Teachers Day Speech

Teacher Day Speech is given on the occasion of the teachers day, it is celebrated all around the world to praise teachers for their special contribution to society.

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 7 September. However, Teacher’s Day is celebrated on different dates by different countries.

In several nations, the celebration is correlated to either well-known personalities or achievement of a revolutionary in the field of education.

In India, Teachers’ Day is celebrated on 5 September to honour teachers for their special contribution to society, while in China it is celebrated on 11 September.

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Why do you need the Teachers Day Speech?

The best place in our lives are the parents who gave birth and brought us into this world, therefore, parents are given the first teacher.

But giving life the right shape, it is the teacher who teaches his the disciple.

This day is celebrated to honour the dedication of all teachers and love towards their students.

This holds great importance for students, as it is a day when students especially come forward and express their gratitude to their teachers.

Teachers Day Speech by Students in English:

Honourable Chief Guest, Respected Teacher Class and my dear friends…

On the occasion of Teacher’s Day, I am Virat Koli here to present a speech on our dear teachers!

Everyone will agree with the fact that Teacher’s Day is one of the exciting days in our life and we the students get an opportunity to teach and behave like our teachers.

There are many of our students standing here who wear saris to teach in classrooms and work in the same way as our teachers do.

Our teachers get a break today and have a chance to enjoy the day with their family and friends, as they spend their time with us forgetting their personal issues in life throughout the year.

We all know that the term ‘teacher’ is difficult to define.

They not only take us on the right path but also help us understand which career to choose because they understand us more than anyone else in this world.

They develop our overall character and personality which make us a confident person and provide the strength to deal with every kind of problem in our life.

Teachers are like other parents, who make a good impact on our lives and are always there to help us get out of a problem whenever we need them.

All of us have imitated our teachers on someday because we consider them our ideal because they provide us with everything we need to make ourselves a good personality.

Every teacher has certain qualities:

1. They interact with students:

Whenever we feel low we always think about our teachers and the conversation helps us overcome those feelings.

They not only impart knowledge about our subjects but they also share their life experiences which help us to analyze our lives and apply the same advice.

2. Motivation and enthusiasm:

All the teachers here will agree that whenever they enter the classes they are always filled with a bright smile and energy that keeps us motivated and active all day.

We praise our teachers and try to be like them.

3. Hard work and dedication:

Teachers are an inspiration to all of us.

His commitment to us that allows us to grow and makes us believe in ourselves and studies us because we feel that we did not let our teachers break trust.

In the end, I would like to thank all my teachers for the hard work that they have put on us which helps us grow in the right way.

Teacher, you are all our guiding force who did not let us fall and made us realize that success is waiting for us after every failure so we should not give up in our life.

Thank you!

Teachers Day Speech by Teacher in English:

Best wishes to Principal, Teachers, Famous Guests and Students on Teacher’s Day.

I welcome you all on a special day of Teachers Day.

Every year on 5 September, Teachers’ Day is organized to pay special respect to teachers.

The birthday of the second President of India, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, is celebrated as the Teacher’s Day of India.

We all pay our respects to Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, an Indian Scientist on his birthday as Teacher’s Day.

He ignited his candle and illuminated his students learning to live in life.


Teachers Day Speech by Principal in English:

Respected vice Principal, teachers and Students, wish you all a very Happy Teacher’s Day.

On this auspicious occasion, I am sharing with you some thoughts related to my teachers.

The service spirit of teachers is unique and different from all other services.

In many other services, such as those working in offices, factories and other institutions, people are more concerned with paper, machines and other lifeless.

But teachers are concerned with children, whose minds are always jumping.

Keeping the minds of children in control and imparting knowledge to them can only be done by a skilled teacher.

Parents of children studying in school have the hope from their teachers that their child comes first in class.

Because of this, many times teachers also have to face inappropriate words spoken by parents of students. Therefore, teachers should work with tolerance and humility.

Teachers are trusted by their students the most. Every word uttered by the teacher is memorized in his mind. Therefore, teachers should always increase their knowledge.

Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan whose birthday is celebrated as Teachers’ Day. He once said that a qualified teacher is the one within whom a student lives.

