Blood Donation Essay

Blood donation, in which people donate some amount of their blood to other people.

It is a great help to the people,who have shortage of blood due to some health issue.

Blood is an essential component of our body, which is one of the fluids inside our body, it helps in the smooth functioning of our body.

Therefore, if a person loses a large amount of blood in a stroke, then that person can also die. Or there may be a fatal disease.

So at that time blood donation is really life-giving for that person, which can saves his life.

For this reason, donating blood is a symbol of humanity, which unites people irrespective of caste, creed and religion.

blood donation essay

Blood Donation Day- Blood Donation Essay:

This process is a lifesaving process, 14 June is celebrated as Blood Donation Day all over the world to raise awareness among people.

On this day the blood donation campaign is promoted all over the world. All people are urged to save lives of others by donating blood.

On this day all people are informed about safe blood donation.

In which all people are told many necessary things so that he or she can donate blood.

There are certain criteria that must be met to donate blood.

On this day WHO means World Health Organization organizes a campaign, in which it invites people to donate blood.

In this, the organization also tells people some rules, so that no one’s health is compromised.

First of all, the person donating blood should be from 17 to 66 years of age, the person should weigh more than 50 kg and his body should be completely healthy.

In the blood donation campaign, a person cannot donate blood due to diabetes, high blood pressure and many such serious diseases.

Therefore, the donors who contributed to make the world a better place on this day are also appreciated.

Benefits of Blood Donation:

Blood donation Essay gives us many benefits as follows:

  1. A person requires a lot of blood when he has a serious illness or accident, then too much blood gets lost from his body.
  2. But donating blood enhances their health status and removes their critical condition.
  3. Blood donation does not just help the casualty but also carries a responsibility towards the society.
  4. Due to this, the health of a sick or accidental person improves.
  5. Allows a pathway for production of new RBCs & thus improve the health of donar.
  6. In this way blood donation changes people’s lives, it makes the work of blood banks easier.
  7. This stabilizes their collection which helps other people get immediate blood.
  8. Demand is still higher than supply in blood banks, so we should donate more and more to help people.




Blood donation requires initial health screening, we must go through a full diagnosis before donating.

It makes aware of various levels of iron, hemoglobin, cholesterol and so on present in our body.

In this way blood donation is an important process to save human life, this is a great initiative that should be encouraged everywhere.

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