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Vote of Thanks Speech in English (Sample Speeches)

Vote of thanks speech is given at the end of any ceremony or event, to express gratitude to the people and thank them for their efforts or to join the program.

A good vote of thanks speech should be included,

Thank you to all who helped, directly or indirectly, to make this event a success.

Thanked the people who attended the ceremony, etc.

Here we had described the ideas for a vote of thanks speech are as follows:

Vote of Thanks

Vote of Thanks for a function:

The best and beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt from the heart. “Thank You” is one of those prayers.

I consider it a great honour to thank all the dignitaries who saw it as a memorable and successful event.

Vote of thanks for Chief Guest:

Today my words are not enough to express my appreciation.

On behalf of our school/college, I would like to thank our chief guest ________who encouraged us, with his idea to provide the right platform for our school/college.

Vote of thanks for Principal:

I would like to thank our beloved Principal for all the words of wisdom, which are a source of energy within us.

We will ever be great to you and we thank you for being with us today.

Vote of thanks for teachers:

Sincere thanks, goes to all our faculties/teachers who are our other parents who always stand by us, guide us, lead us and motivate us.

We take pride and thank you for making us feel happy with our presence at this ceremony.

Vote of thanks for Volunteers:

We have been lucky enough to be supported by a very interested and devoted student committee and a team of volunteers.

I cannot thanks everybody for their involvement, but they have shown the willingness towards the ceremony and accomplishment of tasks beyond their comfort zones.

Last but not least, I thank all the students for showing their interest in this program.

Once again, many thanks to everyone gathered here.

Vote of thanks for a function in school:

I convey my best wishes to the honourable chief guest, respected Chairman, beloved principal, teachers, parents and my dear friends.

I, ____________ the Students of ____________ consider the occasion as an honor and privilege to extend the Vote of Thanks.

Once a great man whispered, “Feeling thankfulness and not expressing it, is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”

Today, I take the opportunity to put all my gratitude into words.

On behalf of the school management and all the students I would like to thank our chief guest _____________for taking his precious time out and consenting to be the Chief Guest. Sir, indeed you’re words have inspired the students.

I thank our Respected Chairman ___________ who graced us with his presence and guidance. Thank you, sir, for sharing with us your words of wisdom.

We have been fortunate to be assisted by our principal ___________. You have been a constant support and you have given us a lot of encouragement. Thank you, Ma’am.

I thank all the parents for their presence this morning. You always help us in carrying out such important events.

Last but not least, I thank all the students for showing their interest in the program. I once again thank everyone for making this program successful.

Vote of thanks for the seminar:

The Chief Guest of the day honoured Mr _________ (Name).

Respected Principle ________ (Name), Our HOD ______ (Name), Teachers and My Dear Friends.

I think, it’s a great honour to mention thanks to all, who have assisted us, make this seminar such an outstanding success.

First of all, I would like to advise a sincere ‘vote of thanks’ to our chief guest Mr________ (Name) for today’s seminar.

I would like to thanks our presenters Mr _______ (name) for making outstanding presentations and making this Seminar attractive and significant.

What’s more, I also want to express my genuine thankfulness to our Principal Mr_________ (Name) for his essence in this seminar.

I would also like to thank our HOD Mr________ (name) for his moral support and guidance.

I am happy to precise my “Vote of Thanks” to our staff members, who have made this seminar a grand success.

During the seminar, we have organized a variety of events.

Stage events such as ________, off stage events such as ________.

I thanks all the people, who have contributed awesomely and making the event success.

I would like to thank the coordinators of all the events for making this seminar an abundant success.

We are also thankful to all the supporting organization.

I would like to thank the volunteers who have been running around, doing a lot of things.

Finally, the delightful students, who have twisted up in such great numbers, not only from our branch but also from other departments of the College.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Once again, I thank you all for your pleasant cooperation.

Thank you

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Vote of thanks for the conference:

Good Evening Everyone.

The three days of the conference were very attractive and very fascinating.

So conduct me for five minutes, because it is not just the coordinator, but a very big team behind me.

Which you have not heard, which really put this conference together.

First of all, I would like to thank Mr._______ for sparing your valuable time.

And I think it would be encouraging to know that you identified our trends and based our session on strategic trends and scenarios.

My heartfelt thanks go to Mr. __________, you have been exceptionally supportive and been behind the scene.

The audience has also been exceptionally supportive and very helpful for any obstacle that I faced and therefore thank you very much.

I have been exceptionally very impressed and touched by the ability of the contestants and I think they deserve a big round of applause.

We are really being able to connect with me and really stick to answering the questions set for you.

And I think this service is an exceptionally difficult task, but you completed it!

Let me thanks our conference team _________ and ______ who are exceptional in helping me.

I want to thank my computer team for ___________and _________, who have been sitting here for two-three days.

In the end, I must say that the audience has been exceptional because a conference cannot be successful without discipline and a very busy audience.

And the thing I appreciated the most is all of you came back to the hall on time, which enabled us.

So thank you all and have a wonderful evening.

Remember few rules for Vote of Thanks Speech:

Do not summarize the lecture given by the speaker, or take it as a second speech because the audience gets tired after the program.

Do not give it a long speech, but wind it up within a few sentences.

Don’t forget to thank the audience and sponsors as well.

Announce your next event in your vote of thanks.

Practice before the speech, because even during a vote of thanks, a few sentences can open up some opportunities for you to speak.

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Conclusion for Vote of Thank:

Vote of Thanks Speech must be at the end of the function. The Speech must be small, in which you must thanks to the Chief Guest, Principals, Teachers, Volunteers, Audience, and Sponsors, etc.


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