Terrorism Essay in English — 1500 Words Essays [Top 3]

Terrorism Essay in English

Terrorism Essay

In numerous schools, students are asked to write an Essay on Terrorism.

Today, the way terrorism is spreading its roots all over the world has become a burning issue in the whole world.

If awareness is not spread among the people about terrorism and strict steps are not taken to overcome it.

To develop children’s understanding of the extreme issues like terrorism, we are provided with an essay on terrorism in this article on different word limits, which you can use as per your need:

Terrorism Essay in 300 words:

The problem of terrorism has now spread globally, due to which many illegal, inhuman and violent acts are being born.

Due to which the public is scared, then instead of overcoming it, many politicians, and using for their vote bank politics.

Promoting issues of caste, religion and communalism which are giving rise to terrorism, while increasing population and unemployment also leads to terrorism.

Terrorism Meaning:

Terrorism is the act of creating fear in the common people through violent acts.

Terrorism is the main motive for illegally persuading the government to make inappropriate talk, promote social violence or create fear in the government and general public for political purposes.

Or in other words, terrorism is a kind of environment under which people resort to violence to fulfil their religious, political and economic needs.

At the same time, terrorists are those who support inhuman, violent activities and intimidate people by their acts. Also, read terrorism essay 750 words.

Let us tell you that terrorists have no caste, no religion, nor do they have any country.

Terrorists, just to promote violent activities, brutally kill innocent children, innocent women, innocent old men and young people, and create an atmosphere of seclusion in the country.

At the same time, whichever officer dares to take action against terrorism, the terrorists violently remove him from his path or take his life.

So, no one can raise their voice in fear of them and silently bear the atrocities of the terrorists.

Terrorist organizations make their hideout in secret places so that no can kill them at their hideout and they can secretly prepare to carry out their inhuman acts.

Our governments are constantly trying to eradicate terrorism.

Tight security arrangements are being made, but despite all this, terrorism, like an infectious disease, is spreading rapidly all over the world.

Not only this, many such innocent and ordinary people are being prepared to be terrorized by many terrorist organizations and to pressurize them to commit violent acts.

At the same time, if terrorism continues in this way, then it can pose a big threat to the coming generations, so all of us should unite and take steps against it and give up our greedy tendencies.

We should not get into the talk of people who the greed forces you to commit many violent activities including rioting – violence, only then terrorism can be controlled.

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Essay on terrorism in English 500 words:

The way terrorism is creating fear among people, it is quite dangerous. Now bomb blast, kidnapping, rioting incidents have become common.

Many terrorist organizations promoting terrorism have also become active and are forcing ordinary people to become terrorists as well.

Therefore, everyone must know its causes, side effects and measures to prevent it.

Causes of Terrorism:

  • To pollute politics of caste and religion.
  • To carry out violent activities aimed at promoting religion.
  • Increasing population
  • Poverty
  • Illiteracy
  • Maladjustment
  • Social, political system
  • Corruption
  • Economic disparity
  • Casteism
  • Economic disharmony
  • Many destructive weapons including guns, cannons, hydrogen bombs, machine guns, nuclear weapons, atom bombs, missiles. Also, read terrorism essay Conclusion.

Effects of terrorism:

Terrorism has the wrong effect on the development and economy of any country.

Terrorism causes the most damage to common citizens of any country, and many innocent people and innocent children fall prey to it.

Terrorism creates a sense of fear among the people and develops a feeling of insecurity among the people.

Terrorism is such a burning issue that the government of any country can be brought down.

In the face of terrorism, the foundation of the government of any country is weakened, due to which the trust of the people from the government is lost.

Terrorist attacks cause property damage worth crores of rupees.

The bad effects of rising terrorism are increasing in today’s young generation, which is creating many new terrorists.

Measures to Overcome Terrorism:

  1. Need to promote education.
  2. The government should take strict steps against terrorism.
  3. Need to solve the problem of poverty
  4. Also, need to strengthen Border Security Force
  5. Essential to end casteism from the root
  6. Employment opportunities should be increased
  7. Need to develop a sense of national unity
  8. Religion has to be understood correctly.
  9. Economic inequality has to be eliminated.
  10. The corrupt politics of caste, religion has to be eradicated.


