Gender Equality Essay

Gender equality basically means equality for men and women, politically, economically, in every aspect of life in health, education etc.

While the laws of independent India are strong for giving security disposables to women, it is unfortunate that gender equality is still an issue.

Humans are a different and better class than other animals and consider themselves superior to animals, however discrimination between humans is also often seen.

Women have not been treated equally in society, their gender inequality has been going on for centuries.

However, over the years, there has been a lot of emphasis on treating all humans equally regardless of their gender.

One of India’s most dangerous facts is that gender inequality is at its height.

In 2018, India topped the list of women in vulnerable countries in a national shame situation, which citizens and leaders have happily denied.

We must make a conscious effort to bring gender equality into existence at every stage of life.

Essay on Gender Equality 250 words:

Gender equality is one of the serious issues in our current modern society, it refers to equality of responsibilities, rights and opportunities for women and men.

Women, as well as girls, still lag behind men and boys on basic aspects globally.

Gender equality is essential for global development.

Until now, women are still unable to contribute effectively, and in fact, do not recognize their full potential.

Gender Equality and its importance:

Although our spiritual beliefs regard women as a deity, we first fail to recognize them as a human.

Women are still considered in decision-making positions in various companies.

Many studies show that there are women below 1/3 in the world who occupy the ranks of senior management.

Offering gender equality in the areas of health services, education, jobs, and involvement in administrative and monetary decision-making practices will ultimately benefit in achieving overall economic stability.

Many global organizations emphasize the importance of gender equality as an inspiration to talk about multiple demographic, economic and other issues.


Now, positive growth can be seen in the area of sex ratio, but still there are parts of the world in which girls and women continue to be victims of violence and discrimination.

There is a definite need to strengthen our legal and regulatory framework to fight the deeply-entrenched practice of gender inequality.

We hope that the whole world will recognize the efforts of men and women in our modern society equally soon.

Gender Equality Essay

Gender Equality Essay 400 words:

Since the early days, inequality between man and woman has been a common issue.

It is very sad how biological differences in humans can change all kinds of importance and rights.

From birth to marriage, from jobs to lifestyles, the features and importance available to both sexes vary.

What is gender equality?

Gender equality or gender equality is the stage when all human beings, irrespective of their biological differences can have easy and equal access to all opportunities, resources etc.

They should be allowed to develop their future, equality in economic participation, equality in way of life, equality in giving them freedom to make decisions, equality in almost everything in their life.

Need to Discuss Gender Equality:

We all know how women are being treated in society due to lack of awareness and inequality.

Even in the womb, they are being killed thinking that they are going to be a burden to the family and after his birth, she is associated with household chores and is deprived of education, good job etc.

Gender equality usually means equality for all men and women at all stages, whether in their home or in their education or in their jobs.

The work of this discussion about gender equality is to break all boundaries set by men in the family, society and the world so that they can achieve their goals independently.

Since ancient times certain labels and roles have been prescribed for different sexes such as men are to bring money into the house and women are to do household chores, to take care of family, etc.

These stereotypes have to be broken and both men and women should come out of their boundaries to follow their dreams instead of worrying about the outside world.

This discussion is not about finding everything that women can do in one way or another, it is about giving and respecting both gender differences and behavior.

We see in many cases that women have not received a good education or denied their rights, this discussion will help both families and women to understand their rights.

This is not limited to women only, but men also face gender inequalities when they choose different careers than normal.

Finally, gender equality means respecting and treating all sexes equally.

Essay on Gender Equality 500 words:

Gender equality in India is still a distant dream for us.

Despite all education, development and economic development, many nations suffer from a culture of gender inequality and India is one of them.

Apart from India, other European, American and Asian countries also fall in the same category where discrimination between men and women has been going on for so long.

Gender Equality in India:

Gender equality in India or any other part of the world will be achieved when men and women, boys and girls are treated equally like two persons and not two sexes.

This equality should be practiced in homes, schools, offices, marital relations etc.

Gender equality in India will also mean that women feel unsafe and that the fear of violence does not persecute them.

The unequal sex ratio across the country is evidence that in our Indian society, boys’ preference for girls is the grassroots ideal and this defect is not limited to only one religion or caste.

On a large scale, it infects the entire society.

Reasons for Gender Discrimination:

There are many sprints in achieving gender equality in India.

The Indian mindset is based on a deep patriarchal system, boys are given more value than girls who are seen as just a burden.

For this reason, girls’ education is not taken seriously, which is again a threat to gender equality in India.

Child marriage and child labor also contribute to the lack of gender equality in India.

Poverty in India is another loss of gender equality as it pushes girls into sexual exploitation, child trafficking, forced marriages and domestic violence.

Insensitivity towards women exposes them to rape, stalking, intimidation, unsafe environment at workplaces and streets, making gender equality in India a difficult task.

Feasible solution:

The reason described above is only a small part of the whole problem, serious ground work is needed to establish gender equality in India.

We can all make a small significant change to improve gender equality in India, parents should teach their boys to respect and match girls.

For this, both mother and father can be their role models.

Education should become a necessity for all girls without whom it would be useless to expect gender equality in India.

Schooling and social culture also play an important role in spreading gender equality in India.

Sex education, awareness campaign, complete eradication of female feticide, dowry and toxic effects of early marriage, all should be taught to students.



Conclusion for Gender Equality Essay:

The path to full gender equality in India is difficult but not impossible.

We should be honest in our efforts and work on changing the social attitude towards women.

For full gender equality in India, both men and women must work together and bring positive changes in society.

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