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In this My Mother Essay, we had discussed a descriptive essay on my mother, the importance of the mother & more much.

If there is anyone in the world whom I can trust in the most in challenging circumstances, despite adverse circumstances, with love, care for me, it is my mother.

Every child has a wonderful emotional attachment to their mother.

I have intentionally used the word “child” here because for your mother you will always be small child, no matter how big, independent or successful you become.

In this article Essay on My Mother, we had provided the various essays with different word limits, which you can use as per your need:

My Mother Essay for UKG 200 words:

My mother has relentless physical stamina for day-to-day household chores.

She takes care of every need of every member of the family, without any physical asset.

Getting up early in the morning, cooking food three times a day, washing clothes are some of her daily engagements which she obediently carries out.

Apart from this, she also provides much needed emotional support to the family.

Sometimes I wonder if this life would not have been easy without my mother.

My mother gives the physical endurance and emotional strength she endures? I got an answer in love!

His driving force is that love for me and other family members.

True, pure, devoted and selfless love. It is only with pure love in her heart that she can conquer all her physical exhaustion and reduce it 24/7.

I was always surprised by the devotion displayed by my mother to my family.

The love he had for me and other family members gives him extraordinary strength in trying times and he becomes courageous.

Short Essay on My Mother 300 words:

Essay on My Mother

My mother is the most important person in my life.

His importance affects everyone else in my life and I know that I cannot live a single moment without his blessings.

My mother’s emotional importance in my life, I think my mother is the most important person in my life.

Without him, I would have been the only animal apart from my mother, who would run from one place to another.

My life is not as easy as it seems, nor would I have been so caring and happy.

The importance of my mother can be ascertained from the various roles she has played in my life.

She is my main advisor; my most dedicated caretaker; and a best friend.

In spite of all this, my mother also provides the necessary emotional support, whenever I go through some of my best times, not so good moments. Also, read my mother essay 1000 words.

My Mother’s Physical Importance in My Life:

It seems that she is still walking with me at every step of my life, as she was when I was a child.

It is hard to imagine waking up early in the morning, without my mother.

Imagining such a scenario also cools my spine and makes me wonder what the day will be like.

I simply cannot imagine a day without my mother, even without her active participation in my everyday affairs. Just her presence and feeling is very important to get me, always.

I have been so dependent on him since childhood that I find it difficult to do my work when he is not around.


There is no contradicting that a mother is the most important person for her child and the mother also shares similar feelings, perhaps more intensely.

Essay on My Mother 500 words:



I have made many friends in my life, but my mother is the one who is closest to my heart.

He stayed with me through the good & bad phase of my life, supporting me whenever the situation demanded it.

We too have had a delightful time together, just like the best friends do.

My Companion in Trouble:

A best friend is who lives with you in happiness and sorrow.

She is someone who never allows you to ask for time and does everything possible to make you comfortable.

For me, I don’t think anyone else is better for this role than my mother.

She is my best companion to date, and we both share a friendly relationship that has successfully stood the test of time.

She knows my secrets intimately and I know that her only true desire is to see me happy.

I have seen times when my so-called best friends left me during troubled times, yet, my mother always stood by me.

He made me happy through illness, sadness, depression, failures and all the wildest fantasies of life.

My mother is the one who drove me into darkness till dawn.

I still have many friends with whom I talk, play or spend time with them, but still, my mother is my best friend and tops the list with the highest marks.

Love to Spend Time Together:

Don’t two best friends like spending time with each other? Why not! How are these best friends?

 I could also say that my mother is my best friend because we like each other’s company.

Sometimes we enjoy being together so much that we hate being interrupted.

In a time when we enjoy the most together, we do not discuss business, but all other worldly issues, such as best friends do.


It is great to have a best friend, but it is fantastic to see your mother as your best friend.

The best part of it is that she never gets bored of your company and even when the two of you are separated, she never misses calling you.

It is a lifelong bond of friendship that I and my mother share; Playing, singing, gossiping and discussing our secrets and we both realize that we have found a friend for life.

