Gandhi Jayanti Essay

Every year on October 2, we celebrate Gandhi Jayanti with great enthusiasm.

On this day preparations are made by the government officials at Rajghat in Delhi, it is the tomb of Mahatma Gandhi.

On this day the Samadhi of Rajghat is decorated with flowers and all of the leaders of the nation come to Rajghat to pay homage to the Father of the Nation.

Essay on Gandhi Jayanti 300 words:

Gandhi Jayanti celebrated yearly on 2 October, is a day of national significance.

Indians have great respect for Mahatma Gandhi and this day is celebrated in schools, schools, workplaces and different places throughout India.

Mahatma Gandhi was probably the most respected Indian freedom fighters, his method of working was fairly different from other leaders of his time.

Whereas most freedom fighters believed that violence and aggression, he had been meant to drive out the British, Mahatma Gandhi inspired the path of non-violence and truth.

Mahatma Gandhi managed to make a strong impression on the British without any violence and harming anyone.

His peacefulness however powerful independence movements inspired many Indians to join him and together they created a major impact.

The ideology of Mahatma Gandhi became popular during his time and is still followed today.

Gandhi Jayanti is a way of honoring this great soul which holds great importance for Indians.

Raise patriotism in younger generation:

Our younger generation is not attached to the country and does not realize the true meaning of freedom because they did not really see the struggle of their earlier generations to achieve freedom.

Instead of being proud and serving the nation, the new era is essentially searching for opportunities to settle abroad and enhance their life.

Gandhi Jayanti and other national festivals of our country are a way of communicating patriotism by introducing our past to the younger generation.

This day really sees people coming forward and saturated in the spirit of patriotism raises the feeling of doing something good for the country.


In this way Gandhi Jayanti is an important day for all Indians.

It brings back memories of the struggle and sacrifice of Gandhiji and other freedom fighters inspires us to work hard for the development of our country.

Essay on Gandhi Jayanti 400 words:

Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated with great enthusiasm in various schools across India on 2 October, it is a national holiday as it is one of the three national festivals in our country.

Thus, most schools celebrate it one day before the actual occasion on 1 October.

A number of activities are planned for Gandhi Jayanti celebrations in schools.

Teachers and students look forward to these celebrations and participate actively in the same.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations in Schools:

In most schools, students are made to study according to the time table during the first half of the day then have a festive holiday.

Some teachers, college students and assist workers to decorate the school with tricolour balloons, ribbons, flags and Gandhiji posters and quotes.

Some of the activities planned for Gandhi Jayanti celebrations are as follows:

The principal and other members of the school staff address the students on Mahatma Gandhi, talks about his ideology to inspire students and show them the right path in life.

He also spoke of the phase of Gandhi’s struggle and worked hard to achieve his goal of India’s independence.

These speeches are truly inspiring to the students.


On this day many competitions such as painting competition, debate competition, essay writing competition and fancy dress competition are organized.

The theme of all these competitions is Gandhi and patriotism, college students are inspired to take part in these competitions.

The purpose of organizing these competitions is to make the students feel more connected to the country.

Fancy dress competitions are especially fun, it is a delight to see young children dressed up as Gandhi jiand other freedom fighters.

Awards are given to students who perform well to encourage more participation.

Patriotic Songs:

Patriotic songs are sung in praise of Mahatma Gandhi.

Bapu’s favorite song Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram is specially sung on the occasion.

Singing competitions are also organized, in which students are seen singing songs in praise of Gandhiji.


Gandhi Jayanti celebrations in schools are a great way to instill a sense of patriotism among students.

It is also a good way to motivate students to follow the path of truth and non-violence.

Essay on Gandhi Jayanti 500 words:

On October 2, many events are organized throughout India to rejoice the birthday of the Father of the Nation.

However, the main Gandhi Jayanti celebrations are held in the country’s capital which includes the Gandhi memorial.

The statues of Gandhiji throughout the city are thoroughly cleaned and decorated with garlands on the occasion.

Market places, offices, residential colonies and schools are lined with flags, flowers and other decorative items to celebrate the occasion.

Gandhi memorial visit by Politicians:

Gandhi Memorial is located in the center of the national capital of India. This is the place where Gandhi was laid to rest on 30 January 1948.

This monument is a symbol of peace, truth and non-violence – ideologies advocating Mahatma Gandhi.

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti, the Prime Minister of India and many other political leaders visit the memorial to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi.

Prayer meetings are arranged at the Raj Ghat and the leaders who go there attend the Gandhi memorial after offering flowers and garlands.

Bhajans are sung during these prayer meetings and people remember Bapu’s inspiring ideologies.

Visit of Gandhi memorial by School Children:

Some colleges in Delhi and the Nationwide Capital Area take their students to Gandhi Memorial to pay homage to the Father of the Nation.

The students are often taken to the place a day before Gandhi Jayanti.

The students offer flowers at the memorial and pray for their departed soul.

The teacher tells the students about the heroic actions of Mahatma Gandhi during this short journey.

Gandhi Jayanti Essay

Gandhi Jayanti Program in the National Capital:

Many big and small events are organized in the national capital on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti.

To fill the patriotic atmosphere, patriotic songs are played on loudspeakers at market places.

Live band performances are additionally organized at some locations within the capital, these bands sing patriotic songs to add colour to the day.

On this occasion special shows are organized at malls and other places.

During these events, hosts typically ask the general public questions for collective participation, the questions are mostly based on the life, work and ideologies of Gandhi.

Singing and painting competitions are also organized as a part of these events.

Residential societies also celebrate the day by holding small programs in which speeches are made and people remember Gandhi.

During these events drawing and fancy dress competitions are organized to encourage children to be part of the same.

The offices of many political leaders are seen adorned with garlands.

Since it is a national holiday, political leaders also take a break from work on this day and go to each other to share thoughts and ideas.

Educational offices along with other offices in the capital have also been decorated to celebrate this special day.

In such places Gandhi Jayanti celebrations are usually done a day before due to the 2nd holiday.



Conclusion for Gandhi Jayanti Essay:

People in the national capital are known for busy lifestyles.

 It is really nice to see him taking time out in the midst of a mad crowd to remember and honor our great Indian leader.

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