We expect from a teacher that whatever he says is right, pure and true.

A teacher is like a craftsman who imparts the right knowledge to his students and makes them qualified citizens.

Therefore, teachers have an important role in making any country great and glorious.

By always convincing the students that they can do something, they can become something, only when teachers do a great job.

Teachers elevate children’s behaviour with their creative ideas.

Their aim is to change the lives of their students with their thoughts and take them to higher levels.

I salute all such teachers on this auspicious occasion. Thank you!

Teachers Day Speech by Chief Guest in English

Teachers Day Speech by Chief Guest in English:

Good morning all of you.

Today, on 5 September, all of us have gathered here to celebrate Teachers’ Day.

First of all, a very happy Teacher’s Day to all the teachers present here. I am grateful to all of you for giving me this opportunity to express my thoughts on this occasion.

It is celebrated every year on 5 September. On this day, the former President of the country, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was born.

Dr Radhakrishnan was a scholar and a great teacher. He fulfilled his obligations as a teacher for 40 years of his life. He has contributed a lot in the field of education.

In view of his dedication to education and respect for teachers, his birthday is celebrated as Teachers’ Day.

Our parents give birth to us, but the teacher builds our character by telling us the difference between right and wrong. Teachers make our future bright with the right guidance.

That is why it is said that teachers place themselves above our parents. Without education, we cannot even imagine our lives.

Just as our body needs food, similarly we need the education to move forward in life and achieve heights. A teacher can nobly teach all the students.

Teachers make us a better person by removing the evils within us.

We should always respect and honour our teachers for this contribution of teachers in our lives. On Teacher’s Day, I thank all the teachers.

Congratulations to all of you on Teacher’s Day once again.

Thank you.

Speech on the Importance of Teachers:

Respected Principal, Teacher and my dear classmates

Wish you all a very Happy Teacher’s Day. Teachers are considered the pride of any country and community.

They hold the key to secure our future & they are invisible hands that mould and shape society.

They are pillars of the nation-building process because they help to influence the next generation to become moral, responsible, and productive members of our community.

Their daily work in the classroom will impact the well-being of the economy and the success of society.

Teachers are at the frontline of education and play a major part in shaping values, knowledge and skills of the students.

They impact students at a time when they are most susceptible to influence.

They train students so that they can grow up to fulfil their dreams, passion, and goals and bring out the potential of students, also ignite their worth and contributions.

Some of the students will also become key leaders of the community.

Teachers are gatekeepers, opening doors to opportunities and possibilities that are beyond the predictable prospect.

They are crucibles that forge strength, achievements, and growth of society & they are major equalizers in life.

They help to transfer knowledge, skills and model the right conduct so that students can learn and have equal opportunities to succeed.

Also, help students to develop multiple pathways to achieve their dreams.

Teachers are builders of human lives and architects of the future, their contributions ensure the survival and sustainability of our world.

They are co-authors in crafting life stories and the history of humanity.

To all the teachers present here, thank you.

Short Speech on Teachers Day:

Respected Principal, teachers and my friends.

We have all appeared here to celebrate Teachers’ Day. This day is also very important for students along with teachers.

On this day, we thank our teachers for giving us the knowledge for building our future & Every year on 5 September, we celebrate our teachers’ day.

children’s are the future of our country, teachers also play an important role in guiding the children’s to become ideal citizens.

The teacher is the lamp who fills the light of knowledge in us, Education makes our life to show knowledge and right path.

The great poet Kabirdasji has also said that if both teacher and God are in front, then we should first touch the feet of the teacher.

Because only a teacher gives us knowledge and shows the way to reach God.

Teachers provide education to all students without any discrimination

On this day we can tell our teachers how much their contribution and guidance is important in our life, the relationship between teachers and students becomes stronger.

On this occasion, we students thank all the teachers for their great work. Along with this, hearty congratulations to all the teachers on Teacher’s Day.


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These are a few speeches on Teacher’s Day, written in simple words for all the students of the class, this day is celebrated in India since the year 1962.

On Teachers Day, many entertainment programs like dance, music, speech, etc. are also organized in schools, colleges and coaching institutes.

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