My Mother essay 1000 words:

My Mother essay 1000 words

My mother has always been my best teacher who has taught me life skills, social skills, academics, throughout my life.

She was undoubtedly the best teacher I had and also the most honest, as she was always present to teach her valuable lessons.

She can be busy, yet she always has time to guide me through it, whenever I need to or whenever she feels it is necessary.

My mother as my first teacher:

The day I came into this world, she was my best teacher and even after so many years she surprised me with her unmatched teaching skills.

My mother played a teacher a few days after my birth. She was the one who introduced me to the hustle and bustle of the city and the chirping of birds.

Even when I was not able to talk, he did not leave any opportunity for his relatives to meet me.

Thanks to my mother that I started calling her names as soon as I did. Also, read my mother essay conclusion.

My Mother as my Career Counsellor:

With due respect to all my teachers from my school days to college; they were excellent and did a great job in shaping my moral values and career.

They all accompanied me for a certain term, after teaching assigned subjects, after which we moved forward in our lives, but, there is someone who was my best teacher and remains – My Mother.

His advice regarding my career has never failed me and I am glad that I accepted it.

Whenever I faced confusion about my career, she was able to guide me successfully with life and people’s experiences.

Taught me to Walk and Talk:

She was the first to hold my finger and teach me how to walk, plus I spoke my first words after constantly explaining her.

He was the one who taught me to walk when I started crawling after I started walking and taught me to walk.

Walking and talking are the most important skills a child learns in the early years after his birth. However, he is completely dependent on the mother to learn and perfect these skills.

My mother not only helped me with homework and exams when I was a child but also taught me valuable lessons on life, people and relationships.

Everything I do today; the way I meet people; my conduct in society and elsewhere; all reflect his teachings and values. Also, read my mother essay FAQ.

Love for all:

She is a symbol of honesty, truth, and love that she shows to her family as well as others, and it has always inspired me to have those same qualities.

Given the way she cares for family and me, I am also inspired to reflect the same love on others.

Her love is not limited to close family, but she also treats strangers and even animals with kindness.

She is sensible and even considers the feelings of animals. This quality of his always inspired me to treat every living being with love and compassion.

His Driving Force:

The strength with which she contends with the everyday obstacles she and her family face, has always inspired and broadly strengthened me.

From pre-nursery to the present day, my mother has always inspired me to improve, whether in academics or life.

My mother was my inspiration throughout my life and even now she continues in some way, her firm physical tolerance, when she does housework, day and night.

His Inspirational Devotion:

One of the strangest qualities of my mother and any other mother for that matter is selfless love and dedication to her family.

This quality has inspired me to live together as a family with values and needs that can come.

I am inspired to have the same dedication and love for my family and friends.

The way he has dedicated himself to the welfare and well-being of the family is inspiring not only to me but also to other family members.

We are all motivated to move forward in our happenings because always someone cares for us and loves us.

His Inspiring Life:

It will not be wrong if I say that my mother is the inspiration of my life.

She inspires me in every aspect of my life, be it personal, professional or social.

Seeing his character and skills to learn from him, has always inspired me to be like him, which has also been the reason for all my achievements and successes.

Her emotional strength inspired me to remain calm in challenging situations and her persistence inspired me to pursue my dreams forever.

Even her domestic skills inspired me to clean my clothes, polish my shoes, and keep my room clean.

It is not a small thing to be a living inspiration for someone and to do so requires a life full of positivity, enthusiasm and good qualities.

Nevertheless, my mother has achieved it with distinction and she still inspires me.

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Conclusion for My Mother Essay:

The famous quote by an English poet, Rudyard Kipling- “God cannot be everywhere and therefore he created mothers”, best describes the value and status of a mother.

The phrase states that a mother is only equivalent to God, therefore she acquires the same personality and performs the same duties as you would be expected from God.

Every mother in the world deserved an admirable appreciation for her love, dedication and sacrifice for her children and other family members.

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