Women Empowerment Essay

Women empowerment means empowering women with all their rights like a man in family, society, school, college, and country.

It enables them to make independent decisions for their personal development, the position of women in Indian society is still backward due to gender inequality.

They should not be considered the weak gender of society as they occupy about half the population of the country; they are half the strength of the country.

Women have more patience and, with their efforts, can develop the country in a better way.

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Women Empowerment Essay 200 words:

According to the United Nations, there are five components to women’s empowerment:

  • A sense of self-worth in women;
  • Their right to have and determine options;
  • Women’s right to access opportunities and resources;
  • Their right to have the power to control their lives, both indoors and outdoors;
  • Also, their ability to influence the direction of social change to create a more flexible social and economic system at the national and international levels.

Women Empowerment in India:

India is a very famous country known for its cultural heritage, traditions, civilization, religion, and geographical features since ancient times.

On the other hand, it is also popular as a conservative male nation. 

Women are an essential priority in India, although, on the other hand, they are not treated well in family and society.

They were confined only to household tasks or considered the responsibility of household and family members, they were kept entirely ignorant of their rights and their development.

The people of India called this country “Bharat-Mata” but never understood its true meaning. Bharat-Mata means the mother of every Indian, whom we have to save and maintain.

Women constitute half the power of the country, so women’s empowerment is essential to make this country a mighty nation.

It is empowering women to understand their rights to be independent in every field for their proper development and development.

Women give birth to children; they mean the future of the nation. Therefore, they can participate better in creating a bright future for the country through the proper development and development of children.

Women need to be empowered rather than fall prey to male rudeness.

Short Essay on Women Empowerment 500 words:

According to the World Bank: Empowerment is the process of enhancing the abilities of individuals or groups to create alternatives and convert those options into desired actions and outcomes.

Women empowerment is the right to make their own decisions for the women, by manipulating all personal boundaries.

It is all about consolidating the social, educational, employment, decision-making, and economic powers of women and creating an environment where there is no gender bias and equal rights in society and the workplace.

Gender inequality is the primary social issue in some of the countries with women coming back to the male-dominated country.

Women’s empowerment needs to take a higher pace to equalize the value of both genders in this country. In every way, the upliftment of women should be the top priority of the nation.

Inequalities between men and women in society create a lot of problems, which become a significant obstacle in the way to the success of the nation.

It is the birthright of women to give equal value to men in society. To truly bring about empowerment, every woman needs to be aware of her rights from her end.

They only need to take positive steps and be involved in every activity rather than engaging in household chores and family responsibilities, they should know about all the happenings around them and in the country.

Women empowerment (essay) has the power to change many things in society and the country. They are much better than men for dealing with specific problems in society.

They can better understand the loss of migrants to their families and country are fully capable of handling the economic conditions of the family and the nation through proper family planning.

Women are more capable of handling any impulsive violence than men in the family or society.

Through women’s empowerment, it may be likely to convert the male-dominated country into a rich economy country. Empowering women can help each member of the family develop quickly without any extra effort.

A woman is treated as responsible for everything in the family so that she can solve all current problems.

Empowerment will automatically bring empowerment for all the family.

Women’s empowerment is the best cure for any major or minor problem involving human beings, the economy, or the environment.

Women are becoming more aware of their health, education, job, and responsibilities towards the family, society, and nation.

They are taken in every field and show their high interest. Finally, after a long struggle, women are getting their rights to move forward on the right pathway.

Women empowerment Essay

Women Empowerment Essay 1000 words:

Women empowerment means empowering women with all their rights, which they should have like a man in family, society, school, college, and country. It enables them to make independent decisions for their personal development.

Need of Women Empowerment:

There is a need for women empowerment for various sectors, as follow:

Social and Cultural Empowerment of Women:

On a personal level: decisions related to their health, decisions related to large household purchases.

Their mobility outside the domestic sphere such as travel to family and relatives’ homes and markets, decisions to visit or stay with friends, and their livelihoods.

At the family and social level: their career (career) and education, children (especially giving priority to the son), marriage (i.e., issues such as honour killing, they go against the family’s decision), parents or share in father property.

