Women empowerment Essay for Students (Importance, Benefit & Necessity)

Women empowerment Essay for Students

Women empowerment Essay

Women empowerment Essay is generally asked in exams.

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What is women empowerment?

Women empowerment is the rights to make their own decisions for the women, by manipulating all personal boundaries.

“Women Empowerment” is all about to consolidation the social, educational, employment, decision making and economic powers of women and to create an environment where there is no gender bias and have equal rights in society and workplace.

Problems that women facing nowadays:

Honour killing, dowry, rape, illiteracy, inequality, domestic violence, sexual harassment, illegal trafficking, prostitution and many other issues.

Swami Vivekananda in one of the best quote said “Countries which do not respect women have never become great nor will ever be in future “

So from the above statement, it is quite easy to understand that if the women of your nation are developed, then the development of your nation is a must.

So to achieve this thing, we need to destroy the devil killing the rights of women and ethics and values from the society such as honour killing, illiteracy, dowry, rape, inequality, domestic violence, sexual harassment, illegal trafficking, prostitution and many other issues.

What is the nature of women empowerment?

Discrimination on the basis of the gender is somewhat which will bring cultural, social, economic and educational changes in the society that will push back the growth of the nation.

The best effective therapy to this problem is by providing proper education and providing exact information to them.

women education
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Importance of women empowerment:

About 50 per cent of India total population is Women.

Yet Indian society is a male-controlled society where men are considered to be the head of the family.

Despite that Gender, Discrimination overcomes in all most all areas throughout the country be it social, cultural, economic or educational.

Sex ratio, Gender equality became an important indicator of Development.

The killing of the female child is still a common practice in many of the rural areas.

What are the three essential factors for empowerment?

The real empowerment of women lies in Freedom to choose

  1. Choosing her career (mostly decided by parents)
  2. Choose her spouse (decided by parents still love marriage is a sin n some feel that girls are not capable of taking sensitive decisions)
  3. Choosing her clothes (it is a big issue Indian society is quite conservative when it comes to women. people judge a woman based on their cloths)

Women Empowerment is not all about sex before marriage or sex outside the marriage it is more of having equal rights for both men and women.

Participation of women & men in educational, social n economic activities

  • Women (70%) +men (30%) – Development not possible
  • And If Women (30%) + men (70%) – Development not possible
  • Women (50%) +men (50%) – Yes Development is possible (this is what every feminist should understand and should stop bashing men)

Necessary steps for women’s empowerment:

In any form, WOMEN are not inferior to men at the same time MEN are not superior to women.

Women empowering can help to re-build our society and due to this, the nation might go on the path of better development.

One thing we should understand and accept that without the support and cooperation of men, women empowerment is not possible.

Women Empowerment Essay & Articles

Women empowerment Essay
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Women Empowerment Essay 150 Words

In the Constitution of India, it is lawful to endowment the equality between man & women in society.

They had established the department for the proper development of the women’s and children’s in India called as “Department of Women and Child Development”

Since Ancient times Women had given uppermost place in India, however, they were not given the empowerment in few areas, mostly in rural areas.

They must be strong, attentive and prepared for every moment in their growth and development.

The significant of the development department is to empower the women, due to this mother can make the bright future of any nation.

The Indian government had started many strategies and processes in order to bring women in the mainstream of development.

In this World, Women population is half of their population of any country and they must be independent in every aspect for comprehensive development.

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Essay on Women Empowerment 200 Words

Women abilities in education, occupation and decisions made have been obstructed for many centuries, by considering the women are inferior to men.

What do you mean by empowerment?

Women reserve each privilege to be treated similarly with men in each aspect of life and society.

If the women contribute effectively in economic activities and ready to make choices, it would contribute towards in general financial advancement.

The strengthening of Women would bring about the general improvement of society both at the small scale and large scale level.

The condition is equal to worst in underdeveloped and developing countries, where women are not allowable to make any economic decisions and to decide about their own education.

