Nuclear Family vs Joint Family Essay

Mostly, there are two types of the family i.e. Joint family and Nuclear family, joint family systems are very ancient in the society of India.

Many differences are found in various religions, castes in terms of property rights, marriage, divorce etc. Yet the ideal of joint family is acceptable.

The reason for joint family in India lies in ancient traditions and ideals in addition to the economy of the farming.

This ideal is transmitted to the people through the epic of Ramayana and Mahabharata, but nowadays people are living in single family.

Prior to single family people lived together in joint family, there was a head in the joint family, whom everyone believed.

Joint families are ending nowadays and there has been an increase in single-family due to many reasons.

Nuclear Family vs. Joint Family Essay:


A typical single family is a husband, a wife, some children, the number of members in a nuclear family is very small.

In the joint family system, the number of dependents living under the roof is very large.

The grandparents, married brothers, sisters, son’s wives, grandchildren, grandchildren, other dependents and relatives living in a joint family.


The responsibility of one nuclear family rests on the couple.

The joint family system places a responsibility on the head of the family, trains elderly youth for various occupations, marries them, gives them the start of life, and takes care of the frail and the old.

Binding of unity and affection:

Compared to the nuclear family, there are higher bonds of unity and affection between members of each other family and relationships in a joint family.

In a joint family, the prosperity and adversity of the family are shared equally.


A subsistence single family is dependent on the spouse or both.

A joint family system ensures the least subsistence of all family members


In single family, young couples get more freedom, they can do the things they love freely.

They can also take a risk with their money and demonstrate their commercial nature.

In joint family, individuals get less independence.

Family members have joint rights in family property and property, there is less potential for personality development.

Nuclear family vs. joint family Essay

Advantages and Disadvantages of Joint family Vs Nuclear Family Essay:

Experience and self-reliance:

In joint family i.e. where there are experienced married couple as parents who can give good advice to new couple.

Other experienced and intelligent members like grandparents, uncles and aunts can also help the new couple to manage with those problems.

Along with this, the attitude of looking at domestic problems in the joint family is also different.

Others get experience in joint family, so that you can solve problems easily and correctly, such as raising children, solving financial and marital problems.

On the other hand, in a single family, the couple has the freedom to make decisions themselves.

In a single family, the couple can make all the rules, rituals or traditions according to their own this creates self-sufficiency in them.

Raising children:

Raising children in a joint family is satisfactory, but it is difficult to teach them discipline because there are many instructors.

But in a single family it is easy to discipline a child because the children get all the instructions from their parents only.

In such a situation, the child easily accepts everything from the parents and behaves properly.

Everyone’s loneliness:

A child living in a single family feels lonely because he has no siblings to play as a joint family.

In distinction, this does not happen in a joint family.

Many times in single family parents are making mistakes, then there is no one to fix it, which has a bad effect on the upbringing of children.

Outside interference:

A single family is a separate couple family that survives the hassle of other reforms.

Due to lack of members and no interference in a family, the couple get a chance to understand each other.

In distinction, this does not happen in a joint family.

All members in the joint family help each other. For example, you will also get support from other members of the household in handling the newborn.

Status of women:

The condition of women in the joint family is not very good, it only lives in the kitchen and the education of children, whereas in a single family, women have the right to live their own life.




There are various advantages and disadvantages of joint family as well as single-family, but in the end, it is entirely up to you in which circumstances you want to raise your life and your children.

There is nothing right or wrong, some people prefer to live in single family and some in joint family.

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