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In this Corruption Essay, we had described corruption in simple words, types and causes of corruption & solution of corruption.

Corruption is the immoral act done by a group of people who use the power or status or authority to gain personal benefits; it is a social issue that adversely affects the economic growth of the nation.

It is the use of immoral procedures by others to achieve some benefits, and it has become significant factors obstructing the development of the individual and the country.

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Essay on Corruption 100 words:

Corruption is a poison that spreads in the minds of people in the society, community, and country.

It is the misbehaviour of the individual or group of individuals to obtain some unfair advantage to satisfy the small desires.

It deals with the unnecessary and improper use of both power and position by someone in government or non-government organisations.

As it affected the development of the individual and nation, it is a significant cause of disparities in society and the community.

It affects the growth and development of the nation in all aspects, socially, economically, and politically.

Corruption Essay 150 words:

Essay on corruption

Corruption is the misuse of public property, status, power, and authority to fulfil the selfish motives and to gain personal satisfaction.

It is the misuse of authority for the personal benefit of an individual or group & it is an improper use of public power for some private benefit by breaking specific rules and laws made by the government.

Nowadays, it has spread deeply in society, and it is like cancer that, once produced, cannot be removed without medication and continues to spread its roots regularly.

A common form of corruption in our country is to obtain cash through online transfer or in the form of expensive gifts etc.

Some people wrongly use someone’s money for themselves. Some people recruited in government, or non-government offices, indulge the corruption and can do anything to fulfil their dreams.

Essay on Corruption 200 words:

We are aware of the effects of corruption, and this is not a new phenomenon in our country, it has taken its roots in people’s minds.

It is a widespread poison in society since ancient times, i.e., Mughal and Sultanate times.

Also, reaching its new height & affected people’s minds to a great extent, and it has become so common that some selfish people can play with public life.

It is a type of greed that corrupts the human mind and destroys one’s humanity and genuineness.

Corruption has numerous types, and it has spread in every filed like education, sports, sports, politics, etc. Due to fraud, the person does not understand their responsibilities at the workplace.

It has occupied roots in both developing and developed countries. We need to fight against corruption in our society and country to get real freedom from slavery.

We all need to be loyal to our responsibilities and strict for any greed.

essay on corruption

Corruption Essay 250 words:

Nowadays, corruption is everywhere in a society like an infectious disease.

Great leaders of India had fought their entire lives against corruption and other social issues from society.

It is a very embarrassing situation for us that even after losing many great lives, we are not able to understand our real responsibilities.

Corruption has spread in the politics, central governments, state governments, businesses, industries, etc. of the general public sector & it has left no field.

Due to the continuous increase in people’s hunger for wealth, power, position, and luxury, corruption is increasing day by day rather than reduced or stagnant.

We have forgotten the real responsibility of being human just because of money & need to understand that money is not everything, and it is not a static thing.

We cannot keep it forever; it can only give us greed and corruption.

Also, we should give importance to life based on morality and not life-based on wealth.

We indeed need a lot of money to live a healthy life, but it is not true that just for our selfishness and greed, we should play with one’s life in some wrong ways.

Essay on Corruption 300 words:

Corruption is a terrible thing; obstructs the personal development, growth and development of society in the country.

It is a social evil that is playing with the human body & mind socially, economically, and intellectually.

It is frequently deepening its roots due to an increase in human greed towards paying bribes, power, and status.

Corruption is the misuse of the natural, public resources, power by any individual to achieve his welfare.

According to sources, India ranks three among the most corrupt countries, corrupt practices in the fields of civil service, politics, business, and other illegal sectors.

India is a country known for its democracy, but corruption disturbs its democratic system.

Political corruption is responsible for all types of corruption in the country.

We had nominated our leaders and predict them to lead our country in the right direction. Primarily, they make a lot of promises, but after voting, they forget and get involved in corruption.

Also, ensure that the country will be free from corruption, and our political leaders are free from greed. They will use their power, wealth, status, and position to take the country in the right direction, not for their luxury and personal desires.

