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In this Corruption in India essay, we had discussed Corruption in India, its causes & how to stop corruption.

Corruption has become a serious problem in India, nowadays there is no sector in the country where corruption is in control.

It is spread in every corner of the country, which is the biggest drawback in the economic, social development of the country.

However, to end the problem of corruption, the government had demonetization the currency, endorsed many strict rules and regulations against black marketing.

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Corruption in India Essay 1000 words:

Corruption means behaviour that is inappropriate and immoral.

When a person goes against the judicial system for the sake of selfishness and for the benefit of himself or else commits immoral acts for the purpose of harming someone, he is called corruption.

Corruption has completely got its roots in India and now it seems extremely difficult to eliminate it from the country.

Despite the economic and technological development in India. Due to corruption, India is still far behind developed countries.

Corruption has spread every corner of the country i.e. smallest officer, political leaders, evens peoples are also involved in corruption.

In order to fulfil their selfishness, people are scamming aggressively, which is reducing the country’s government revenue and delaying the economic and social development of the country.

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Indian Soal Allocation Scam:

The coal block was allocated erroneously between 2004 and 2009.

According to a CAG report, it caused a huge loss of about Rs 1 lakh 86 a thousand crores to the Government treasury.

2G spectrum Scam:

It was considered to be the largest economic scam in the country. In 2008, the CAG had questioned the allocation of spectrum in one of its reports.

In fact in the 2G spectrum scam, licenses were distributed to companies on first-come and first-served policy rather than auction.

In which, according to the CAG report, the government had to suffer a huge loss of about Rs 1 lakh 76000 crores. In this case, former Union Minister A. Raja was involved. Also, read Corruption in India Essay 500 words.

Waqf Board Land Scam:

Several acres of land were allotted illegally. According to a report, in the last 10 years, the Waqf Board occupied about 22 thousand properties and sold them to private institutions and people, causing a loss of about Rs 2 lakh crore to the government treasury.

Commonwealth Scam:

In 2010, a big scam was done in the Commonwealth Game in Delhi.

According to a report, about 70 thousand crore rupees were spent in Commonwealth Games, while in reality only half of it, and was spent on Commonwealth games and players.

Telgi Scam:

Abdul Karim Telgi, the main accused of the scam, was convicted, and in 2002, the scam came to light.

Actually, Telgi had a license to sell stamp paper, but he used it illegally and unfairly.

He had looting fake stamp paper and selling it to banks and institutions, a scam of around Rs 20,000 crores.

Satyam Scam:

There was a loss of about 14000 thousand crores in this scandal in 2009.

Bofors Scam:

The scandal was revealed in the 1980s and 90s.

In 1986, the Rajiv Gandhi government signed a deal to buy 400 guns.

Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi was also accused in this scam.

In this, a scam of about 100 to 200 crores was done.

Fodder scam:

In 1996, the scam was revealed in which former Bihar Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav was involved, in which a scam of about 900 crores was done.

Apart from this, many other scams have been done, due to which the country has suffered financially.

It is because of these scams and corruption that problems like poverty, hunger are being born in our country today. Also, read Corruption in India Essay in 300 words.

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Main Causes of Corruption:

In this modern age, everyone wants to live a life of ash, comfort and happiness.

While at times, to get these facilities, a sense of greed develops in the human being and they start doing wrong things which are like corruption. Causes of Corruption as follows:

  • Man’s attraction to material pleasures.
  • Increased man’s greedy and selfish tendencies.
  • Human desires increase.
  • The habit of living a happy and relaxed life.
  • Increasing corruption due to false charades and reputation.
  • Fall of moral values.
  • Giving more value to money.
  • The desire for a higher position and prestige on the strength of money
  • The desire to earn more money without working hard.
  • To gain a false social reputation.
  • Strict rules against corruption are not to be made.
  • Poverty, unemployment and increasing starvation.
  • Increase in population is also encouraging corruption.
  • Lack of patriotism.
  • The decline in human emotions and feelings.
  • Corruption is increasing due to the feeling of economic inequality among the people in society.
  • Increasing corruption in the race to move quickly.
  • Increasing corruption due to earning more profit.

Apart from this, there are many other reasons for increasing corruption, due to which its herbs are excavating.

On the other hand, to eliminate the problem of corruption, everybody has to fight together and improve their greedy nature, then control over it can be achieved. Also, read Corruption in India Essay FAQ.

