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Welcome Speech for conference, seminar, college function

A welcome speech is given to start any exceptional occasion or event and it may be given to welcome an individual into an association.

The purpose of a welcome speech can be many- it can be given to welcome guests at the opening of office, hotel, ceremony etc.

It is also conveyed to welcome the chief guest on any event or to welcome another representative in the workplace, and so on.

Welcome Speech
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What is a welcome speech?

It is sensible to welcome any individual or gathering of individuals to an association or occasion with a welcome speech.

In spite, welcome speech is considered as a formality, it can make the individuals feel boosted and cheered.

Welcome speech for the conference:

Good evening ladies and gentlemen – a warm welcome to all of you!

I feel very happy to announce the fifth anniversary of our lifestyle magazine called Drifts.

I _______, co-editor have been associated with this magazine from the very beginning and feel like this evening has been given the opportunity to host.

Now, I want to honour our guests who have established a criterion in the success of the magazine’s editions and are helping people stay updated with the latest trends.

The magazine has extensive coverage in magazines and actually rules the market, ie the fashion industry.

So we are feeling very happy that these eminent personalities can be a part of our small endeavour and have gathered today to make it successful.

A big thanks to all of you, who not only helped to run this magazine continuously for five years but also made it a huge success!

We started in a very small office and now our magazine is known as one of the iconic names in the fashion industry. We did not ask for any more!

Our in-house team of writers, editors, senior correspondents and the printing department – all from bottom to top – have contributed a lot to the creation of this magazine and helped it become the same it is today.

So today we have gathered not only to celebrate the victory of our magazine but invite suggestions from all of you to help improve it and make it better than yesterday.

It certainly cannot happen overnight and we have to be very patient in dealing with the subject of this magazine.

Ladies and gentlemen, as we all know that the fashion industry is in a state of constant flux and what is relevant today suddenly becomes irrelevant and therefore it is not easy to be able to monitor these rapidly changing trends.

As you all know that through our magazine we help people to shape their tastes, in which they start accepting the latest fashion trends, so to be able to guide them we need to look at different fashion trends One always needs to be at the forefront to understand the shades. The work that can work for a certain section of society may not work for another.

It is not that everything is in practice can work for us because some terrible fashion can flow. In such a case, we, who are writing as experts, will have to remain on our guard, taking us under the ambit of critical opinion.

Now, may I invite the great fashion expert, Mr.________ to join me and say a few words in this regard!

I would also like to request him to give us some real-time analysis of fashion trends and how we can help improve ourselves.

This is all from me and thanks for being such a patient listener!

Hope you all have a wonderful evening today!

Welcome speech for a seminar:

Honourable Chief Guest, Respected Principal, Teachers, and all my Dear Friends!

It gives me a warm welcome for every one of you present in the interest of the entire school committee. I might likewise want to offer my thanks to our regarded judges who have acknowledged our encouragement to direct this school workshop for self-improvement.

________ High School was established in the year of 1919 and has completed 100 glorious years along with providing quality education to its students in various fields.

It is extremely satisfying that the school has accomplished its objectives and goals by arriving at incredible heights.

The school organizes seminars consistently for students to gain information and to be effectively associated with school exercises.

Each subject chosen is to the greatest interests of the students of this school. It is additionally guaranteed that the subject members are enjoyed and preferred.

Last year, the seminar was based on “Accent Improvement” which has greatly helped the students in achieving an excellent accent in the English language.

The reason for the class was to assemble our students just as staff, to communicate in English all the more easily and effectively and to accentuate the significance linking, tension, stagnation and pitch when talking.

Personal development, help students to gain an understanding the life-changing skills and will focus primarily on important aspects such as goal setting, leadership development, improved confidence, effective communication and life coaching.

Like each year, resources of different schools and expert bodies are approached to convey their considerations, thoughts and information regarding the matter.

In any case, the present class will be not quite the same as the past ones, as a private guiding session will also be sorted out for the interested applicants.

Personal development is essential for professionals and students who wish to increase ability in their respective fields.

Through this seminar, students will be able to identify their vulnerable places that include improvements as well as the usual changes needed in their lifestyles.

In addition, students will also be trained on how to improve their social skills.

The agenda of the seminar will include debate, persuasion through various experts’ perspectives and real-life examples.

The school will guarantee to show all the key details on its official site for speedy and simple utilization of all the important aspects of the seminar.

I trust the seminar will be profitable and the next few hours will be enjoyable and fruitful for every one of you.

Thank you very much!

