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In this Cleanliness Essay, we had described the cleanliness and hygiene practices in school, the importance of cleanliness & much more.

Cleanliness is a state of cleaning and it is the only way to achieve good physical and mental health and to keep away from dirtiness.

In this article Essay on Cleanliness, we had provided the essays in different word limits, which you can use as per your need:

Short Essay on Cleanliness 100 words:

Cleanliness is a good habit and healthy way of our healthy life.

All types of hygiene are very important for our good health whether it is personal hygiene, surrounding hygiene, environmental hygiene, pet hygiene or workplace hygiene (such as schools, colleges, offices, etc.)

We all need to be highly aware of maintaining cleanliness in our daily lives, it is very easy to include cleanliness in your habit.

We should never compromise with cleanliness, it is as important as food and water for us.

It should be practised from childhood which can only be undertaken by each parent as the first and important responsibility.

Cleanliness Essay 150 words:

Cleanliness is a good habit that everyone should have for a healthy life and a standard lifestyle.

Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has started a cleanliness campaign called “Swachh Bharat” or ” Swachh Bharat Abhiyan “.

We should understand that cleanliness is not only the responsibility of our Prime Minister, but it is the responsibility of every person living on this earth.

We should actively participate in this campaign for the healthy life of all of us.

Cleanliness initiatives should be taken at home, school, college, society, community, office, organization and country level to bring about Swachh Bharat Revolution across India.

We need to clean ourselves, home, surrounding areas, society, community, city, garden and environment daily.

We all should understand the motto, importance and necessity of cleanliness and try to implement it in our daily lives.

The hygiene among students in schools is promoted through many activities such as cleaning the school premises, classrooms, laboratories, making posters on cleanliness, waste segregation, essay writing, painting on hygiene, poetry lessons, group discussions, documentary videos, etc.

Essay on Cleanliness 200 words:

Cleanliness should be taken first and foremost by all. Everyone should understand that cleanliness in the form of food and water is essential.

However, we should give priority to cleanliness instead of food and water.

We can be healthy only when we keep everything inside us in a very clean and hygienic manner.

Childhood is a happy time in everyone’s life, during which the habit of cleaning is to be used only in walking, speaking, running, reading, eating, etc. under the careful and regular supervision of parents.

In schools and colleges, students are given a lot of projects and household chores on the subject of different types of cleanliness.

This is a very important topic now, because, due to lack of cleanliness, a large population is dying every day.

Therefore it is very important to be aware of the importance and necessity of cleanliness in our lives.

Conclusion of Cleanliness:

We all need to take a step towards cleanliness to save thousands of lives and give them a healthy life. Our Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a campaign called ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyan‘.

As an Indian citizen, all of us should show our active participation in fulfilling the aims and objectives of this campaign.


Essay on Cleanliness of Environment 250 words:

Cleanliness is not a job that we have to do to earn money, rather it is a very good habit that we must do for good health and healthy life.

Cleanliness is one of the biggest virtues that everyone should follow as a big responsibility to raise the standard of living.

We should take care of our hygiene, pet hygiene, environmental hygiene, surrounding cleanliness and worksite cleanliness.

To maintain the cleanliness of our environment, we should not cut down trees and plant more and more trees.

This is not a vigorous action but we should do it in peace. It keeps us mentally, physically, socially and intellectually healthy.

A small step of all of us can be converted into a big step. When a young child can learn to walk, speak and run very successfully, he or she can develop a hygiene habit from childhood when promoted by parents.

Parents teach their child to walk by holding the index finger as it is very necessary to live a full life.

They should understand that cleanliness is also very important to live a healthy and long life, so they should make a habit of hygiene in their children.

This is a big step to bring cleanliness in our children’s habit.

 This is only a generation of 4 to 5 years old because in modern times our young child has become smart enough to understand everything.

Cleanliness Essay 300 words

Cleanliness Essay 300 words:

Cleanliness is a clean habit which is very essential for all of us.

Cleanliness is a habit of keeping our house, pets, surroundings, environment, pond, river, schools etc. as well as physically and mentally clean.

We should keep ourselves clean and well prepared at all times. It helps in creating a good personality and impression in society as it reflects a clean character.

We must maintain the environment and natural resources (water, food, land, etc.) with the cleanliness of our body to make the possibility of life on earth everlasting.

Cleanliness makes us healthy in every way mental, physical, social and intellectual.

Usually, we all notice in our homes that our grandmother and mother are very strict about cleanliness before pooja, this is not the second thing and they just try to make cleanliness a habit.

But they run the wrong way because they never describe to us the benefits and objectives of cleanliness as to why we have problems in the following cleanliness.

Every parent should logically describe and discuss the benefits, purpose, necessity etc. of hygiene to their children.

They have to tell us that cleanliness like food and water is the first and important thing in our life.

We should always take care of our personal and surrounding cleanliness to make our future bright and healthy.

We should bathe with soap, rub our nails and wear well washed and pressed clothes daily. We should learn from our parents how to keep the house clean and hygienic.

We should not make our surroundings dirty because it spreads diseases. Every time we go to eat something we should wash our hands with soap.

We should drink safe, clean and well pure water throughout the day, never eat junk food, stale foods or other prepared liquids.

Essay on Cleanliness 400 words:

Cleanliness is the task of keeping our body, mind, dress, house, surroundings and another work area clean and hygienic.

Cleanliness of the body is very important for our physical and mental health.

Cleanliness of the surrounding areas and environment is very essential for social and intellectual health.

We should bring cleanliness in our habits and remove the dirt from everywhere forever because dirt is the mother who gives birth to various diseases.

If he does not bathe daily, wears dirty clothes, keeps the house and surrounding environment dirty, etc.

Dirty things in the vicinity of house cause germs, bacteria, viruses and fungus.

People with dirty habits also cause the spread of dangerous and deadly (fatal) diseases. Infectious diseases spread over vast areas and cause people to become ill and sometimes death.

Therefore, we should take care of our hygiene regularly. Whenever we eat something we should wash our hands thoroughly with soap.

We always keep our face and whole body clean and hygienic by repeated bathing. We should take care of our clothes and wear clean washed clothes only for our good physical and mental health.

Cleanliness improves confidence level and self-esteem as well as respect for others. It is a good habit that always keeps us happy.

This makes us feel very proud in the society. Cleanliness is very important to maintain our healthy lifestyle and standard of living.

It plays a great role in popularizing a person. Various programs and civil laws have been run and implemented by the Government of India to promote awareness about cleanliness among the general public across India.

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We all should get clean habits from our childhood and move forward throughout our life. Dirt gives rise to moral evil but cleanliness gives rise to moral purity.

A person with clean habits can destroy his bad desires and dirty thoughts very easily.

We should take care of the garbage of our daily lives and keep it in the garbage only for proper disposal and prevent the infection from spreading around the house or nearby.

However, cleanliness is not the responsibility of only one person; it is the responsibility of everyone living in the home, society, community and country.

We must understand its diverse aspects to benefit fully. We all should take a cleanliness pledge that we never dirty and never see anyone dirty.

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