With this misconception to dream about the goals of effective development and gender equality.

There is an instant need for bringing the women equal with the men and for improvement in the social, individual and qualified status of women.

This process of safeguarding the women’s is known as “Women Empowerment”.

Providing them with better education, employment opportunities, preserve their better health, providing justice, economical decisions and safeguard professional communication are the few techniques of women empowerment.

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WOMEN Empowerment Essay 350 Words

Empowerment refers to increase and improve the social, economic, political and legal strength of the women, to ensure equal rights to women and to make them confident enough to claim their rights.

Empowerment of women would be encouraging women to be self-reliant, independent & to have positive self-esteem, generate confidence to face any difficult situation and active participation in various socio-political, development activities

The growing integrity is to accept women as individuals and capable of making rational and educated decisions about them as well as society.

Increasing and improving the economic, political and legal strength of the women to ensure equal right as men achieve.

 Internationally agreed goals for development and sustainability, improve the quality of life for their families and communities.

 Discrimination against women is widespread all over the world, even in this 21st century, male-controlled societies in most countries are skilful at exploitation as well as women crimes, specifically against women are reported from all over the world.

 They’re still the main questions about acceptance of women empowerment in the most advanced of countries.

 While in developing nations and the political pressure are far from achieving the desired status the position and status of women.

A long struggle going back over a century has brought women the property right, voting rights, inequality in civil rights, before the law in matters of marriage and employment in addition to the above rights in India.

The customs of female infanticide, child marriage, fatigue dowry system and the state of permanent widows were either totally removed or checked to an appreciable extent.

After independence through legislative measures apart from these many welfare schemes for women and child, like Beti Bachao… Beti Bachao, Kishori Shakti Yojana, etc have been launched by the Indian government.

In view of the above, it may be expected that with a strong determination, commitment and involvement of people and organizations with charitable motives and a rational outlook.

The problems that women faced can be solved and hurdled the overcome for promoting national transformation and development. Do you like our “Women Empowerment Essay”, or else read our next essay…

Essay on Women Empowerment 500 Words

From the ancient time, India is a familiar country for its cultural heritage, civilizations, evolution, religion and topographical features.

As well as India is also known for the narrow-minded behaviour.

Women’s are restricted for only household responsibilities of family members, home, etc.

They are completely unaware of their own rights for their development.

Indian called their country as “Bharat-Mata”, however, they positively not don’t know the actual meaning of it.

Women had been considering as the country half power, so to make a country powerful, women empowerment is very much essential.

It is empowering women for their own self-governing rights in every sector for appropriate growth and development.

The future of the nation directly depends on the Women as they give birth to the baby means they can make a bright future of the nation by proper growth and development of the children.

Women need to be empowered instead of treating them as a helpless victim of narrow-mindedness.

“Does the women & their rights had become really strong nowadays” and “does this struggle has ended”.

The government have executed many programs such as International Women’s Day, Mother’s Day, Sister’s Day, etc.

In order to spread awareness in the society about the importance of the women in the development of the nation.

There is gender discrimination in India, where women’s are ill-treated by their own family members and other strangers too.

Mostly in India, women grips the maximum proportion of the illiterate population.

The actual meaning of the women empowerment is too well-educated the women’s and make them capable of making their own decisions.

Women’s in India are continuously in endangered to honour killings and not given their basic rights.

They are the sufferers, who had faced lots of violence and exploitation in the male-dominated country.

The Government of India had launched National Mission for the Empowerment of Women (NMEW) which had made some improvement in the 2011 census.

The ratio of the number of females and literacy Rate both has been increased.

Global Gender Gap Index has stated that India has to perform some progressive steps for improving the women position in society.

Women empowerment needs to work in the right direction, instead of in the potential segments.

“To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened, once she is on the move, the family moves, the village moves, the nation moves”.

