My Hobby Essay

Hobby is a person’s favorite activity, habit or choice that he or she regularly undertakes in their spare time for pleasure and enjoyment.

In the form of hobby a person can read books, someone can play tomorrow or give music etc. It depends on his personal interest.

My Hobby Essay 100 words:

Hobby is a person’s favorite activity, habit that he regularly performs in his spare time for pleasure.

My favorite hobby is playing football in free time.

After completing my household chores at home, I usually spend a lot of my free time playing football.

I was fond of playing football since childhood but started learning to play well when I was 5 years old.

My father asked my class teacher in PTM about my football hobbies and my teacher told him that the school has daily sports facilities from class 1, so you can enroll your child.

Now, I really like to play football and participate in inter-school competitions.

Short Essay on My Hobby 150 words:

My hobby is to read whether it is a newspaper, a news, a novel, a GK book or an informative book written by any good writer.

I always read story books, newspapers, magazines, and any other material that I find interesting in my spare time.

This my hobby of reading books was noticed by my father for the first time and he inspired me by saying that it is a very good habit to be given naturally to my son, never take away this habit and put it into practice.

I was just a little boy and I was very interested in reading fairy tales and other stories given by my parents.

Now I am 10 years old and study in 5th grade, now I really know the benefits of my reading habit.

This enables me to gain all general knowledge about any subject and this habit has learned me about the wonders of the world, the history of the origin of life, space, animals, plants, aquatic animals, human achievements and other fascinating things about the world.

My Favorite Hobby Essay 200 words:

My hobby is to read interesting and informative books in my spare time.

Whenever I go home from my school, I like to read such books after completing my housework.

I am 12 years old and I study in 7th grade.

Now I know very well that reading is a very good habit that can make me complete.

In this essay, we describe that the hobby can be developed by anyone but I have found it naturally.

A person is always happy and busy reading books.

It is a good source of pleasure, knowledge, inspiration and education makes us disciplined, loyal, punctual and most importantly a successful person in life.

No one can feel lonely and disturbed through reading books.

I think this habit is more valuable than gold or other precious stones of the world.

It gives us a high level of knowledge, best ideas to work in many fields.

Good and interesting books are his best friends who love to read.

He who does not have this habit may have worldly wealth, but due to lack of wealth of true knowledge he will always be poor.

The habit of reading books can be acquired at an early age.

Essay on My Hobby 250 words:

My hobby is watching TV, I love watching TV in my spare time.

Watching TV is my hobby but it never hinders my studies.

At first I like to complete my school housework and then study well.

I think I have a good hobby because watching TV gives me good knowledge in many fields.

I usually watch news and search channels on TV including Animal Planet, also watch good cartoons that give me new and creative ideas for making art and cartoons.

My parents appreciate my hobbies and they become very happy when they hear all the latest news through me in my voice.

Now, I am 8 years old and studying in class 3, but I develop this hobby since childhood.

Truly watching TV plays a very important role in our lives, it benefits greatly when used in creative ways.

It keeps us updated about all the news and happenings around the world.

Due to large scale competition, knowledge about events has become a necessity of modern society, it offers a lot of benefits as it improves our knowledge as well as keeps the information our lifestyle.

There are various new programs on TV that are specifically relayed to raise our awareness of matters around the world.

There are various subjective programs about history, mathematics, economics, science, geography, culture etc. to increase our knowledge.

Essay on My Favorite Interest 300 words:

Hobby is a special and most interesting habit of any person compared to other habit.

Hobby is very essential to be with everyone because it creates a busy and free mind. It never leaves us alone and protects us from psychological problems.

I still remember that when I was just 3 years old I usually loved spending my free time in my lush green garden.

I love going to the garden every morning with my father and when I was a kid, my father would usually laugh at me by watering plants.

But now he has become so proud of me that I do something to save the life of plants and understand their value and importance in the existence of life on earth.

Hobbies are activities of our daily life that we should do that helps us avoid the daily crush of life.

It gives us unlimited happiness and peace of body, mind and soul.

Also, draws our mind towards creativity and encourages us to do something better in life.

It helps us discover our talents and abilities and uses them in the right direction.

Our hobbies keep our mind fresh and calm by keeping us away from daily life.

My favorite hobby is gardening and I love planting new plants and watering them every morning.

The joy of seeing flowers bloom and plants growing.

I really feel a sense of great achievements and feel the fact of life.

It helps me to keep myself fit, healthy, strong and fresh.

Watering plants and gardening on a daily basis is the best exercise for me that positively shields my mind and body.




Good hobbies dramatically improve our personality and character traits as well as our performance.

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