Welcome Speech

A welcome speech is a speech given by the host at the beginning of a ceremony or to show warmth and gratitude to those who have taken pains to mark their presence. It is a statement that marks the beginning of any event, meeting, gathering or celebration.

Start your speech by greeting the audience, before giving an overview of the event and end the speech by introducing the next speaker, then thanks to the audience again for attending the program.

In simple terms, welcome speech is given to start any special occasion or event, and it is given to welcome an individual into a function.

Why do you need a Welcome Speech?

Most of the gatherings and ceremonies should be filled with joy and enthusiasm from beginning to end.

It is the duty of each host or organizer to make all participants feel satisfied and entertained.

Let me describe a scenario: Imagine that you were invited to lecture; you arrived on time. The speaker then talks directly to the key points.

Don’t you think you came late or missed the first part? The need for a welcome speech, i.e. introduction, which is appropriate for any assembly.

Here you will learn in detail, how to deliver a welcome speech & various speeches are described below:

Welcome Speech for the Chief Guest:

Good Morning to all of you.

Today, on behalf of the _______ Academy, I welcome you all to this annual sports day, year _____. Sports is an integral part of our life which gives us health and vitality.

Along with studying in schools, it is very important to have sports as well; therefore, in our school, students are given facilities of education as well as sports.

Physical education brings confidence and inspiration in the lives of children that is why every year we organize an annual sports day in our school so that children can further develop their sportsmanship.

Another great pleasure is that this year our school has been given the status of the best institution and our effort will always be such that our institute can get precious status here every year.

I would like to thank my school teachers as well as the parents who encouraged their children to progress in education as well as sports.

So welcome with respect our chief guest, sports minister of our state Mr. ________ who has won three gold medals and two bronze medals for our country in the first Olympics.


Welcome speech for the seminar

Welcome Speech for the Seminar:

Honourable Chief Guest, Respected Principal, Teachers, and all my Dear Friends!

It gives me a warm welcome for every one present in the interest of the entire school committee.

I might likewise want to offer my thanks to our regarded judges who have acknowledged our encouragement to direct this school workshop for self-improvement.

The school organizes seminars consistently for students to gain information and to be effectively associated with school exercises.

Each subject chose to the greatest interests for students of this school. In additionally guaranteed that the subject members are enjoyed and preferred.

Last year, the seminar was based on “Accent Improvement” which has greatly helped the students in achieving an excellent accent in the English language.

The reason for the class was to assemble our students just as staff, to communicate in English easily and effectively, also to emphasize the significance involving, tension, stagnation and pitch while talking.

Personal development, help students to gain an understanding the life-changing skills and it will focus primarily on important aspects such as goal setting, leadership development, improved confidence, effective communication and life coaching.

Through this seminar, students will be able to identify their vulnerable places that include improvements as well as the usual changes needed in their lifestyles.

In addition, students will also be trained on how to improve their social skills. The agenda of the seminar will include debate, encouragement through various experts and real-life examples.

I ensure the seminar will be profitable and the next few hours will be enjoyable and fruitful for every one of you.

Thank you very much!

Welcome Speech for College Function:

Good morning to all of you.

Honorable Guest Mr. _________, Chairman _________, Principal Sir _______, teachers and my dear classmates, all of you are warmly welcomed at our college’s annual function.

My name is Ishwar Kumar and I am a student of class XII and also the secretary of this cultural program.

Today I am very happy to tell that today our college has completed 25 years and today we are celebrating Silver Jubilee. We all know that today is an important day for our college.

It is a matter of great honour that our college has completed its 25 years with great success, but this is no end but the first phase of the beginning after which our college will move forward.

Everyone in our college has an equal hand behind the success of our college because only by working together one gets success.

We should always do our extreme to take our college forward. Now it is time for us to start this mythical program.

Before starting the program, I would like to honour our honourable Chief Guest Mr. ______ on stage so that he can start the festival with his thoughts and blessings.

Thank you!

Welcome speech for the conference

Welcome Speech for the Conference:

Honourable Guests, Respected Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends…

 Warm Good Evening to all of you!

I, ___________ and my co-host _________ welcome every one of you to the conference and might want to widen a note of much appreciated.

The Principal of __________ College comes to acknowledge our invitation and to finish the conference.

Friends, our guest of honour has made a powerful contribution to the field of research and is working with the Department of Oxford University.

In this way, I feel proud to introduce you to this incredible researcher.

To every fresher who have joined this conference this year, I need to disclose to you that consistently our college arranges the national level conference every year.

Obviously, it goes without saying that great efforts went in preparing for this day because the preparation could not happen overnight.

It requires careful inspection of every detail as even the slightest carelessness can spoil the entire efforts.

So let us appreciate the efforts of all the members who are working hard day and night to shine in their performances.

After a series of conference, there will also be an awarding ceremony, where the students of our college who took an interest at the zonal, state and national level will be rewarded.

The conference will run till 10 am, trailed by the speeches, where our visitors will address the students at the honour ceremony.

There will also be a question and answer round where our students can ask questions and participate in discussions with our guest.

Finally, tea and breakfast will be served. So, please sit till the end of the program and support our participants.