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

In India, to empower the women, we need to stop Honor killing, dowry, rape, illiteracy, inequality, domestic violence, sexual harassment, illegal trafficking, prostitution and many other issues.

The growth of the Nation is decreased, due to Gender discrimination in the social, economic, cultural and educational differences.

The most effective way to stop and safeguarding is to follow the Right to Equality stated in the Constitution of India.

Giving importance to gender equality enables women empowerment in the country.

To achieve the goals of women empowerment, it must be encouraged from childhood in almost in all family.

Women need to be strong physically, emotionally and socially.

Home is the best place for education, this awareness can be started to raise the women, to get a healthy family and bring all-inclusive development of the nation.

In remote areas because of the poverty, insecurity and illiteracy of the parents, there are rituals of child marriage are followed.

Women’s Reservation Bill includes reservation the one-third seats for females in the Lok Sabha was passed and accepted, to make them enthusiastically involved in all sectors.

Various mass campaigns must be organized in rural areas to extend the real values of women and the facilities provided by the government.

They need to be encouraged for the existence and appropriate education for the female child to achieve success in the vision of women empowerment.

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Women Suffers
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Women Empowerment Essay 1000 Words

The definition of empowerment implies different meaning to different people depending upon their socio-cultural and political.

Empowerment is about social transformation fundamental transformation and it is about the people common people rather than politicians.

 Experts and other socially or culturally advantaged persons further ads that the idea of empowerment can be involved in virtually any context.

Speaking about human rights about basic needs, about economic, security about capacity-building, about is clear formation or about the conditions of an honourable social existence considered.

The term empowerment as a synonym for participation for speaking out or for meeting some need his idea of empowerment is more of power to rather than power over.

Hence empowerment is a process of gaining, understanding of and control over the political forces as a means of improving one’s stand in society.

Since half of the total population of India is female and sex ratio is declining further that is 914 females on average on 1,000 means in the country.

Therefore empowerment of women needs attention, let us discuss the issue of women empowerment in detail.

Did You Know?

 On March 9 2010, one day after the International Women’s Day, Raja Sabha the Women’s Reservation bill ensuring 33 per cent reservation to women in Parliament and State Legislative assemblies.

Empowerment of women as the process and the out of the process by which women gain greater control over material intellectual resources.

And shall in the ideology of the patriarchy and the gender-based discrimination against women in all the institutions and structures of the society.

History of the empowerment concept of empowerment can be traced back as early as the Protestant Reformation in Europe and it has been occurring through the centuries in Europe and North Africa.

The term acquired a strong political meaning in the latter half of the 20th century and it was adopted by the movements to bring democratic social change in the society.

Did you know?

The Constitution of India guarantees to all Indian about the women equality article 14, knowing discrimination by the state article 15, with the one equality of opportunity article 16 and equal pay for equal work article 39D.

 Importance and relevance of empowerment of women in society have been both raised and devised.

Women on one hand we show reverence towards women is worshipped.

There are the quotes we recite and insult them, on the other hand, we are now saying “Dhol Gavar Shudra Pashu Nari Sakal Taadana Ke Adhikari” chaotically mean drum, Uncouth, animal and women they deserve beating in condemnation.

Enhancing women’s status and empowerment can play a decisive role in the success of many development programs and bring about positive social changes, critics of women empowerment.

United Nations has broadly classified five characteristics of women empowerment: a sense of self-worth variants, right to determine choices about their lives, women’s right to have access to opportunities and resources.

Woman’s ability to influence the direction of social change to create a juster social-economic order.

Empowerment is a club in the following three categories of empowerment which shows the present status of women in India.

Economic empowerment seeks to ensure that women have the appropriate skills capabilities, resources and access to secure and sustainable incomes and livelihoods going by the statistics of the Government of India.

There seems to be a considerable difference between economic conditions of males and females as for census 2011.