Welcome speech for college function:

Honourable Guests, Respected Principal, Teachers and My Dear Friends

 Warm Good Evening to all of you!

I, ___________ and my co-host _________ welcome every one of you to another annual college function and might want to broaden a note of much appreciated.

The Principal of __________ College comes to acknowledge our invitation and to finish the annual function of our school.

Friends, our guest of honour has made a powerful contribution to the field of research and is working with the Department of Oxford University.

In this way, I feel proud to introduce you to this incredible researcher.

To every fresher who have joined this college this year, I need to disclose to you that consistently our college celebrates the annual function with incredible excitement and makes wonderful memories.

Obviously, it goes without saying that great efforts went in preparing for this day because the preparation could not happen overnight.

It requires careful inspection of every detail as even the slightest carelessness can spoil the entire effort.

So let us appreciate the efforts of all the contestants who are working hard day and night to lustre in their performances.

We have been incredibly fortunate to have support from all sides, for the members as well as for those working behind the stage.

I cannot help appreciating the indomitable spirit of my team members, who at the end of the day went out of their comfort zones to make sure the task was done.

In fact, a special thanks go to our sponsors because without them this event would not have been this excellent.

After a series of exhibitions, there will also be an awarding ceremony, where the students of our college who took an interest at the zonal, state and national level will be rewarded.

So everybody prepares for some power-pressed exhibits of our students and trust me that you won’t dismiss your eyes from them.

The function will run till 6 pm, trailed by the speech s ceremony, where our visitors will address the students at the honour ceremony.

There will also be a question and answer round where our students can ask questions and participate in discussions with our guest.

Finally, tea and breakfast will be served. So, please sit till the end of the program and support our participants.

Friends, this is all from me, thank all of you for being a patient listener. I will see you after this presentation round, till then enjoy the night.


Welcome speech for freshers:

Hello everyone,

Respected Chairman, Honorable Chief Guest, respected Principal, dear students and all my new friends.

I am extremely honoured and privileged to have the opportunity to welcome new members to our prestigious institution, ________ College of Engineering.

On behalf of the entire establishment, I would like to welcome all newcomers and guests to this ceremony and provide an opportunity to mingle with each other.

I healthily congratulate all of you for achieving success in this esteemed school of Engineering.

This is the initial move towards your fantasies and accomplishing your goals. For the next 4 years, you will be a part of this college, we really wish that you get the best knowledge and experience from here.

For students, who are away from their homes and face an issue in settling in another condition, I can guarantee that we are on the whole promptly accessible to tune in to your issues and manage your issues.

The present students are the future of our school and country. I immovably accept that your sincerity and trustworthiness can generally assist you with being a decent and mindful individual.

Obviously, teachers and all other college workers will consistently stay as sailors for your guidance. The responsibility of teachers is not just to impart education, moreover, to develop discipline and characteristics in students.

You should feel secure and ensured under the direction of your teachers and therefore, respect their presence.

Legal occupation shares its own measure of difficulties and delight. This prevents trials and difficulties that very few professions do.

Our college gives equal importance to both theoretical as well as practical education so that you can become a skilled engineer.

When teachers are always available to guide you in your journey, students should also have a thirst to learn, develop the right attitude and humility and above all, believe in discipline, hard work and honesty.

Apart from academic improvement, our college focuses on additional syllabus and conducts annual sports competition every year in the month of January after completion of semester examinations.

We encourage all our students to participate in most sports because we understand that physical exercises not only relax one’s mind but also keep individuals fit.

Some of our students represent the national level college of basketball and football.

I, on behalf of the entire college like to commitment from all our current students and newcomers to maintain a cordial relationship with each other, to honour our seniors, teachers and all other staff members, and to make our parents and us proud.

Wishing you all the best!

Thank You!

Welcome speech for principal:

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen – a warm welcome to all of you!

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome our new Principal for High School Mr.________.

He has been working in a government high school for the last few years and he also has some experience working as the coordinator of the English Department at ________ College and now he is here with us and he joins us with new hopes have been.

He has always been very punctual and polite throughout his life with students and even with all members of the club and faculty.

During our conversations in the past, I have found him very courageous and a great man to handle any issue so calmly with great courage and patience.

Their ideology is unique and determined by others. I welcome you to our institute on behalf of our entire administration, faculty and students.

We hope that by focusing your energy, enthusiasm and education and learning our institution achieves more excellence.

Under your leadership and guidance, we can reach the next level and we also hope that you will contribute your best efforts to improve the condition of our school to a better level.

Thank you very much for joining us and wishing you all the best.

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