Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage Essay

There are two types marriages, i.e. Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage Essay, marriage is an important decision in life, which two people decide together.

Apart from this, in India it is also said that marriage is not a combination of two people but two families.

In such a situation it becomes important for us to know the decision of our family, Marriage is a sacred relationship that binds two people.

It is believed that it is only after marriage that a person gets a new way of living and they get to learn new rules of living life.

Well now the era has changed; earlier, where the boy and the girl used to marry the family, now he is marries on his own choice.

There is a lot of difference between marrying a girl chosen by the family, i.e. arranged marriage and finding a partner with your will, i.e. love marriage.

So let us know what the difference between these two weddings:

Love Marriage vs Arranged Marriage Essay:

Arrange Marriage:

 In the Orange Marriage, the families of the boy and the girl select their spouse for each other.

In such marriages, most boys and girls are unaware of each other.

They fall in love only after marriage and then spend a happy life with each other for life.

In this, the relationship between the family of both the boy and the girl becomes very strong.

Arrange Marriage is considered more successful than Love Marriage.

Love Marriage:

In this marriage, boys and girls know each other well and like each other.

Many times it happens that family members are not happy with this marriage.

The girl begins to have problems with living and understanding with a new and stranger family.

The special thing about these weddings is that the boy and Girls has mutual understanding.

Both know each other well, but there is little interaction between their families.




 It cannot be said that which marriage is better between Arrange marriage and Love marriage.

Whatever the marriage, it is very important for people to be sensible and have good thinking.

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