My Best Friend Essay

In this My Best Friend Essay, we had described Friendship is the most precious gift of life, indeed an asset in life, it gives us the strength to fight!

A person who has a true friend in life is lucky, it makes our life full of sweetness and pleasant experience.

In this article Essay on My Best Friend, we had provided the essays in different word limits, which you can use as per your need:

Short Essay My Best Friend 200 words:

My favourite friend’s name is Vishal. I and my friend go to study together in a school named Adarsh Vidya Mandir.

Vishal is a friend of very big heart like his name, he is always happy and makes me happy too. We both study in the same class.

My friend is very good in great nature. We both eat together in school and also share food.

Vishal is also very clever in studies, he passes the first class every time, at first I was very weak in studies, but since Vishal and my deep friendship have formed, I also pass the first class every time.

My friend also comes to my house sometimes and my parents like him very much. Vishal’s father is a teacher and mother is a housewife.

Essay on My Best Friend 500 words:

I have many good friends but the best friend is Amit, he lives near my house. Amit is from a middle-class family but is very promising and honest.

He always respects the elders, his best habit is that he sleeps early in the night and get up early in the morning to go for a walk together.

He always tells me new stories and jokes, we have a good friend since childhood, if I ever make a mistake, and he forgives me.

Amit’s father is an Engineer & his mother stays at housewife; he has a smiling face, which makes anyone smile, who sees him happy.

Whenever I am in trouble, he always stands with me and plays with me, we both go to the same school to study.

Amit is very intelligent in reading, he comes first in class every time, and he is such a good boy that teachers of our school also praise him.

Whenever I am frustrated, he encourages me and advises never to give up; we both play cricket together in the evening after coming from school.

Amit is very punctual, he never misuses time. Amit brother is a lawyer and he will also want to grow up to become a lawyer, whenever I visit her house she gives me a lot of affection.

Amit has a younger sister, who studies in class 3. She is just like my sister and I love her very much. She also ties me a rakhi on every Rakshabandhan.

He plays the cricket game best and goes to play on behalf of the school every time and wins the gold medal.

He is liked by all the students in the school and our teacher’s s also consider his talent as iron.

One day, he made an old man cross the road, he always thinks about the happiness of others.

 He always talks positively, he is so virtuous yet does not boast about anything.

Essay on My Best Friend 1000 Words

Essay on My Best Friend 1000 Words:

My dearest and true friend is Ravi, he is very simple. Ravi always respects elders and talks to them politely.

I have never heard him talk in a loud voice to anyone. I study with him in the same school and we together go to school every day.

First, we visit the temple of Mother Saraswati built in the school and then bow to the teachers.

Ravi’s talking style is so amazing that he talks to everyone so well that everyone loves me.

He never hates anyone, whereas I used to hate him earlier, but now my habit has also changed due to being with Ravi.

Ravi’s father is a doctor in a big hospital in the city. He is very good. Whenever I go to his house, he loves me very much and sometimes takes us to the market.

Ravi’s mother is a teacher, she is a very quiet and humble woman. Whenever I go to Ravi’s house, she always gives me breakfast and also asks about our studies.

Ravi’s grandparents also live with him, he always tells us enlightening stories and also loves us very much.

Ravi also serves his grandparents a lot and obeys every one of his commandments.

Ravi’s grandparents are very good-natured, meeting me makes me feel as if I am meeting my grandparents.

Ravi too wants to grow up and become a big doctor just like his father

Ravi always has a love for everyone, he always helps me. Also, read my best friend essay FAQ.

 At first, I was weak in studies but since Ravi has become my friend, I too pass the first class.

Ravi and my house are in the same locality, so we get up early in the morning and go for a walk in the garden and after coming from school, all of us friends meet and play Kho-Kho, it is our favourite sport.

Every time Ravi comes first in class, Ravi is interested in sports along with being intelligent in studies.

Ravi’s favourite game is chess, whenever a chess game is organized, Ravi always participates in it and wins & always brings up the name of the school.

He always wears clean clothes and we took part in the healthy campaign of India and also cleaned our neighbourhood, for this we were also honoured by the residents of the neighbourhood.

Ravi and I love to participate in cultural events, so we recite poems every year at the school’s annual festival.

Last time I had recited poems on the sun and Ravi on the moon, people are very happy to hear poems for us.

Ravi is in harmony with everyone, he never degrades anyone and does not lie to anyone, and he hates the people who lie.

We both eat food together in school and share it & we never hide anything from each other.

He is always full of confidence, he is very eager to receive new education, he has a different sharp face on his mouth due to which all people love him.

He always serves everyone selflessly, there has never been any selfishness in our friendship and perhaps that is why we are such good friends.

He is my true friend because he did not leave me even in adversity. Also, read my best friend essay Conclusion.

Once upon a time, I became very ill, as soon as he came to know that he ran to serve me, ran to the hospital & he used to call me continuously until I was discharged from the hospital.

Ravi is very fond of painting, as soon as he gets time, he keeps making different kinds of paintings.

One day we were sitting in the garden, then he made a perfect painting of the garden, it was nice.

Whenever he comes to my house, he touches my parent’s feet first and takes blessings, it shows how much he respects and respects the elders.

He always asks my parents about his health, sometimes I get tears in my eyes to see how someone can be so good.

He has always been my inspiration because of that there has been such a big change in my habits today, if it does not happen, then maybe today I would not have been so good.

He is truly my dearest friend as well as a good brother & I am proud that I had a dear friend.

You may have many friends in life, but make friends who will never leave you in any trouble.

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In the end, make good friends, who never hurt or deceive your friends, whether sorrow or happiness always support each other and always help each other. This is the real form of friendship.

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