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Friendship is a reciprocal relationship between two or more people who are connected in a friendly manner and have sympathy.

A scholar believes that if we get a dependable friend, then our life is safe; getting a trusted friend is like receiving a valuable treasure, he/she is like any good medicine.

Just like good medicine makes us disease-free; in the same way, a true friend frees us from evil.

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Essay on Friendship 100 words:

Friendship is a true relationship between two or more persons living anywhere in the world.

We cannot spend our entire lives alone and someone needs a loyal relationship that we say, friends; intimate relationships between friends and trust each other forever.

It is not limited to age, sex and status of the person, friendship can be between men and women, two men’s, two women’s or people of any age group.

Friendships may develop between individuals with similar or different passions, feelings or emotions.

Friendship Essay 150 words:

Friendship is the most treasured relationship in a person’s life rather than having many important things in life, if we lack a trustworthy friendship, no one has a satisfying life.

Everyone needs a friend to share bad or good moments, enjoy happy moments and also intolerable events of life.

A good and balanced human partnership is essential for survival & share each other’s feelings or thoughts that bring a sense of well-being and mental satisfaction.

A friend is someone whom one can deeply cherish, like and trust forever.

Instead of having some similarity like the two individuals involved in friendship, they have somewhat different traits, but they need each other without changing their specificity.

Usually, friends inspire without criticizing each other but sometimes good friends criticize each other for making some positive changes.

Essay on Friendship
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Essay on Friendship 200 words:

True friendship is the most precious gift in the lives of the individuals involved. True friendship gives us many memorable, sweet and enjoyable experiences in life.

Friendship is the most precious asset of one’s life which he never wants to lose. True friendship leads two or more individuals to success without any degradation in life.

Searching for a best friend is not an easy process, sometimes we find success and sometimes we lose each other due to misunderstanding.

Friendship is a devoted feeling of love about which we can share anything about our life and care.

A friend is one who understands and appreciates the other without any exaggeration.

True friends never become greedy towards each other, instead, they want to give each other something better in life. There are no boundaries or differences of age, caste, creed, creed and gender.

They know each other’s realities and are satisfied by helping each other.

Man is a social animal and cannot live alone; He/she needs someone to share their feelings of happiness or sorrow.


Generally, an effective friendship exists between the individuals of a similar age, character & background.

Friends are loyal support for each other who aimlessly support during the bad moments of life.

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Essay on True Friendship 250 words:

Friendship is a divine relationship between two or more persons. Friendship is another name to take care of and support each other.

It is based on trust, feelings and proper understanding of each other. It is a very simple and faithful relationship between two or more social people.

People make friends and support each other forever without any greed.

The relationship of true friends grows stronger day by day, without caring for and trusting each other with one’s ego and power.

They have a sense of equity and know that any of them can ever need care and support. Dedication and trust are very necessary to maintain a long-term friendship.

Sometimes greedy people are unable to lead their friendship due to too many demands and lack of satisfaction. Some people make friendships just to satisfy their interests and demands.

Finding a good friend in this world of huge peoples is as difficult as finding a diamond in a coal mine.

True friends are those who stand with us in the good moments of life and also in bad moments.

We should be much careful while selecting our friend because we may get cheated by someone.

It is very difficult for everyone to find a best friend in life and if anyone achieves it, he is truly the best with a true love of God.

A good friend always helps in bad times and suggests to follow the right path.

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Essay of Friendship 300 words:

Finding true friends in this world is nothing less than a boon. Real friendship is the true relationship of two or more people where only trust exists without any demand.

In true friendship, one is always ready to give each other care, support and other necessary things.

Friends are very important in everyone’s life because they play an important role in giving love, care and emotional support to a needy person.

Friendship can be between two or more people of any age group, sex, status, race or ethnicity. However, friendship usually occurs between people of the same age.

Some people play their childhood friendship successfully throughout their life but one has to leave it due to misunderstandings, lack of time or other problems.

Some people have many friends in their kindergarten or primary level, but only one or none whom they take in later life.

Some people have only one or two friends whom they play very wisely in later life even in old age.

Friends can also be from outside the family (neighbours, relatives etc.) or from inside the family (one of the family members).

Friends can be both good or bad, good friends lead us on a good path while bad friends take us on a bad path, so we must be careful when choosing friends in life.

Bad friends can prove to be very bad for us because they are enough to ruin our lives completely.

We need someone in our life to express our feelings (happy or sad), someone to overcome our loneliness, someone to grieve and make many people laugh.

In the good company of our friends, we get inspiration to work hard in life and in bad times.

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True Friendship Essay 400 words:

A friendship is a dedicated relationship between two people in which both have a genuine feeling of love, care and love from each other without any demand and misunderstanding.

Generally, friendship occurs between two people with similar tastes, feelings and emotions.

It is recognized that there is no limit to the age, sex, status, race, religion and creed of friendship, but it is sometimes seen that economic inequality or other discrimination hurts friendships.

Thus it can be said that true and genuine friendship is possible between two like-minded and like-minded people who have a feeling of affection for each other.

Many friends in the world are always together in times of prosperity, but there are only true, honest and loyal friends who never let us be alone in our times of bad times, hardship and trouble.

Our bad times make us feel good and bad friends. Everyone has an attraction towards money by nature but true friends never make us feel bad when we need money or other help.

However, sometimes borrowing money from friends puts friendships at great risk. Friendship can be influenced anytime or by others, so we need to strike a balance in this relationship.

Sometimes friendship breaks down due to arrogance and self-respect. True friendship requires proper understanding, satisfaction, which trusts nature.

The true friend never exploits but inspires each other to do the right thing in life, but sometimes the meaning of friendship changes completely due to some fake and dishonest friends who always misjudge one-. Use another.

Some people unite as soon as possible but they end their friendship as soon as they fulfil their interests.

It is difficult to say anything about friendship, but any careless person is deceived in friendship.

Nowadays it is very difficult to find true friends in a crowd of bad and good people, but if there is a true friend, no one is lucky and precious in the world.

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True friendship can take place between two man’s, and between man and animal; there is no doubt that best friends help us in our sufferings and bad times of life.

Friends always give us timely advice along with protecting us from our dangers.

True friends are the best assets of our lives because they share our sorrows, overcome our pain and make us feel happy.

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