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An election can usually be termed as a decision or opinion making process, which is used to elect candidates for a specific position.

Election plays a particularly important role in the democratic nature of a country’s government.

It is a method used in choosing representatives of the public.

Essay on Election 200 words:

Election is the process through which people express their opinions through public voting and conduct elections to send candidates to public offices.

Elections are considered the basis of democracy because it ensures that the government elected through elections is of the people, by the people and for the people.

A free and fair election shows signs of a healthy democracy in a country.

Through elections, citizens of a country express their acceptance or refusal to do government policies and work.

There can be elections for different positions and levels in a country, it can be the President, Parliamentary, Legislature or Council.

Elections are conducted by an electoral agency, which is assigned to an autonomous body to conduct peaceful and fair elections in the country.

The entire electoral process is taken care of by the agency, beginning with registering political parties for the election until the election results are declared.

Election gives rights in the hands of the public and gives them the freedom to choose the government of their choice which will work for their development and development.

It also keeps an eye on the functioning of the government as they have to come before the public after the completion of their term.

Election in India Essay 300 words:

India is a democratic country and the importance of elections in a democratic country can never be ignored.

Elections in India play a very important role in the country’s politics and its overall development and progress.

During the British rule, India was under the constitutional monarchy of the British Queen and had no self-government.

However, after independence, it became a democratic republic country with a government that is elected by its citizens.

Types of Elections in India:

Elections were held to elect the President, Lok Sabha (General Election), Rajya Sabha, State Legislature and local bodies.

The elections in which the public is directly involved are the General Election (MP) and the State Legislative Assembly (MLA) for the election of the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister of the State respectively.

What is the role of Election Commission of India?

The Election Commission of India is the highest autonomous electoral agency of India involved in the supervision and administration of the entire election process.

It has been entrusted with the responsibility of compromise constitutional status to political parties, completing the nomination process, enforcing model code of conduct, taking care of the complete voting process, result declaration as well as an independent, fair and transparent election process.

Election Process in India:

The election process in India begins after the announcement of election dates, followed by the filing of nominations by candidates, which is scrutinized and accepted by the Election Commission.

Voting is done on the election date in the respective constituencies through an electronic voting machine (EVM).

Any Indian citizen who has attained the age of 18 years with valid proof of identity can cast his / her vote in the election.

Votes are counted on the day of the declaration of the result and the winner of a large number of votes is declared the winner.


Election in India is considered a festival of democracy because it is the day that gives people immense power to exercise their right to vote which can change the destiny of a nation.

The Election is also a platform on which a voter sees a new light of hope for strengthening the nation and nation-building.

Election essay

Election Essay 400 words:

Election campaigns or political campaigns are a set of activities and efforts made to encourage the public or a particular group to influence their views and garner them support in elections.

It also helps in shaping public opinion in favor of a particular political party or candidate.

The campaigns are used to highlight the achievements of a political party through print and electronic media.

What is the importance of election campaign?

The importance of election campaigns during elections can be understood from the fact that huge amounts are spent by political parties on these campaigns.

It plays an important role in the following ways:

Knowing public demands:

Election campaigns is a way by which political parties try to bring public opinion to the fore through public meetings, rallies, road shows and interviews.

It gives them a platform through which they convey their message to the citizens so that they support them in the elections.

Forum for debate:

Political campaigns also provide a platform for healthy debate between political rivals.

This gives them an equal opportunity to showcase their achievements and highlight the weaknesses of their rivals which helps the public to give their opinion for the election.

Public Access:

Reaching out to the public to understand the ground reality of an area is also an important step and election campaigning is made possible through local public meetings, open dialogue, personal communication, direct public interaction and more.

Election campaign in India- Election essay

Political parties in India gear up for campaigning just before the start of elections.

The campaign begins with huge rallies, large public meetings, door to door canvassing, surplus road shows etc.

Large-scale dissemination is also done through print and electronic media.

Newspapers, radio, TV etc. are highly used for election campaigns highlighting the achievements, policies and promises of political parties.

With the availability of most affordable Internet services, election campaigns have gone digital and have also made their way onto social media platforms.

Benefits of political campaigns:

From the point of view of political parties, the election campaign plays an important role in persuading voters in the election process.

It helps them reach out to the public for direct contact and share their policies and promises.

From a public view, election campaigns help candidates to know their policies and form an opinion towards them.

It also gives a platform where they can highlight their issues and interact directly with the candidates.


Elections and election campaigns indicate the presence of a healthy democracy in a country, it gives the public the right choice to vote for the right candidate and stable government.

