of jam & so does of noise pollution.
  • Greenery should be promoted, a survey has revealed that where there are more trees, the effect of noise is reduced by 15 decibels.
  • Industrial areas should be kept away from populated areas.
  • The use of pressure horns should be discontinued and at the same time people are prohibited from repeatedly playing the horn without any reason.
  • Airports should be kept away from populated areas as well as routes on airplanes should be such that covers least populated areas.
  • Reduction of entry of big vehicles in congested area.
  • Loudspeakers should not be used in weddings, festivals, fairs, parties, gathering places etc.
  • Trains and tracks should be repaired periodically to reduce noise pollution.
  • The driving of old vehicles should be stopped, as their condition worsens over time and they start making loud noise.
  • Playing of loudspeakers and horns around public places should be banned.
  • Steals originating from industries should be reduced and old machinery should also be designed to produce low noise and high noise industrial units should be sound proofed.
  • Illegal industries should be removed from the populated area.
  • Playing loudspeakers should be banned at night.
  • People should be made aware to obey the traffic rules as it is mostly revealed that due to the negligence of the people, there is a situation of jam and people then uses the horn which causes more noise pollution.
  • Construction should be stopped at night time in populated areas.
  • Youth should be encouraged not to use loudspeakers.
  • New laws should be frame to regulate noise pollution.
  • Explosive firecrackers with sounds should not be banned.

Law for prevention of Pollution:

14 February 2002: The Central Government has enacted the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000 to control the increasing noise pollution in public places under the Environment Protection Act 1986.

Under this, loudspeakers cannot be played in public places.

In 2010 this rule was amended to prohibit excessive sound generating equipment.

According to noise rule 2019, if someone wants to play loudspeaker, he must first get permission from the District Magistrate, Commissioner of Police and Deputy Superintendent of Police or above.



Conclusion for Noise Pollution Essay:

If no preventive steps are taken to reduce noise pollution, it can lead to destruction.

Therefore, we should prevent and make people aware of how much damage noise cause to us and the environment.

To reduce noise pollution, the government has made many rules but these are not being implemented, due to which it is increasing day by day.

Noise pollution has become a problem all over the world, loud and unbearable sounds above 40 decibels are classified as noise pollution.

Noise pollution is caused by the rustle of trees, the sound of machines, the sound of trains, the sound of horns, the sound of humans talking, the sound of loudspeakers, the sound of rivers, springs, etc.

Like water pollution, soil pollution, air pollution, loud noise has been named as noise pollution.

If noise pollution is not put to work soon then people may become victims of irritability and deafness.

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