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Dog are reared as pets in homes by humans since 30 to 40 thousand years.

The scientific name of the dog is Canis lupus familiars, the young one of dog is called the puppy and the female dog is called a bitch.

The dog likes to be around humans for the food they get from then.

The dog is the most loyal animal among all due to which it is the most reared for guarding the houses.

America is a country where about 7 crore domesticated pet are dogs.

The dog has four legs, so they are also called a quadruped animal. They has short hair on entire body with different colours like black, brown, white, etc.

A dog has two eyes and a nose, with the help of which it can smell 10 times more than humans.

The dog has two ears, from which it can hear even the low frequency sound. It easily digests both non-vegetarian and vegetarian food.

The dog can run very fast, dogs are also used as carrier at icy places.

My Pet Dog Essay 300 Words:

A dog is a very intelligent and loyal animal.

He is a true friend of humans as it can understand the thoughts and feelings just like humans, so whenever a dog meets its owner after many years, he remembers him.

An adult dog has 42 teeth, high sense of smell compared to humans, due to which it is used by the police to detect thieves, explosives etc.

Different breeds of dog are found in different countries. The ancestors of the dog and the wolf were the same, so they look alike and their DNA is 99% identical.

The average lifespan of a dog is 15 to 20 years, but some live longer than that.

A dog can eat meat, fruits, vegetables etc. in food, so it is also called omnivores like humans.

The dog is so alert even in sleep that even the small sound wake him up, so it is difficult for thieves to rob a house where the dog is reared.

The dog expresses his feelings by asking or shaking. A female dog is called a bitch in Hindi and her baby is called a puppy.

A dog is a creature that adapts itself to every kind of environment, hence its species is found in every country.

The body of a dog is warmer than humans, yet its body does not sweat only the nose and toes sweat.

essay on dog

Essay on Dog 1000 Words:

Dogs have been reared as pets by humans since ancient times, dogs from years ago were jagged like wolves but gradually got mixed up with humans and became pets.

Even today dogs living in the forest are hunters like wolves and they can attack humans, many breeds of dogs are found all over the world.

A dog is an animal that understands the feelings of humans, that’s why they are happy in the happiness of humans and whenever their owner is unhappy, they also looks unhappy.

A dog is the only creature that does not leave a human being under any circumstances, it always maintains friendly behavior with its owner.

Dog Anatomy:

The dog is an animal with its legs separated from the shoulders due to which it is able to run fast, it has pointed nails on all four legs and two bright eyes.

The dog has two ears to hear different types of sounds. Different species of dog are found all over the world, in which one’s body is large, other breed having smaller body.

Hair growth is different in different breed.

The neck of the dog is short and thin. The anatomy and behavior of the dog is similar to that of wolves and fox. It is believed that their ancestors were the same.

A dog is a mammal, so she feed her little puppies.

DogS Specialties- Dog Essay:

(1) The scientific name of the dog is Canis lupus familaris and the female is called bitch and young one is called puppy.

(2) An adult dog has 42 teeth and a small dog has 28 teeth.

(3) Compared to humans, the blood of dog is of 13 types whereas in humans there are only four types.

(4) A small dog is as intelligent as a child of a human being.

(5) The dog can dream like humans and can understand the feelings of people just like humans.

(6) Sweating comes only from the nose and toes in the dog’s body.

(7) The dog has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years.

 (8) In the nose of German shepherd species, 22 million cells are found whereas in the nose of humans only 20 lakh cells are found, because of that dog can sniffed odour or aroma from afar.

(9) The dog can recognize its owner only by sniffing and remembering it for years.

(10) The dog can remove ten different types of sounds from its mouth.

(11) Dog can hear sound upto 35 khz much higher than human can do.

(12) The dog has 3 eyelashes.

(13) According to an average estimate the dog can give 6 to 8 children at a time.

(14) Whenever the dog is happy, he shakes his tail vigorously and licks his owner.

(15) The dog is the only creature that looks into the eyes of humans and finds out how the person is feeling at the moment that is why the dog is happy when humans are happy and when there is a unhappy environment then dog also cries all together with human.

Dog Food:

Dog can eat meat, fish, fruits, vegetables, rotis, etc. It is omnivorous like humans. Dog used to eat only meat before but since humans started raising it as pets, it has started eating vegetarian food too.

If the dog is fed with chocolate as a food, it can also die because the chocolate contains an element called the bromine which acts as poison for the dog’s body.

Dog Use- Dog Essay:

The dog was used by humans in olden times to protect them from parasites and to carry luggage, but is currently used to keep thieves away from homes.

The dog is also used by the police to detect explosives and detect criminals.

Dog also protects its owner from other individuals and animals. A sensible dog also informs the police when the owner is in trouble.

At present, dogs also work in Police Department, Scientific Research Center, Railways, and Army etc.

Currently, dogs are also used for entertainment purposes.

Breed of dog- Dog Essay:

There are different types of dog breeds in the world, to name a few: Bulldog, German shepherd, Akbash Dog, Arriz Pointer, Basenji, Barbet, Blue Lacey, Boxer, Brayard, Carn Terrier, Cane Corso, Polished Greyhound etc.




A dog is a good pet that always treats humans friendly. We should never hurt dogs.

They cannot speak, but they can understand our feelings, so they should always be loved.

If dogs are treated properly, they in turn protect their owner and also protect the house.

We should always treat all beings well because their life depends on us.

If we treat dogs and other animals well, then they will also treat us well and live together with us.

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