To eliminate terrorism from the root of casteism, unemployment, poverty, illiteracy including striving to remove social evils, social change will have to be overcome, only then the problem of increasing terrorism can be overcome.

Terrorism Essay in India 750 words:

The issue of terrorism has become the most serious issue today, due to which the pace of development of the country and the world has slowed down.

It is having the wrong effect in the heart and mind of man and it is creating an atmosphere of fear all over the world.

Terrorists are killing not only innocent people and innocent people based on destructive weapons, but also destroying many parts of the world.

At the same time, terrorism has grown rapidly in India in the last few years.

Many forms of terrorism:

Terrorism is spreading in many forms throughout the world today, such as criminal terrorism, communal terrorism and political terrorism etc.

Communal terrorism is born out of a fanatically religious, narrow-minded and petty mentality.

People with such an ideology often feel uncomfortable with other religions and do not like to tolerate people who do not believe in their religion.

Not only this, we try to create separate states in the name of religion and spread hatred towards other religions.

They propagate that religion in a wrong way or force people of other religion to adopt their religion.

Thus the spirit of religious communalism gives rise to terrorism on a large scale.

At the same time, inside criminal terrorism, many greedy people demand money by kidnapping, stealing, robbery etc. to meet their needs illegally.

Whereas under political terrorism, some people do politics of caste-religion etc. to vote for the people in their bag and to fulfil their selfishness and create fear in the public.

Along with this, some greedy people get rioted by giving money greed, due to which the unity of the country is weakened and at the same time.

The economy of the country is also affected and terrorism is promoted. Also, read terrorism essay FAQ.

The problem of terrorism in India:

The way terrorism is growing rapidly in India is not only having a profound impact on the country’s economy but is also stopping the development of the country.

The division of nations based on religion, caste, community, etc. had created a sense of violence, hatred, separatist, terrorism etc.

Within the people, due to which, even after so many years of independence, the hatred of the people did not end and terrorism created a Took a big form.

The British rulers divide, despite the policy of rule, the level of terrorism in India has increased.

Apart from this, after the partition of India including Bangladesh and Pakistan including Nagaland.

Many new terrorists were also born to join Kashmir in Pakistan, which is increasing terror in India by many inhuman malpractices and in the minds of people are causing fear.

To create an atmosphere of fear in the Indian public including harming India and occupying many states including Jammu and Kashmir, many such terrorist attacks are conducted, which kill many innocent and innocent people of the country.

At the same time, Indian soldiers including Indian security forces are also attacked to break the security of India.

Due to which Indian soldiers deployed on many borders are martyred while fighting.

Apart from this, many violent and inhuman activities including bomb blasts are carried out by terrorists in many public places of India.

At the same time, the root cause of terrorism in India is increasing population, poverty, illiteracy, starvation inequality and unemployment.

At the same time, many big terrorist organizations like Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Taiba, ULFA, Taliban, ISIS etc. are active in India.

These organizations are joining the organization by giving money to the unemployed and poor people of India, thereby making India Terrorism is being encouraged in

At the same time, terrorism in India was earlier limited to only a few areas such as Jammu and Kashmir.

But terrorism has spread much in India in the last few years.

Major examples are 26/11 Mumbai terror attack, Jaipur blast, Mumbai train blast, Delhi serial bomb blast, 1993 Mumbai serial blast, Coimbatore blast, and attack on Indian Parliament etc.

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Terrorism Essay FAQ:

What is terrorism in simple words?

Terrorism refers to violent acts aimed at creating fear.

What are the 5 types of terrorism?

Types of terrorism are kidnappings, bombings, murders, armed attacks and barricade-hostage incidents.

What are the impacts of terrorism?

Terrorist activities can have negative effects on the economy.

How many countries are affected by terrorism?

106 countries experienced at least one terrorist attack.

Terrorism Essay Conclusion:

The way terrorism is spreading its roots all over the world, it is a matter of grave concern. If it is not controlled soon, it can pose a great threat to the coming generation.

Therefore, we all need to work unitedly to eliminate the problem of terrorism.


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