Engage in group decisions like family planning, management of expenses, choosing your lifestyle i.e., to dress, friend, thought-style or behaviour, etc.

At the level of creation and implementation of laws: Implementation of universal laws such as dowry prohibition act -1961, Women Protection from Domestic Violence Act-2005, especially Section 498A of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), at the initial level not to consider marital rape as a crime.

Lack of and misuse of them, no separate definition or classification as a crime of honour killing in India (it is considered murder under Section 302 of IPC and is a disciplinary offence under section 302).

Economic Empowerment of Women:

Development and Limitations in Women’s Careers: Women’s domestic work is voluntary and underrated.

Pink collar jobs (traditionally considered as women’s vertical), increased participation of women in agriculture and informal sector, entrepreneurship is not encouraged as a career option, etc.

Workplace discrimination: pay differentials, nativity facilities, maternity leave, sexual harassment at the workplace, invisible social barriers to women’s promotion, etc.

At the level of the creation and implementation of laws: continuous discrimination about the share of women in the parental property;

Erroneous application of the Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition, and Diagnosis) Act, 2013.

Political Empowerment of Women:

Political parties and legislatures: discrimination in terms of the number of tickets at the party level (gender favours or agreements in exchange for party tickets/promotions);

A low number of women legislators / MPs; Lack of proper representation in legislatures etc.

Women Empowerment Essay

The problem faced by working Women in Society:

  • Working women also suffer from indirect barriers to advancement in professional life.
  • Additionally, some jobs in the care industry are reserved only for women, often referred to as pink collar issues.
  • Apart from this issue, there are other issues at the workplace, such as – the realization of women’s abilities which are often considered secondary or inferior;
  • Sexual harassment issues;
  • Discrimination in respect of salary, promotion, appreciation of women for their work or giving them credit, etc. Working women face the problem of double burden.
  • Challenges created in their work due to advancements in technologies – Due to technological progress in agriculture, women’s labour is becoming unnecessary, and it is reducing their work opportunities.
  • Their participation in deciding how and where to spend their salary is either negligible or completely absent.
  • Other problems include problems of safety, travel, and facilities at work (infant, toilet).
Importance of women empowerment

Importance of Women Empowerment:

The reasons are relevant to women empowerment by many organizations of the world as follows.

Development of Society:

The main benefit of women’s empowerment is associated with society. If we want to make our country a powerful country, then for that, we need to make the woman of the community powerful too.

The development of women means that you are working for the development of a family. 

If the woman is allowed to educate, she will try to make her family educated.

Reduction in Domestic Violence:

Domestic violence is such a thing that can happen to any woman; it is not necessary that domestic violence only happens to illiterate women.

Educated women are also victims of such violence; the only difference is that where educated women dare to raise their voices against it.

At the same time, illiterate women are afraid to raise their voice against such violence.

On the other hand, if women are empowered, then domestic violence in our country will not only decrease. 

Instead, women will also come forward to punish the man who committed domestic violence. Also, read the women empowerment essay conclusion.

Creating Self-reliant:

In our country, from childhood, girls are taught that they have to take care of the home.

Still, more girls are taught domestic chores than studying in the village, which is not only detrimental to the future of girls but also the country.

About 40% of the country’s population is uneducated if we do not allow the girls of our country to become self-reliant, then the women of our country will remain only in the kitchen.

Poverty Reduction:

 it has often observed that sometimes in inflation, the money earned by a male member of the family is not enough to meet the demands of the family.

At the same time, the additional income of women helps the family to come out from poverty. Therefore, to reduce poverty, women’s empowerment is essential.

Empowering Women through Skill Development:

Many girls have several talents, but due to lack of improper guidance and education, she is unable to use her ability.

Therefore, if women are adequately empowered, then women will be able to identify their skills, through which the country will also get talented women & it will work for the development of the country.

There are still many countries in the world where the same rights for men & women.

Women still act as slaves only; they have been given the freedom to neither speak their words nor make any decision.

At the same time, the emphasis is on developing such women through women empowerment essay, so that these women can take advantage of the freedom to speak, i.e., women can openly express their opinion to the society.