Friends, this is all from me, thank all of you for being a patient listener. I will see you after this presentation round, till then enjoy the day.


Welcoming Speech for Freshers:

Respected Principal, Respected Teacher and my dear friends.

Today we all gather here for the fresher’s party. It is part of a custom and it has been practised for centuries that when any new member comes in the family, it is welcomed.

It is the responsibility of other family members to welcome him. Today we are all gathered for the same work, it is a fresher party of first-year students.

I am thankful to the management committee that has given me the confidence to welcome all of you, and I promise that I will not let my faith be broken down even more during my address.

Friends, if I talk about the level of education in our college is simply countless, the teachers here are a fantasy of kindness and humility, they are truly redefining the values of being a teacher.

Overall, I feel that I want to thank all of you for the confidence you have expressed in us as part of our college, this college opens its two arms and welcomes promising students to you.

I hope from all of you that you will understand the values of our college and will enhance the reputation of our college. friends, now I stop my speech.

 Thank you all for hearing my thoughts.

children’s day

Welcome Speech for Children’s Day:

Good morning everybody!

We welcome our dear students for Children’s Day.

Children are important all over the world. Therefore, it is celebrated with equal grandeur in different countries.

In India, we celebrate it on 14 November for a special reason. The history associated with this date, it is the birth anniversary of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, who was the first Prime Minister of India.

He loved children and loved spending his time with young children, affectionately called Chacha Nehru.

After his death in 1959, it was decided to celebrate Children’s Day on his birth anniversary; to celebrate his love for children.

He believed that children are God’s creation and his innocence breaks anyone’s heart. A child’s sweet smile brings a sweet smile to everyone face, it works as a calming balm for both parents and teachers.

The school is considered a second home for the children; Teachers not only impart education and knowledge but also become parents in some circumstances because every child has a different talent. They should mould the child according to its strengths and weaknesses.

Home with awkward living room layout ideas might be tough, but it can bring elegance and eccentricity to your home.

Therefore, teachers should not miss any opportunity to pass, the treasure of talent to their students, as children need inspiration at home as well as at school.

Children’s Day is celebrated with lots of fun and attractive events like indoor games, outdoor games, dance, drama, essay writing, etc.

It is a day that removes all obstacles against children and allows them to celebrate according to their will, and now you can enjoy all the fun-filled events and participate in various competitions.

Thank you!

Welcome Speech for Teachers Day:

Respected Principal, teachers and all my dear friends!

Today we welcome you all, to celebrate this joyous occasion of Teacher’s Day. Today is September 5 and it is the day when we celebrate this day of Teacher’s Day with cheerfulness.

On this fortunate occasion, I would like to thanks my class teacher for giving me the opportunity to welcome you all.

This day is celebrated not only in India but in the honour of teachers all over the world.

Our teachers treat us very well, for which they do not desire to get anything from us. As a student, we should always respect them.

Our teachers are our ideals and that is why we are grateful to them. They inspire us to achieve success in this world and is always ready to help us.

Now I would like to invite my esteemed class teacher and Principal to come to this stage and be pleased to light the lamp on this auspicious occasion.

Thank you!

Welcome Speech for a Farewell:

Good morning, respected teachers and my dear friends,

Today I welcome you for Farewell Party, this is the last day of our “school life”.

We have learned many enlightening things in this life from childhood till now. The credit goes to our dear teachers who always inspired us to move forward and taught us the way of life.

“School life” is the best stop of our life, in which along with the scolding of parents and teachers, there is also the support of friends who always support us.

It is in school life that we learn to make friends, with whom we fight and argue and in a few moments influence them.

Today is nearing the end of school life, so we are feeling very sad to leave with our teachers and friends.

But it is destiny to move forward in life, so today I want to celebrate this party with my friends and teachers by being happy and wish that all my friends get success in their future life.

Thank you.


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Welcoming Speech for the Annual Day:

Good Morning / Good Evening.

All of you present are warmly welcomed by _________ Public School, Mumbai on this 50th annual day. Today we are celebrating the Golden Jubilee of our school with great pleasure.

For any educational institution, completing 50 years is a very big thing and it seems like the fulfilment of a dream.

Today, we remember the day when we saw the walls of our school being built and in its courtyard planted beautiful small trees which have become very tall and beautiful today.

I am proud that I have chosen a task in which I have got a chance to teach our responsible citizens here.

Today I also want to congratulate and thank all the parents who supported their children as well as our school members.

On behalf of everyone present here, I welcome the inaugurator and guest of this conference Mr. _____.

It is an honour for us and our school that he has taken his important time and has joined our Golden Jubilee program today.

She has taken many priceless steps to remove illiteracy as well as her main contribution towards promoting women empowerment.

Along with this, he has also started many rituals and orphanage for girl education where girls are given free education.

So let us welcome our guest Mrs. _______ on stage with thunderous applause and listen to his life experiences and precious words.



Many types of events are organized in schools, colleges or any educational institution, in which many big personalities and successful people of the city, town or state participate as the chief guest.

At such an event, the chief guest is greeted and honoured by giving welcome speech several times to welcome them.

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