Farewell speech | How do you deliver a farewell speech?

Farewell speech | How do you deliver a farewell speech?

Farewell speech

Farewell speech, before hearing these words, the first memories of school, college comes to mind and the heart gets overjoyed with the old memories.

Even after this we give and take various farewells in life, so what are these farewells!

Meaning of Farewell:

When we say goodbye to someone or when someone else separates from us, saying goodbye to them is called Farewell or farewell.

Farewell is made up of 2 words: Fare + Well, in this Fare is derived from the Old English word Faran, which means – towards the journey, so we can also assume Farewell to mean that the person taking off Have a nice and happy journey.

Just as we explained the meaning of Farewell in the above-mentioned sentences, similarly Farewell speech is also given by the person who leaves or the person who leaves from a person.

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Farewell speech quotes:

Farewell speech is much more than a simple ‘goodbye’, ‘see you later’ and ‘thank you’, etc. and the mind of both the departure and departure parties I leave my mark along with golden memories.

A well-known Farewell speech makes the moment of farewell special, recognizes the prestige and offers a chance to express gratitude to the person, who took that farewell.

Farewell speech for seniors:

The best closing ceremony farewell speech given by a junior to a senior in college are as follow:

Dear Respected Seniors,

Good morning /afternoon /evening everyone,

This is Rahul. I cannot thank you enough for giving me all the most love, care and awesome support for sharing so much time and having a great bond.

This is a special moment for all of us and personally, it matters even more to me, as it is a farewell party for our valued and respected seniors, who were not only my best associates but my best friends were also.

Yes, you guys have shared your experiences of academic life and we are very grateful to all of you, especially me.

Contrary to the belief that what I did about you was completely the opposite. I learned a lot from you, hearty laughter and timely deadlines, pressures and challenges of projects.

Whenever I came to any of you, help me with a problem, thank you for helping us.

It was truly memorable together in the company of my superiors, while we enjoyed it very much.

Thank you

Best farewell speech:

Regards to our respected teachers, our seniors and my dear colleagues. I thank you wholeheartedly for this presence of all of you at the farewell ceremony of seniors.

I am a student of 1st semester of MBA. I am happy that I have had the opportunity to speak a few words to my seniors at this farewell ceremony and have had the wonderful opportunity to share the moments spent with my seniors. However, I want to start my speech with this line:

For all of our juniors, this moment of separation from all the seniors who support you is a moment of sorrow, because now all of us will be separated from the shadow of our seniors.

However, it is also a happy occasion for our seniors, as they are going to build their careers after college and now they will get a chance to join new companies for their bright future.

On this occasion, I wish all my seniors the best of luck in their journey to the future and wish them the best in the institution they are associated with and show their talent in the school/college.

Seniors are those who help create a good school/college environment and always inspire juniors to do better by showcasing their talent better. There are seniors who not only help juniors at every turn but also teach a lot.

You, seniors, have also inspired us in our different ways and encouraged us to move forward. All of us have never felt neglected in your presence, but we feel like a unified family.

Every single moment you spend with seniors is very beautiful and memorable, just like during the exam in college, you helped us to give a detailed plan and some important topics and gave your precious time to play basketball with us in the college campus.

Apart from this, you supported us in all the functions held in the college, all those moments are very memorable.

Apart from this, you all made us realize that our first goal is education and knowledge to fulfil our responsibilities towards our family, society and country.

Along with this, you seniors shared their bad and good experiences with us and cautioned us for the challenges ahead and gave our immense love and affection and supported us from time to time during studies, for which we all Juniors will always be grateful to you guys.

This is a moment of sorrow for us, we all have to say goodbye. On this occasion, I want to tell all of you that you should always keep in touch with us and keep giving you valuable advice to us.

I wish all of you a good future and a successful life. And pausing my words to say a sentence that –


Farewell speech for principal:

Respected Principal Sir, my humble good morning to you all, Sir and Madam. My name is_______and I study in class______.

Today at the farewell ceremony of our principal I want to express my feelings about him.

Although the relationship between the Principal and the disciple is quite deep, which never ends, understanding the beauty of time, we have to get separated from our principal.

The same moment is still today, when you are leaving all our students alone, due to which all of us are very sad, because like you, happy, shortage of teachers who always help others, we will always eat all the students.

However, on the other hand, we are also happy that you are going to another big institute, becoming the Principal.

You are the wonder of all our students and a better principal, who not only taught us to follow discipline and rules but also taught us to be in discipline and to follow rules.

You have also contributed significantly to develop our thinking and encourage us to move forward.

You have taught us all how to make our life successful and how to face problems, and you have not left us in every difficult time, which I cannot say in words.

Apart from this, you contributed a lot to our college teaching and other creative work.

With your cooperation and creative thinking, you have made the events of all our programs very easy and interesting.

Apart from this, we have been guided by all the students to boost our morale and to be confident with happiness, every single moment spent with you is very beautiful and memorable.

Not only this, you made a difficult subject like chemistry very simple and interesting by your way of teaching.

You are also our father and friend as a teacher who behaves like a teacher at the time of studies and shows the right path by behaving strictly like a father on our mistakes and also behaves like a friend in times of need.

