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The cow is a domestic animal from which we get nutritious milk and various dairy products.

In Hinduism, cow has religious significance and cow is worshiped by Hindu people in India.

Essay on Indian Cow 150 words:

The cow has been present on our earth for thousands of years.

The cow has been treated like a mother in Hinduism because just like our mother takes full care of us, similarly the cow also gives us delicious milk and makes us strong.

A cow is commonly reared as a pet in homes, it is very quiet and it gets molded easily in all types of environments.

Cow likes to eat green grass, flowers, leaves, the cow has two horns, with the help of which she protects herself.

The cow drinks 30 to 40 liters of water in 1 day.

The cow has two big ears, also has a large and wide mouth and two eyes.

Cow has four legs and four udder, also has long tail & the body of the cow is big and strong.

Cow Essay 300 words:

The cow is found all over the world and it is a pet all over the world.

In our India, cow is considered to be worship able in Hinduism, killing cow is a big crime in India.

In almost every house in the village of our country, cow is reared as pet and its milk is extracted and sold.

The cow is very beautiful, found in colors like white, black, brown etc, its height is different in every country.

Cow is always quiet but whenever it feels threatened, it protects itself with the help of its horns. Its height is very strong.

It has shorter hair than other animals on its body.

A cow has two big eyes, it has a very good memory, and it recognizes its owner in a moment.

Also, has two big ears and four legs.

A cow has a nose and a mouth, its head is wide, it can adapt itself to every type of environment.

There are four udder from which nutritious milk comes out, cow’s mouth does not have teeth in the upper jaw and it has 32 teeth in its lower jaw.

The cow also conceives for 9 months just like humans and adult cow drinks 30 to 50 liters of water in 1 day.

The cow chews it once a day after eating it, it chews (juggle) about 50 times in 1 minute.

Essay on Cow 700 words:

A cow is a pet that is commonly found everywhere.

According to the 2012 report of the National Dairy Development Board, India has a population of about 190 million cows. More cows are found in our India than all over the world.

In India, cow is respected because it is said that all 322 crore gods live inside the cow, as well as people living in India have called cow as mother.

In India, cow is very well taken care and cow is also worshiped.

The relationship of cow is also related to Lord Krishna because he loved the cow very much and loved him very much.

Cow Composition:

Although the composition of cow is found to be the same in all countries, there is a difference in the height and breed of cow.

Some cows give more milk and some give less, the cow’s body is very big, its weight is more than 720 kg.

The cow’s body is thinner from the front and wider than the back.

The cow has two big eyes, with the help of which it can see up to 360 degrees.

The cow is a four-legged animal and has hoofs on all four legs, with the help of which they can walk on any hard site.

The cow’s mouth is wider than the top and thinner at the bottom, it has short hair on its entire body.

The cow has a long question, with the help of which she keeps removing the soil on her body.

Cow has 4 udder and has a long neck, has 32 teeth are found in the lower jaw of the cow’s mouth, so the cow chews for a long time by chewing food.

The cow has a big nose and two big horns. Also, read Cow Essay Conclusion.

Uses of Cow:

A cow is a domesticated animal, so it is reared in homes and its milk is extracted in the morning and evening.

A cow gives 5 to 10 liters of milk at a time.

In olden times, cows were also used in plowing fields, curd buttermilk made from cow’s milk can be prepared with cheese and other milk.

Cow dung is dried and used for fuel work, as well as cow dung is also used as fertilizer in the fields.

Currently people have started eating the meat of cows also called “Beef”, the cow keeps giving something throughout its life.

Many relics are made subsequently from the bones of the cow and its skins are dried and used as leather.

Cow urine is considered very sacred and its cow urine is used as Ayurveda medicine, which is effective in eliminating many major diseases from the root.

Breed of Cows:

Many types of cows are found in India, some give good milk, some have strong body, and they are used as plowing in the fields.

The main breeds of cow found in India are the Sahiwal, Nagauri, Pawar, Bhagnadi, Rathi, Malvi, Kankrej, Sindhi, Dajjal, Tharparkar, Angol or Nilor, etc.



The cow is a peace-loving and domesticated animal, found in every part of India, it has been given the status of mother because it keeps on giving something throughout its life.

So we should learn something from his life and always live our life in a peaceful way and should treat other people well.

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