Mob Lynching Essay

The increasing incidence of Mob Lynching in the last few years has created an atmosphere of fear among socially and economically exploited sections and marginalized communities.

It may be noted that since the year 2015, NCRB has also not compiled statistics related to lynching cases. In this situation, NCRB said that the data presented by the states regarding mob lynching was ‘unbelievable’.

However, the data collected by various independent organizations regarding mob lynching is shocking.

In the year 2018, the Supreme Court while addressing lynching as ‘a horrific act of mobocracy’, gave directions to the Central Government and the State Governments to make laws.

Although, various conditions have not paid attention and incidents of lynching are increasing continuously.

Essay on Mob Lynching:

Human is a social animal and lives in a group, it has always been a major feature of human which makes him feel safe.

But the way groups are turning into a hyperactive crowd today, the sense of security rather less fear is being imparted within us.

The crowd is building a different system for itself, in easy language we can also call the mobocracy.

The frequent killings at the hands of the mob is becoming a matter of concern in the country, each and every day, someone is falling prey to a violent mob.

Recently the Supreme Court condemned the violent incidents being carried out by the mob across the country issued guidelines to the Central and State Governments.

Also asked the Parliament to make a strong law in this regard.

The Supreme Court has sought a report on this issue from the central and state governments in 4 weeks.

In the last two months, 17 people have been murdered by a violent mob whereas since May last year, 28 people have lost their lives due to violent rumors due to rumors spread on WhatsApp.

mob lynching essay

What is Mob Lynching?

When a convict is punished by a rowdy mob for committing a crime or sometimes on the basis of rumors without committing a crime or is beaten to death, it is called mob violence.

In this way, the violence perpetrated by the mob always contains a message which is transmitted by the mob to the society such violence does not follow any legal process or principle.

Why these events happen?

There is a deep gap of mistrust between the majority and minority communities, which always incites one to look at each other with suspicion and when used, they use the mob to avenge each other.

Anger prevalent in society also acts as a catalyst in it, irrespective of which form of anger, this anger can also be about the governance system, judicial system or security which eventually comes out as a rampaging mob.

Politics is also the main cause of violent mob, sometimes violence sponsored in the name of vote bank or violence in the name of religion, gives political parties a wide background for politics.

Directions of the Supreme Court- Mob Lynching Essay:

Recently, the Supreme Court has given directions to stop the increasing incidents of mob lynching in the country.

The Court has asked Parliament to enact a new and stricter law against mob lynching.

The court said in this regard, ‘No citizen can become a law in his own right.

At the same time, the court gave strict orders to the state governments to act in accordance with the constitution.

The court directed the government not to ignore these rising incidents, also further said that states need to maintain peace.

Preventive, remedial and punitive measures have been prescribed for these incidents.

Other suggestions related to this include the appointment of Nodal Officer, Trial in Fast Track Court and steps such as appointment of Superintendent of Police level inquiry officers.

In this guideline, the Supreme Court has also directed the government to monitor social media on inflammatory speeches, messages and videos, etc.

Whereas in a case earlier, the court had commented on the government becoming the surveillance state.

Directing the Center and the states, the Supreme Court said that the varied aspect should be protected.

The court ordered the state governments to implement the guidelines to stop lynching’s within four weeks.

There is no clear reference to action against incidents like lynching in the Indian Penal Code and they are sections 302 (murder), 307 (attempt to murder), 323 (intentionally injuring), 147-148 (rioting), 149 (to be assembled against the order) and only under Section 34 (general intent).

Sections 302 and 149 of the IPC are read together on the killing of a mob by a mob and similarly sections 307 and 149 are read together on the attempt to murder someone by a mob and action is taken under it.

Section 223A of the Criminal Penal Code also talks about the use of appropriate legislation for such a crime, nothing has been clearly stated in the CRPC.

The nature and incentives of mob violence are different from those of general murder, but there is no separate law for this in India.

Need for a New Law:

There are enough laws in the country, but non-adherence to those laws has seen an increase in crimes.

Laws are not being implemented properly, the administration is responsible for implementing the law, but due to the negligence at the executive level, it does not yield the expected result.

Due to political interference and the current trend of elevating criminals, the morale of the people involved in such incidents increases, so the introduction of new law will establish the fear of the law in the minds of those involved in these incidents.

Law enforcement mechanisms lack the requisite dedication and business efficiency.

Earlier criminals were helpless to such an extent that they could not muster courage to commit crime again, but now it is not seen in administrative department.

According to current social conditions and time, there is a need to amend existing laws or new laws.

Measures to Prevent Mob Lynching:

  1. Laws should be followed in a sincere manner, to prevent such incidents, quick steps should be taken by taking initial steps.
  2. Criminals should be ensured the strictest punishment by not providing political support to them.
  3. Implementation of preventive measures is not possible in every situation, so the police should be allowed to take appropriate steps in such a situation.
  4. The technical and skill of police forces should be upgraded, as well as the number of police forces should also be increased.
  5. Expert legalists should be arranged so that criminals do not escape by taking advantage of the shortcomings of the law.
  6. Rumors spread by social media contribute the most to such incidents, which play a big role in gathering the crowd, so there is a dire need to rein in them.



Conclusion for Mob Lynching Essay:

Till now, common murder and mob killing are considered to be the same by law, these two have to be defined by law separately.

The murders committed by the mob will have to be identified and then ratified by a dowry prevention act and strict and effective law like Posco.

The spread of social media and the Internet has seen a spurt in the spread of rumors in India, making the problem even more serious.

According to a research, 40 percent of educated youth also do not test the truth of the news and forward it, there is a need for wide awareness in this context.

In recent times, many human beings have been killed one by one by a rioting mob, it is a system which has neither ideology nor any concern.

This can be solved not only as a law and order problem but also by resolving the discrepancies created in the society.

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