We should choose sincere and trustworthy leaders to lead our India like our first Indian leaders like Lal Bahadur Shastri, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel, etc., such political leaders can reduced corruption from India.

The youth of the country should also be aware of all the causes of corruption and should unite in the group to solve it.

Some significant steps must be taken seriously to control the rising level of corruption.


Corruption Essay 400 words:

Corruption is a highly contagious social disease that has spread its roots in the minds of evil people, No one was born to do such immoral activities in society, but some adverse conditions of his life compelled him to do so.

Gradually they become familiar with all these evil activities. However, people suffering from any problem or disease should be patient, must have faith in themselves and never do anything wrong in life.

As such, a negative step of someone can harm the lives of many people.

We are not the same entity on this earth; there are many like us, so we should think a little about others and live life with happiness and peace with positive thoughts.

Nowadays, poor people have been given a lot of benefits by Government officials to bring social awareness to ordinary people as well as to bring equality in a society based on various rules and regulations.

However, the poor people are not getting the benefit of those benefits given by the government, as many officials are secretly corruption among the channels before reaching the poor people.

They are anti-corruption committee against the law to fill their pockets with money.

There are many reasons for corruption in society. Nowadays, political leaders are creating assurance programs and policies rather than nation oriented programs and policies.

They want to become famous politicians to serve their interests rather than just the interests and needs of the citizens.

The level of change in the value system in the human mind has increased, and at the same time, the moral qualities of humans are decreasing.

The level of trust and honesty is decreasing, which gives rise to corruption.

As tolerance for corruption increases, the number of ordinary people is increasing. The society lacks a robust public platform to resist corruption, widespread illiterate in rural areas, poor economic infrastructure, etc. are the cause of endemic corruption in public life.

The low salary norms of government employees lead them to the channel of corruption. The complex laws and procedures of the government distract ordinary people from getting any assistance from the government.

At the time of the election, corruption becomes at its peak, political parties always support poor and illiterate people during their election by showing big dreams in the future, but nothing happens after victory.

Essay on Corruption 500 words:

Corruption has spread like a disease throughout India as well as abroad. It has become one of the fastest-growing social issues in Indian society. It usually begins and promoted by aggressive leaders.

They will never think about the benefits of the nation and do not harm the country through their corruption, even for their small gains.

Also sells the wealth of their country in the wrong hands and spread misconceptions about India in the minds of people living in other countries.

They are spoiling India’s old traditions and cultures for their benefits.

Nowadays, people who are working in the right direction using the correct principles considered foolish in modern society, and those who are doing the wrong things and making false promises are good for society.

However, in turn, corrupt people indeed cheat ordinary and innocent people. They rule the minds of innocent people.

In India, corruption increases day by day because there is a secure connection between the officials, politicians, and criminals who are making this country weaker and weaker.

India got independence in the year 1947, and it was gradually strengthening and developing, but in the meantime, the disease of corruption started and stopped India from moving forward.

There is a trend in India to pay and receive some money to get work done in government offices or private sector offices.

Now the condition is getting worse and worse, as before, money h paid for doing work, but currently, money is paid for doing the incorrect job and at the right time.

Even after giving full money as per demand, there is no complete confidence of work on time and in the right manner, and peoples are engaged in corruption in every department.

Everything has become a business and a source of making money in the wrong way.

Educational institutions are also involved in corruption, and they only give seats to students who have paid, whether they are students with good marks or not.

Students are given admission to the top colleges and universities based on corruption, and the topper student gets only difficulties in life even after scoring good marks.

Now private sector companies have become much better than government jobs. Private companies are hiring based on the candidate’s skills, ability, technical knowledge, a good percentage of marks, and all academic records.

However, getting a job in government offices has become complicated as they need a lot of bribe for any position (high level or low level) like teaching, clerk, nurse, doctor, sweeper, etc.

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Corruption means corrupt + ethics; Corrupt means bad or impaired and conduct means conduct.

That is, corruption literally means conduct that is in any way immoral and unfair.

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