Top 3 AI Essay Writing Tools for Students in 2024

For most students, essay writing is a headache. Unlike other subjects, you can’t rely on cramming and memory to get good grades in essay writing.

A good essay requires comprehensive research, grammatical accuracy, and the ability to depict your thoughts in an organized manner. Sounds too much, doesn’t it? 

The solution to this problem lies in AI Essay Writing tools. This software uses advanced AI to write essays on any topic of your choice.

You can control the difficulty level, number of words, and writing style as per your requirements. You can ace any level of essay with effective usage of these tools. 

What Are the Benefits of AI Essay Writing Tools?  

Top 3 AI Essay Writing Tools for Students in 2024

You can get these benefits with AI essay writing tools:

  • New ideas for an essay
  • Help in overcoming writer’s block
  • Improvement in essay writing and presentation skills
  • Time and energy-saving 
  • Meet the school/college deadlines on time 
  • Good grades in assignments and exams
  • Credible citations for research 

Based on these facts, we believe every student should use a credible AI essay writing tool. However, the quality of the tool is the key.

Academic writing isn’t like content or blog work, where you can get away with grammatical errors, punctuation mistakes, and cheap language.

It requires a writing style conforming to established academic norms. Therefore, you must be critical while selecting a tool for essay writing. 

Top 3 AI Essay Writing Tools for Students

These are our top 3 AI Essay writing tools for students in 2024


Compatibility: Online Web Browser  is our first choice.

The software can write world-class essays in a matter of seconds. It gathers data from academic sources to write scholarly essays.

The output is meaningful, coherent, and grammatically accurate. 

ai essay writer

Essay Writer offers great variety. You can choose to write short, medium, and long essays as per requirement.

The software also writes by your academic level. The content is plagiarism-free and capable of bypassing regular checkers.

Essay Writer is a great tool for learning the art of academic essay writing. You can learn to write in different styles at various difficulty levels.

It also allows you to add references to your work.

This option helps to add primary sources to your research in a professional referencing style.

The references solidify your arguments. Essay Writer makes every student’s life easier.


  • High-quality essay writing
  • User-friendly interface
  • Can write for all grades


  • Doesn’t have any mobile or desktop version. 

Compatibility: Online Web Browser 

AI Essay Bot takes academic essay writing to new heights.

The software is capable of writing on all topics in different styles. You can write in narrative, descriptive, and persuasive style as per requirement.

All work is plagiarism-free with no grammatical errors.

online web browser

You can dictate the length of your essays with AI Essay Bot. It offers short, medium, and long essays.

The research and citations are from primary source materials, critically acclaimed in the academic world. You can learn about topic research, outlining, writing, and proofreading from this software.

AI Essay Bot offers additional features of Rewrite Essays and AI to Human Text Converter.

The Rewrite Essays can rephrase your essay in multiple styles.

It helps in finding the right words for expressing a thought.

With AI to Human Text  Converter, you can add a different tone, style, and linguistic approach to escape AI content detectors.


  • Ideal for all types of essays
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Range of additional features


  • Not available on desktop/mobile.
  1. Essay Generator by

Compatibility: Online Web Browser and Android has an Essay Generator that uses a simplistic approach to essay writing.

You can get quick essays in basic and readable English.

essay generator

 It offers 3 modes; short, medium, and long. You can choose any mode as per your requirements. It also has an efficient Essay Rewriter feature.

It allows it to create multiple copies of a single essay. You can create a basic and advanced copy.

The feature can rewrite an essay in 13 major languages of the world, making it a useful tool for writers all around the world.  


  • Simple essay writing 
  • Ideal for removing plagiarism 
  • Offers a mobile version 


  •  It doesn’t provide references

Take Away

Essay Rewriting is a critical element of every student’s life. It tests the knowledge, understanding, analytical ability, and writing prowess of a student.

At times, essay writing can turn into a mental stress due to hectic academic schedules. To overcome this, we recommend AI essay writing tools for students.

The students can use them to generate unlimited essays on any topic.

They can also teach you about topic research, outlining, writing styles, and structure of an essay.

This article highlights the top 3 AI essay writing tools available in 2024.

We have presented each tool’s compatibility, introduction, main interface, and pros & cons. Pick any tool and start acing your essay exam from today.

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These are the most frequently asked questions about AI Essay Writing Toolson web.

  1. Is AI good for Essay writing?    

AI has taken Essay Writing to new heights. It helps you to write on any topic in your desired style. You can control the number of words, paragraph lengths, syntax, and structure of your work. AI extracts critical information from the most relevant sources in no time, which saves you valuable time. 

  1. What are the most popular AI writing tools for students?

There are many popular AI writing tools for academic writing. However, based on the quality and ease of usage, we recommend Essay Writer, AI Essay Bot, and Essay Rewriter for the students.

  1. Will AI replace writers?

Not shortly. The research has shown that AI-generated content is a bit mechanical. It seems less engaging and unattractive. There will always be a need for adding a human touch to AI writing.  

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