Essay on My father

My father is the best father of this world, he takes care of all my happiness, since childhood he has loved and cherished me a lot.

My father is very strict for discipline, he always reaches his office on time and does his work with full sincerity.

They have also taught me to be in discipline, that’s why I have become such a good student today, he also takes us on a picnic every month.

Also serves my grandparents and keeps the whole family together in a bond of love, hence he is the best father in the world.

My Father My Hero My Inspiration Essay 250 Words:

My father is a very good-natured person. Every person in the society respects him.

My father is a much disciplined person, he wakes up at 5:00 am and after retiring from his routine, he does yoga and then goes for a run in the garden.

My father has also taught me to be disciplined and respect the elders. He stands with me in every failure and success.

Whenever I get nervous, he makes me excited by telling stories of courageous people and gives me encouragement.

Today that’s why I am the most promising student of my class.

My father is very kind and he always helps others, he works for household expenses and my mother does household work.

My father is a very good person, hence I do not worry about telling the things of the office and take us for a walk in the garden every day.

He fulfills all the needs of our family by laughing.

My father never talks angrily even if I had made a mistake, I love him and sometimes if mother’s health deteriorates, then he also helps her in household work.

He also give time to his parents, ask their well-being and fulfill every wish of theirs. In fact, he is a good man as well as a good father and a good son.

Essay on My Father 350 Words:

My father is a peace loving person with a good personality.

My father is a lawyer who works to provide justice to people this is a very good work, and he always goes to office on time and does his work with full diligence and integrity.

I had also seen many changes in him regarding timr, I also do all my work from time to time.

Whenever I am disappointed or unable to score good in the exam, my father encourages me to increase my confidence.

He shares biographies of great men and also tells me about the events that had taken place his life, so that my self-confidence increases.

He has always been kind-hearted and that is why he help the poor and our neighbors.

My father always speaks the truth and also inspires me to speak the truth because we do not fear anything by speaking the truth.

Whenever I make a mistake, instead of getting angry, he explain me in a peaceful way.

My father obeys every command of his parents, he serve them in the early morning and after returning from office he sit with them and discuss the whole day, which makes my grandparents very happy.

My father loves all of us very much, that’s why he always takes care of our small needs.

He take us on a picnic at the end of the month, on that day we have a lot of fun, this increases our familiarity in life and all the family members understand each other.

My father spends time with all the people along with doing his work, due to which the whole family remains united and there is an atmosphere of happiness.

Essay on My Father

My Father Essay My Role Model:

No other person can struggle in the life as much as a father does. It is the father who forgets all his difficulties and shares happiness in the family.

The father, after facing all his life, nurtures the whole family.

A father fulfills his family responsibilities as well as his moral responsibility.

A father shows himself harsh from outside, but no one can be as kind and good as him. He always thinks of the happiness of the family, ignoring his happiness.

He buys very few items for himself but does not allow any shortage of items for his children and family. There is a father who always performs his duties as a son, a brother and a good spouse.

Importance of Father in life:

My father is the best man in the world, he is a very hard working farmer.

Earlier our family used to be very poor, but my father has increased the financial level of the family by working very hard in the morning and that is why today I am able to get a good education in a good school.

My father could not study more due to the financial condition of his family, but he always wanted me to be a good person by reading and writing.

I have learned the mantra of success from my father. He has taught me to always keep working and not to worry about the fruit.

That is why I study diligently every day, due to which I got first place in the class. He has always taught me to speak the truth and help others because of these qualities of his, I always speak the truth and help my classmates.

My father has taught me how to use money properly because I used to waste money earlier in vain, but after explain by my father, I always uses the money well.

In this essay, we have life of My father works very hard to nurture the family, but he never lets us lack anything.

My father is very tired when he returns home from the farm in the evening, but for our happiness he spends time with us, tells us good instructive stories and also helps us in our reading.

He always share happiness with the family, never tell their problems to us. Seeing this sacrifice of theirs, I am also encouraged to move forward.

He has always taught us to move forward and never let go of our goals by being afraid of difficulties, but by struggling with them.

He is a farmer, so no one can struggle more then him, so I consider him my ideal. Our family is very large, so whenever my father goes to visit his siblings and other relatives he bring gifts and sweets for them, he always believes in sharing happiness.

My father understands his family responsibilities well and goes to work every day, even if he is sick, he never forgets his duty.

I think that no other person can do as much sacrifice and love as much as a father does.

In addition to family duties, my father also plays social duties with full devotion and calls us with all due respect in our society. They also give him equal respect.

He has also taught me to always respect others because they have told that others do the same to us as we do, so one should always help others and respect them.

I love all these things of my father, so I also follow these things in my life, due to which all the teachers of school and my colleagues like me very much.

My father is very patient. Whenever I do any work, I do it very wisely and patiently, that is why they always produce a good crop and succeed in their work. Seeing their ability to work every day gives me a different courage and courage.

My father is a good father as well as a good son, as much as he takes care of us, he takes care of his parents as well.

He take the blessings of his parents as soon as he wake up in the morning and then start work.

In this essay on my father is also a good life partner. He helps my mother in all the work. Whenever my mother’s health is bad, he ask her to rest.

That is why he is the best father in the world, I always follow his teachings that is why I haven’t fail.




Parents are like an old gree, who have seen every joy and every sorrow of life, they have lived every single moment, and they have the ability to understand every good bad person.

As long as the hand of the father is on our forehead we do not need to worry about anything.

They always bear the sorrows themselves and only give us happiness that is why we get so much happiness in life.

We should never forget our father’s struggles and serve him after he grows up and show him to be a good person as well as a good son.

In this essay on my father, We should never forget our parents, because of them, the successes we have achieved today are the result of their struggles and thoughts.

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