Election campaigns can sometimes be ludicrous and misleading so one must always trust their instinct, intelligence and use their voting wisely before arriving at any decision.

Essay on Election 500 words:

Election in a democratic country is considered a ‘festival of democracy’ because it is an instrument through which the destiny and future of a country is decided.

It is therefore important that citizens of a country understand the importance of elections and know how their single vote can shape the chance of their nation.

In order to make publicly informed decisions, election awareness is the most important step in an electoral process.

Importance of election / voting awareness:

During the election, each vote has a high importance so it is important that it makes sense for the right candidate.

Electoral awareness helps to make people aware of the electoral process, educates them to know the background of political parties, their manifesto and candidates so that they take a right decision and vote for a qualified candidate.

Election awareness also educates people about the importance of voting and how it can be used for their welfare, growth and development.

It also makes them aware of the seductive and deceptive election campaigns of political parties and they do not fall prey to cash, liquor or gifts in return for their votes.

How to spread voting / election awareness:

Electoral awareness can be spread in the following ways:

Voter Awareness Forum: During elections, the Election Agency organizes the Voter Awareness Forum (VAF) at various places to generate discussion and awareness around the electoral process.

People can ask their questions and be resolved by VAF volunteers on the spot.

Through print and electronic media: Electoral awareness can also be created through various print and electronic media campaigns.

It helps people understand the entire electoral process and the value of their right to vote.

Organizing skits and street theater: Skits and play are the best media to generate an idea in the minds of the audience.

Street theaters, especially in the rural area, can be of great help in educating people in villages so that they use their voting properly and use it wisely.

Things to know before you vote- Election essay:

Keep some important points in mind before casting your important vote.

1) Check your name in the voter list.

2) Know your polling station.

3) Get to know your booth level officer.

4) Get to know your candidate.

You can check all the information through voter helpline number, online election portal or the officer-in-charge of your constituency.

To cast your vote at a polling station, you must also keep a valid proof of identity.


Election awareness is very important to motivate people so that they participate in the electoral process and help in building a healthy democracy in the country.

The electoral agency of a country does its work by running several awareness campaigns in the country or state, but the effort does not reach every corner.

Therefore, it is the prime responsibility of the youth of the country to educate the people about the importance of elections and make them understand the power of voting, only then we can give real importance to democracy.

Essay on election

Election Essay 600 words:

Elections are one of the important pillars on which the country’s democracy rests.

It empowers its citizens so that they can use it to elect the government of their choice that works for their betterment and protects their rights and freedoms.

It also helps in the creation of new leaders who can lead the nation on all fronts and ensure progress, prosperity and development in the country.

Why do we need elections?

Election is considered the essence of democracy and it is the method by which most governments of the world are formed.

It not only helps the public to choose the representative of their choice, but also keeps a check on them.

Elections also play an important role in a country in the following aspects:

For a healthy democracy:

Democracy, as we know it, is a form of government where power is in the hands of its citizens and free and fair elections are a sign of a healthy democracy.

It gives people the right to vote so that they can choose the government of their choice that works for their welfare.

Government Monitoring:

Elections also keep an eye on the government as it is held at a fixed interval and can be changed if the government runs its policies against the welfare of the public.

It acts as a medium through which the politics of a country is controlled by its citizens.

Self-Corrective Measures for Government:

From the government aspect, the election serves as a self-corrective measure as it helps them to review their performance at a regular interval, work for public welfare and frame policies that appeal to citizens so that they can support the government through voting as a vote.

Full control:

In an oppressive government, supreme power is in the hands of an individual, such as a monarchy or dictatorship.

Elections prevent the country from being autocratic because it places power in the hands of its people and distributes it equally among all and conducts elections at fixed intervals.

Importance of Elections in India:

Election in a democratic country helps to maintain democracy directly by involving its citizens in choosing a government for the country.

People from different backgrounds, communities, classes etc. are involved in the election process, so that their valuable opinions can be expressed through elections.

This gives them an option where they can select a candidate without any pressure or force, who speaks for them and represents them on a very large stage.

Elections not only represent the majority of people but it also talks about the minority.

It respects the opinion of both in electing a government that gives those equal opportunities, equal distribution of income and equal rights over the resources of the country.

A government elected through public voting will always work for inclusive development without discrimination or favoritism and will focus on making the country strong and developed.



Conclusion for Election Essay:

Elections play an important role in maintaining democracy in the country and protecting it from disorder and dictatorship.

It empowers people and gives them the option to form the government of their choice in the country, it is a tool that helps every class and community to rise and speak through its representatives.

It also monitors the government and its policies as it has to come out to the public during elections and can be changed if their policies and actions are against public welfare.

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