Women Empowerment Schemes in India:

The Government of India has run many schemes for the development of the women of the country.

With the help of these schemes, the government wants to empower women and help them. At the same time, information about these schemes is as follows.


The Government of India started this mission to empower women.

This mission started on 15 August 2011, was begun at both national and state levels.

With the help of this mission, women are being made self-dependent.

Swadhar Ghar Scheme:

Under this scheme, girls above 18 years are given free accommodation. 

The scheme launched for girls who have become homeless.

Apart from housing, food, clothes, health facilities, and their economic and social security are also insured under this scheme.

One-Stop Center Planning Scheme:

With the help of this scheme, women facing domestic violence are assisted.

Not only this but women suffering from this violence are also given medical, legal, psychological, counselling and other assistance. This scheme is no less than a boon for women.

Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao Scheme:

The Beti Padhao, Beti Bachao Yojana was started to create awareness among the people about the welfare of girls and their studies.

In the year 2015, this scheme was started. Through this scheme, families of girls are encouraged to educate them.

Working Women Hostel Scheme:

This scheme has been started for women who are working away from their families.

Under this scheme, a living facility is provided by the government to any working woman. Women can continue their jobs without any fear by staying in these hostels opened by the government.

Women helpline scheme:

This scheme, launched in the year 2015, has been made for women affected by violence.

With the help of this scheme, any woman affected by domestic violence can call a 24-hour toll-free telecom service and ask for help. Any woman can call the 181 number anytime and get any help from the police.

Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme:

This scheme has been implemented for mothers working in offices. Working women are often worried about their children.

Through this scheme, working women can leave their children in the nursery where their children will be taken care of.

At the same time, after finishing their work in the evening, women can take their children back home with them.

Apart from the facility of care, children are provided with better nutrition, immunization facilities, sleeping facilities, and more in these nurseries.

Advantages of Women Empowerment:

  1. It increases the confidence of women and decreases their dependency on others concerning financial necessities as well as decision-making ability.
  2. Increase their ability to contribute to the comfort of society.
  3. They will be able to get a respectable position in society.
  4. Their contribution will help in the growth of the country’s GDP.
  5. The necessity of the Women’s Empowerment:
  6. Remove gender inequalities and injustice.
  7. Provide Women’s secure working environment.
  8. Protect them against mistreatment and harassment.
  9. It will help the women to create their uniqueness.
  10. Women’s contribution to the growth.
  11. In developing society, women are provided with equal balances.

As described in this essay on women empowerment, it is the most effective way to ensure the right to equality, as written in the Constitution of India.

Some evil tendencies against women were removed by great Indian reformers, who raised their voices against discriminatory actions against women.

Due to the continuous efforts of Raja Ram Mohan Roy, the British were forced to abolish the practice of Sati.

Some of the Acts passed by Parliament to empower the women with legal rights are:

  • Immoral Trade (Prevention) Act of 1956
  • Dowry Prohibition Act of 1961
  • An Equal Remuneration Act 1976
  • Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1987
  • Sex Testing Techniques Act of 1994
  • Child Marriage Prevention Act of 2006
  • Sexual Exploitation of Women at Workplace Act 2013
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Although we have moved towards women empowerment, there is still a long way ahead.

Making women aware of their potential has now become a demand of the times while the government should adopt measures like health, education, employment, awareness for women, etc.

It is necessary to create awareness in society and create public values, which will promote women empowerment.

Many women have even internalized the norms of patriarchy to establish their dominance over other women, such as the mother-in-law’s dominance over her daughter-in-law.

There is a need to observe this type of culture. As noted sociologist Andre Bettel states – “The law only determines the direction that society should adopt, its culture determines the actual direction of society.”

In the end, women need to step forward to fulfil their empowerment demands. According to Kofi Annan, there is no better tool for the development of women than empowerment.

Yatra Naryastu Pujyante Ramante Tatra Deity,” according to Manusmriti, “where women are respected, gods reside there.

In all the houses where women are insulted, God does not reside even after doing all kinds of worship.”

This Women Empowerment Essay will help you to develop your thoughts & get good marks in exams.

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