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How to Stop Corruption:

To end the problem of corruption in our country, we all must cooperate together, because the problem of corruption starts from one person in society and spreads throughout society.

Governments also take appropriate steps, after which the system works fine for a few days, but then later this problem starts to flourish due to man’s greedy tendency and longing to get materialistic pleasure.

To eliminate from the root, we are telling you some measures which are as follows:

  1. To encourage and reward honest people.
  2. Developing a sense of respect for moral values.
  3. The need for sacrifice, hard self-control and self-reliance.
  4. The habit of living with the truth.
  5. The habit of living in fewer amenities.
  6. There is a need to eliminate economic inequality.
  7. Employees should be paid well.
  8. Employment opportunities should be increased.
  9. Control tax in population growth.
  10. CCTV cameras should be installed in every department and offices.
  11. Strict rules should be made against corruption.
  12. Raise your voice against corruption.
  13. By prohibiting black marketing and adulteration.
  14. By making strict rules towards black money.


The problem of corruption is constantly increasing, which is causing great harm to the economic and social development of the country.

Due to corruption, not only the morality and talent of our country is being violated, but also human sensibilities are being destroyed, which needs to be checked as soon as possible.

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What is corruption?
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Essay on Corruption in India 500 words:

Corruption is becoming a huge problem, due to which the country is not developing economically. Honest and talented people are not getting a chance to move forward.

Today, corruption has got its roots deep in every field, which is now very difficult to remove. If corruption increases, then there can be a lot of crisis for the country in the coming days.

Meaning of Corruption:

Corruption is made up of two words – Corrupt + Ethics. Corrupt means bad and Ethics mean behaviour.

Corrupted behaviour is called corruption, i.e. those who use their position and power in an immoral way to fulfil their desires, they are called corrupt.

At the same time, the number of corrupt people is increasing continuously in the country.

Today people in every field are using their money or their feelings unfairly for their benefit, which is causing corruption.

Effects of Corruption:

Corruption is taking place in every area, due to which the national character is being violated, along with it the country should not develop economically.

Poor and honest people are suffering due to the problem of ever-increasing corruption. Corruption is affecting the country and people in many ways. Some of the effects of corruption are described below:

  • The national, social and economic development of the country is being delayed.
  • The general public of the country is not getting proper benefits.
  • The problem of unemployment is taking a terrible form.
  • Poverty and starvation are increasing.
  • Inequality is being developed.
  • Real talent is being violated.
  • The graph of suicides is progressively increasing.
  • Adulterated goods are available in the market.
  • The number of inducements is increasing.
  • People are being exploited in the name of faith, religion and faith.
  • National character is being violated.
  • The needy and poor are not getting the benefit of government schemes.

Influence of Corruption:

  • Corruption is causing serious problems like poverty and hunger in the country, true talent is being destroyed, corrupt people are moving forward.
  • Moral values of human being are being disrupted.
  • The country is suffering financially.
  • Human sensations are coming to an end.
  • People are playing violently with other’s health and its progress and development for their own benefit.
  • The corruption is having a direct impact on the development of the country and the individual.


Corruption is a problem that needs to be overcome as soon as possible, because not only is our country financially lagging behind, it is also degrading the moral values of the country and promoting inhuman acts.

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Corruption in India Essay 300 words:

Corruption has become the biggest problem in the country. Due to which the moral and social values of the country are being grossly violated, along with the reputation of the country are also being tarnished.

The biggest loss due to corruption is being done to the honest and truthful people of the country and hurting their sentiments, who want to pursue the right path on the strength of their talent.

The main reason for Corruption:

The increasing greed and excessively selfish tendency of man are promoting corruption.

Today people are wrongly hurting true people and are using their money in an immoral way in seeking to enjoy their material comforts.

Because of this, the problem of corruption is continuously spreading in the country.

Apart from this, people are wrongly earning money for their false reputation and appearance, which is leading to corruption.

Whether it is in the field of education, sports, recreation or any other field, from the smallest employees to the topmost officials in every field are also surrounded by allegations of corruption, people are wrongly seeking more money.

Are using their position and power, which is violating moral values.

How will control on Corruption:

  • Inspire honest people.
  • Emphasis should be given on the importance of moral values.
  • Educate more and more people.
  • Stringent rules against corruption by making laws.
  • Remove inequality in society.
  • Sacrifice and self-control.

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Corruption in India is a need to curb corruption as soon as possible otherwise, our country will become financially weak and the country’s development will stop and crimes will get promoted.

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