The workforce participation rate for females at the national level stands at 25.51 % compared with 53.26 per cent for males.

In the rural sector, females have a workforce participation rate of 30.02% compared with 53.03% for men.

the urban sector, it is 15.4% for females and 53.76% for males.

In the rural sector of 59.3%, females were self-employed.

5.6% of females had regular wage salary to employment and 35.1% of females were at casual labourers compared with 45.5% and 35.5% males in the same categories respectively.

In 2011-12 it shows that despite more number of women being self-employed in rural sector the percentage of regular wages or salary demand is almost double to that of women showing weak economic conditions of women.

In society a total of 2.5% women, we are employed in the organized sector in 2011 with 18.1% person working in the public sector and 24.3% in the private.

The female share of the total central government employment is stood at 10% in 2009.

It shows a huge disparity between the shares of women being employed in central government and that of means to fill the gap.

There is a demand that government changes jobless growth to job market-oriented group for educated the skilled and the semi-skilled workforce of India.

Social empowerment against strength women in India, continue to suffer violence, physical speculative, etc.

Domestic violence against women continues to be persistent unkindness by husbands, relatives continue to occupy the highest margin of 43.6% among the crimes committed against women.

 In 2012 followed by an attack on women, with intent to outrage her humility 18.6% as much as 50.7% cases, Kidnapping and abduction 10.2% of rape 3.8% of insult to the modesty of women and 3.7% of dowry prohibition.

To protect women from sexual violence a new and severe law was passed by the Indian parliament in 2013.

In the last decade, media exposure increase awareness about education among Indian women.

however there is still a long way to go as per census 2011, 74% of the population is literacy comprising 65.5% females and 82.1% men’s, out of 65.5% little women percentage of rural women is 57.93% was that of urban women is 79.1% the increase mentally.

The incremental increase over census 2001 of 87.8% for females is higher than 6.8%, but still, the education that could get job and education that would be making oneself self-reliant is a distant dream for most of the women.

Especially those living in rural areas are categorized by male-controlled restraints that do not let girls or women get educated still acts as a major impediment for them.

In order to get a good education, do you know that the average nutritional intake of women in India is fourteen hundred calories daily?

The necessary requirement is approximately 2200 calories that means 800 calories deficit is there and that is phenomenal and enormous political empowerment.

For the change of the language of empowerment from economical to political growth of mainstream and new media-enabled women to become more aware and demanding about their rights

Women who are exposed to media, then do not have high household independence, high freedom of movement a more positive attitude towards general equality and they do not subscribe to domestic violence.

After the performing of 73rd constitutional amendment a provision of ensuring one-third of the total seats for women in all elected offices in local bodies vary whether in rural or urban areas demand or political power amongst the women.

Women occupy only 9% of the parliamentary seats less than 4% seats in high courts and Supreme Courts, less than 3% of administrators and managers are women.

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Benefits of Women Empowerment:

  • It leads to an increase in the confidence of women in many fields and decreases their dependency on others with respect to financial necessities as well as decision-making ability.
  • Increase their ability to make a contribution to the comfort of society.
  • They will able to get a respectable position in society.
  • Their contribution will help in the growth of the country GDP.
  • The necessity of the Women’s Empowerment:
  • Remove gender inequalities and injustice.
  • Provide Women’s secure working environment.
  • Protect them against mistreatment and harassment.
  • It will help the women to create their own uniqueness.
  • Women’s contribution to the growth
  • To build a generous society, women need to be provided with equal balances.

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Conclusion for Women Empowerment:

The world is going through the main process of transformation and in this modern society, one other need is to change the condition of women.

In this male-controlled society, changing the social attitude towards women is necessary.

This can help to improve the growth of the society and can help in the specialized growth of the country as well as the world and will make the world beautiful.

Due to the empowerment of women, the world can change in various aspect as well as the behaviour of human being, which will create the many opportunities for the individuals as well as the country’s growth.

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