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In this Dowry System Essay, we had described the origin of the dowry system, its effects, how to stop dowry system & much more.

Dowry is mainly money, jewellery, furniture, property, and different intense items given by the bride’s family to the groom family during the wedding ceremony.

It is suspected that it’s as old as human civilization, and it is predominant in lots of societies all over the world.

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Dowry System Essay 200 words:

The dowry system allows a considerable amount of money, jewelry, and different items to be given to the groom’s family by the bride’s family at the time of marriage.

This practice is in India for a couple of years ago.

The women had no rights over family property and different fixed features and got liquid assets like money, jewelry, and various items to present them a fair proportion.

However, it has become an obscene social system over the years.

The dad and mom intend to present their daughter as a dowry so that she will be able to turn out to be self-sufficient within the new place.

Unfortunately, all instances are taken by the groom’s household, earlier, it was a voluntary choice of the bride’s dad and mom, and it has to turn out responsibility for them today.

There have been many examples of spiritual and emotionally difficult brides, not bringing sufficient dowry.

In many instances, the bride turns away from her household to satisfy the in-laws, whereas others lay down their lives to finish the suffering.

The time has come that the Government of India ought to take strict steps to stop this malpractice.

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Essay on Dowry System 300 words:

The dowry system involves giving the groom’s family money and a few items for the bribe household, it is convicted by society.

Benefits of the dowry system:

Many couples desire to stay independently, and it’s mentioned that the dowry, which consists principally of money, furnishings, automobiles, and different such belongings, acts as a financial contribution for them and permits them to stay on an excellent association.

As each, the bride and groom have begun their careers and are financially not so wholesome that they cannot afford such an enormous expense collectively.

Each household ought to spend money on settling them as an alternative to placing the full burden on the bride’s family.

Besides, it ought to be good if households can supply monetary help to newlyweds without being in debt or decreasing their way of life.

Many additionally argue that ladies who don’t look good can discover the groom by assembly subsequent monetary calls.

Unlucky ladies are seen as a burden, and marrying them as they enter their twenties is the superiority of their dad and mom who’re prepared to do something for a similar.

Providing substantial dowry in such instances works, and this unhealthy apply to be a boon for many who are capable of purchase (groom) for his or her daughters.

However, it’s time for such a Mind-set to get replaced; the supporters of dowry giving large quantities of items to the groom’s family for his household enhances the bride’s standing within the family.

However, statistics present that typically it works in opposition to ladies.


Supporters of the dowry system might provide you with numerous inappropriate causes to assist the operation; however, the truth stays that it does extra hurt to society to be completed.

Essay on Dowry System

Dowry System Essay 400 words:

The dowry system started as a civilized applies to assist ladies financially, as they steady evil in a brand new section of their lives.

Just like little one marriage, caste system, and gender inequality, dowry can be one of many unhealthy social methods, which must be eliminated to accompaniment society.

However, sadly regardless of the efforts made by the federal government in addition to numerous social teams, this heinous system remains to be part of society.

Even after making dowry a punishable offense and we need to spread awareness about the results of this system by several campaigns.

Here are among the predominant the explanation of why the dowry system stays intact regardless of public condemnation:

In the identity of custom, the method of the bride’s household gifting the groom and his family as jewelry, money, garments, property, furnishings, and the different properties has been prevalent for many years.

It has been named practice in numerous components of the nation, and when the event is as sacred as marriage, folks can’t dare to disregard any custom.

In most instances, individuals are following it, although it’s a burden to the bride’s household.

For some, the dowry system is extra of a standing image.

The bigger the automobile they supply and the extra cash they provide to the groom’s household, the additional it will increase the standing of each family.

Therefore, they cannot afford many households to hold out the magnificent works of marriage and provides many items to the groom.

It has to turn out to be extra of a contest today. Also, read Dowry System Essay 500 words.

While the federal government has made dowry a punishable offense, the legislation has not been strictly enforced.

There is not any restriction on the change of items and dowry given throughout marriage.

Apart from these, gender inequality and illiteracy are additionally the main contributors to this heinous social system.


It is depressed that even after understanding the in poor health results of the dowry system in India, folks proceed to apply it.

It is time that the folks of the nation ought to be a part of arms to eradicate this problem.

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Essay on Dowry System in India 500 words:

The dowry system has been prevalent in our society in addition to lots of different cultures around the world.

While it started as serving to daughters to turn out to be self-sufficient and financially impartial once they moved to new locations over time, it became a terrible apply that as an alternative of empowering girls turned in opposition to them.

Dowry is a Curse for Society:

The apple of gifting dowry, groom, and bride’s household within the type of money, property by the bride’s family, can indeed be mentioned to be a curse for society, particularly for ladies.

This has given rise to many crimes in opposition to girls. This system has a take a look at numerous troubles for the bride and her members of the family:

The financial burden on the household the dad and mom of a lady little one begin saving for her solely after she is born.

