Essay on Unemployment

Unemployment refers to the situation when a person willing to work for a qualifying job at the prevailing wage rates and does not get work.

Children, elderly, patients, disabled and disabled persons cannot be placed in the category of unemployed.

A person who is not willing to work and is also a parasite does not fall under the category of unemployment.

Unemployment Essay:

There are many problems facing India today, but out of all of them, the problem of unemployment is more serious and terrible.

Efforts have been made to solve this problem for many years. But so far success is not visible anywhere.

This problem remains the biggest obstacle in the path of economic planning. Therefore, until then problem is resolved, economic plans cannot be succeed in the country.

Number of Jobless Persons:

The number of jobless persons is increasing day by day. The number of jobless person are in millions.

It includes all kinds of jobless person – educated and uneducated. But in reality the issue of unemployment is almost double or triple because every jobless person does not get his name registered in the employment office and other villagers do not benefit from these offices.

Population Growth:

 In our country, population is increasing day by day. During the year, the number of people who are employed in work and business increases many times more and the number of idle people increases.

Our government has been looking for a solution to this problem for the last several years, but the huge increase in population does not allow this problem to be solved.

Therefore, the growth of population should be stopped at all costs.

Improper Education System:

 Our education system is completely improper and faulty. In British India, such education system was started only to produce clerks.

But now in Azad India, problems have also changed over time.

This education system can be prepared only by those who can become servant in offices, if those people do not get work, then they become useless.

Semi-unemployed- Unemployment Essay:

Farmers in our villages remain idle for six months in a year. Unemployment has also increased due to the collapse of cottage and small scale industries in these villages.

In the ancient times, ancestral business was adopted in the Varna system, from which unemployment did not arise.

But now with the spread of education and the dissolution of the class-system, the paternal occupation is generally seen from the point of view of the mother, then the son is not ready to adopt the father’s vocation.

Industrial Education:

Youths should be given such education that they can prove helpful in providing them employment. Therefore, more attention should be paid to industrial education so that the number of educated jobless can be curbed.

The biggest flaw of our education is that youths do not become independent by this education.

They do not generate the feeling of working by hand. Most are wandering in search of jobs. In this way, the row of jobless becomes longer and longer each year.

Encourage Domestic Handicrafts:

Our country is overpopulated.

Therefore, it is important to develop big industries and domestic industries here.

 As far as large industries are concerned, they have been established in the private public sector, but this cannot solve our unemployment problem unless domestic handicrafts are encouraged.

Government Assurance:

After the success of the 1977 Lok Sabha elections, when the Janata Party came to power, the government paid more attention to the problem of unemployment.

He assured to remove unemployment in ten years’ this government fell in a short time. The present government is also presenting its awareness in this direction.



Conclusion for Unemployment Essay:

 Unemployment is a difficult problem of the country, it is similar to that which gives rise to many diseases.

It forces people to commit crimes and many types of atrocities, it strangles a person’s truth, his honesty, kindness and sympathy.

Therefore, it is the duty of the Central and State Governments to make successful efforts to reduce unemployment issue to some extent.

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