You are a very responsible and always caring person and an ideal principal for all of us. You not only made us capable today but also inspired us to move forward, for which we will always be grateful to you.

Types the Farewell Speech:

By the way, Farewell speech is given on various occasions and for this reason, there are many types of it. But mainly Farewell speech can have the following types:

  1. The farewell speech was given by junior students or senior students in school or college.
  2. Speech to be given while leaving the office.
  3. The farewell speech was given on retirement.
  4. Eulogy speech is also given on the death of a person.

Thus Farewell speeches are given on various occasions. In spite of being different, there is a commonality and that is Emotions.

How should be a farewell speech, so that it touches the heart of people, and makes their mind filled with happiness?

Therefore, a Farewell speech should include the following:

Truth and honesty: While giving speech well your feelings and your words should be pure. There should be no consistency in it since both sides work with each other.

They themselves and other people know about their mutual behaviour, so if there is a false statement in the Farewell speech, everyone realizes it and the speech does not leave an impact.

Positivity: Farewell speech should have positive thinking, which results in good results.

We should not take this opportunity to reprimand each other about old bitter things, but instead of taking advantage of this opportunity, we should forget the old grievances and exchange wishes for the time to come.

According to the audience: Depending on where you are going to deliver the Farewell speech, you should prepare your Farewell speech, otherwise, the listeners cannot connect with it and they find it boring. We can understand this with the following examples:

This speech should include the following points:

How long did you stay with that company, club, etc?

What did you like in that company, club or neighbourhood, what influenced you there, what good moments did you spend there?

And what is the characteristics of the people of that place, what are the qualities that you like?

What are you feeling when you leave that place?

The people you worked with have spent so much time, thanking them for their help, advice and friendly behaviour.

Some memorable stories during this time are also included in their Farewell speech, the speech touches the hearts of the people.

Despite being so close to the heart, the reason why you are leaving this place can also be included in the Farewell speech.

Where are you leaving this place and what are your future plans, you can also share it with your colleagues.

And in the end, wishing your colleagues and friends a bright future will show your gratitude.

Like the points mentioned above, the emotions remain the same, the sender changes. Nevertheless, some points are as follows:

Which thing you like best about the person being bid farewell should be included in his Farewell Speech, this person also realizes his feeling and feels good.

Your farewell speech will touch that person’s heart by mentioning the farewell of that person to the lives of all other people and mentioning what you will remember the person the most.

Best wishes for that person’s progress and good future.

Ways to deliver a Farewell speech:

If you are going to give a farewell speech, then there can be 3 ways, which you can adapt according to your convenience and function. These methods are as follows:

Reading your speech: If this farewell is affecting you emotionally, then this is the most appropriate way. Make an outline of what you want to say, read your speech.

Also, while printing it, keep in mind that the size of the words is large and there is enough difference between the two lines, otherwise there may be difficulty in reading.

Use of Sign Cards: If you give your Farewell speech by writing keywords on the card, it will be more effective than just reading the speech.

Numbers should be written on these cards. It also has the advantage that by connecting one point to another, you are able to say your point and further things are also clearly understood and they are successful in getting responses from people as well.

Give speech by memorizing: If you have time to prepare and memorize a Farewell speech, you can adopt this method; with this, you can interact with the peoples easily.

But if you forget something somewhere in the middle, then you also have to come to the art of handling the Farewell Speech well, otherwise, your Farewell Speech will fail.

By adopting the methods mentioned above, you can make your Farewell memorable.

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Precious Word of Farewell:

While saying goodbye to someone, one should often send them in such a way that your words sit in their mind forever. Some such precious words are being given here, which you can say to them while separating from your friends.

The word goodbye is for those who live in the eyes. There is no word like goodbye for those who live in the mind.

  • How happy I am that I have something that makes me sad while saying goodbye, and it becomes difficult for me to say goodbye.
  • What we call the beginning is often an end and it gives birth to a beginning. Often where we start is actually an end.
  • There is no word like goodbye for us, wherever you are, you will remain in my mind.
  • If you are brave enough to say goodbye, then your life will definitely tell you a new hello.
  • This is not goodbye my friend!
  • Don’t cry for it ended, but celebrate it for the done.
  • Human emotions are the most sacred in two periods, one when he meets someone and the other when he is separated from him.
  • Never say goodbye. Because saying goodbye means going away & as goodbye means forgetting some & bye forever.
  • Only by saying goodbye can we realize the depths of our love.
  • We will meet again. Where and when but I know, we will meet again on a sunny day.
  • All endings have a new beginning.
  • A goodbye will never be painful if you say a new hello after this goodbye.
  • I feel like I don’t need to say goodbye to you because maybe we are going to meet again soon.
  • Moving forward is a lot easier than staying back.
  • Saying goodbye, it is understood that what you had, did you lose and did you accept the right without proof.
  • Life is a journey and not a fixed place to stay here.
  • Goodbye does not last forever, nor is it an end. Its simple meaning is that you will keep remembering us till we meet again.
  • It is constantly meeting and laying. No person can always be happy.
  • The two most difficult tasks in life are to call someone, hello and someone to say goodbye.

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