They preserve their years of saving for the marriage. As a result, they are answerable for the feast, from ornament to catering.

And if this was not sufficient, they’re required to present vast quantities of items to the groom, his household, in addition to his families.

Some people borrow cash from their relatives and associates, whereas others borrow from the financial institution to satisfy demands.

The way of life lowers the bride’s dad and mom spend a lot on their daughter’s marriage ceremony that always their way of life is decreased.

Many people stay in obligation and spend the remainder of their lives repaying it.

Corruption offers rise to dowry, and organizing an honest sufficient marriage ceremony is one thing that can’t be prevented.

They are required to build up funds for a similar factor, which permits them to conduct specific enterprise actions in any scenario and to utilize corrupt means similar to taking bribes, taxing, or using unfair means.

Emotional stresses for the girl-in-laws typically evaluate the items introduced by her daughter-in-law to different areas around her and make sarcastic remarks, which make her endure.

Girls typically really feel emotionally confused and, likewise, undergo some depression.

Physical abuse, whereas some in-laws make it a behavior to ridicule with their daughter-in-law and go away with no alternative to humiliate and do unhealthy issues to others.

Many girls have been killed and burnt as a result of a lack of ability to satisfy the massive demand for dowry. Also, read Dowry System Essay 600 words.

Female Feticide:

A lady is seen as a burden to the household; it is the dowry systems that have given rise to female feticide.

Female feticide is miscarried by many {couples}. Child abuse instances are additionally widespread in India.


The dowry system is firmly predestined. The authorities have additionally handed laws making dowry a punishable offense;

However, the application remains to be prevalent in most components of the nation that struggling the growth for women and their households.

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Dowry System Essay 600 words:

Dowry has been a significant part of Indian society. In many components, it’s thought-about characteristic in tradition and has to turn out to be extra of a ceremonial.

This inappropriate customs of gifting costly items, money, etc.

They refer to the bride’s dad, and mom throughout their marriage started as an approach of empowering girls, as they started their new lives in a new place.

Initially, money, jewelry, and different items got to the bride.

However, the sole function of the system deviated over a time frame, and the details at the moment are given to the groom, his dad, mom, relatives.

The jewellery, money and different gadgets are given to the bride have additionally been saved securely by her in-laws.

Many elements like illiteracy, gender inequality, and lack of strict legal guidelines have given rise to this system.

Laws in Opposition to Dowry:

Dowry is likely one of the most heinous social methods in Indian society.

It has additionally led to many points like female feticide, abandonment of ladies, financial issues within the woman’s household, the improper technique of income cash, emotional, and bodily abuse of daughter-in-law.

To curb this problem, the federal government has enacted legal guidelines making dowry a punishable act.

Here is an in-depth take a look at these legal guidelines:

The Dowry Prohibition Act, 1961:

Through this act, an authorized system was applied to observe the giving and taking of dowry.

According to the act, fines are imposed within the occasion of a dowry change.

The punishment features a minimum of 5 years imprisonment and a dowry quantity based mostly on a minimal superb of Rs 15,000 or whichever is greater.

The demand for dowry is equally punishable.

Any direct or oblique demand for dowry can result in 6 months imprisonment and a superb of INR 10,000. Also, read the dowry system essay faq.

Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005:

Many girls are tortured emotionally for not assembly their in-laws’ dowry.

This legislation has been endorsed to empower girls in opposition to such abuse; it protects girls from home violence.

All types of abuse, together with bodily, emotional, verbal, financial, and sexual, are punishable underneath this law.

Different varieties of punishment and the harshness of damage differ.

Possible Methods to Eliminate Dowry:

Despite the legislation being applied by the federal government, the dowry system, however, has a robust maintain in society.

Here are some treatments to eliminate this problem:

Lack of schooling is likely one of the predominant contributors to social practices like dowry, caste system, and labor.

People ought to be educated to advertise logical and correct considering in order that such evil practices could be instilled.

Instead of looking for a well-settled groom for his or her daughters and investing all their financial savings in marriage, people ought to spend on later schooling and make them self-reliant.

Women ought to proceed to work even after their marriage and focus their energies on productive issues reasonably than yielding to the sarcastic remarks of the in-laws.

Women also need to be made conscious of their rights and the way they can be utilized to guard themselves against any type of abuse.

Gender equality is likely one of the predominant causes of dowry apply.

From a really young age, youngsters ought to be taught that each woman and men have equal rights and usually are not superior/inferior to one another.

In addition, campaigns ought to be made to sensitize the difficulty, and the legal guidelines laid down by the federal government ought to be made extra stringent.

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Dowry is the reason for struggling the woman from her household; to eliminate this problem, ought to be taken severely included in the system.

The authorities and most people should be a part of erasing this method.

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