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In this poverty essay, we had describe poverty, its effects & measures to control poverty.

Poverty is the condition of a person when he cannot fulfil his basic necessities of life such as food, clothing and shelter.

Essay on Poverty 100 words:

Poverty is the condition of any person being very poor.

It is an extreme condition when a person feels a lack of essential commodities such as shelter, adequate food, clothing, medicines, etc. to continue life.

Some common causes of poverty are overgrowth, fatal and epidemic diseases, and natural disasters.

Low agricultural production, lack of employment, casteism, illiteracy, gender inequality, environmental problems in the country.

Changing trends of the economy in the country, lack of proper education, untouchability, limited or inadequate access to people’s own rights, political violence, organized crime, Corruption, lack of motivation, laziness, old social beliefs, etc.

Poverty in India can be reduced after effective solutions, but the individual efforts of all citizens are needed.

Poverty Essay 150 words:

We can define poverty as a lack of food, proper shelter, clothing, medicines, education and equal human rights.

Poverty forces a person to starve, without shelter, without clothing, education and proper rights.

There are various causes of poverty in the country, although there are solutions, due to lack of proper unity among Indian citizens to follow the solutions, poverty is getting worse day by day.

The spread of epidemic diseases is the cause of poverty in any country because poor people cannot take care of their health status.

Poverty makes people unable to go to the doctor, go to school, study, speak properly, eat three meals a day, dress in need, buy own house, get a proper salary for a job, etc.

A person can go towards illness due to drinking unclean water, living in dirty places and eating inappropriate food.

Poverty causes powerlessness and lack of freedom.

Essay on Poverty

Essay on Poverty 200 words:

Poverty is like a slave situation when a person is unable to do anything he wishes, which change according to person, place and time.

It can be described in many ways that a person feels it or is living it.

Poverty is a condition that no one wants to live, but it has to be taken away due to custom, nature, natural disaster, or lack of proper education.

The person lives it, usually wants to escape.

It is an invisible problem that badly affects a person and his social life in many ways.

Poverty is a completely preventable problem, but there are many reasons that have persisted since the past.

Poverty causes a person to lack freedom, mental well-being, physical welfare and security.

It is very important for everyone to work together to remove poverty from the country and the world to bring about proper physical health, mental health, full literacy, home for all, and other essential things to lead a simple life.

Essay on Indian Poverty 250 words:

Poverty is a human condition that brings despair, grief and pain in human life.

Poverty is the lack of money and all that is necessary to live life properly.

Poverty makes a child unable to enter school in childhood and lives his childhood in an unhappy family.

Poverty is a shortage of few rupees for arranging two times daily bread and butter, buying textbooks for children, the grief of parents responsible for taking care of children, etc.

We can define poverty in many ways.

It is very common to see poverty in India because most of the people here cannot meet the basic needs of life.

A large percentage of the population here is illiterate, hungry and without homes and clothes.

This is the main reason for the poor Indian economy.

Almost half of the population in India is living a miserable life due to poverty.

Poverty creates a situation in which people fail to get sufficient income so they cannot buy essential things.

A poor man lives his life without any facilities, such as two meals a day, clean drinking water, clothes, home, proper education, etc. Existence.

There are various reasons for poverty in India, but the distribution of national income is also a reason.

People in the lower-income group tend to be relatively poorer than the higher income group.

Children from poor families never get proper schooling, proper nutrition and happy childhood.

The most important causes of poverty are illiteracy, corruption, increasing population, poor agriculture, the difference between poor and rich, etc.

Poverty Essay

Poverty Essay 300 words:

Poverty represents poor quality of life, illiteracy, malnutrition, lack of basic needs, low human resource development etc.

This is the biggest challenge for the developing country, especially in India.

It is a phenomenon in which a section of the society cannot meet the basic needs of its life.

It has seen some decline in the poverty level in the last five years (from 26.1% in 1999–2000, from 35.97% in 1993–94).

It has also declined at the state level such that it decreased to 47.15% to 48.56% in Orissa, 43.42% to 37.43% in Madhya Pradesh, 31.15% to 40.85% in UP and 27.6% to 35.66% in West Bengal.

Instead of some decline in poverty in India, it is not a pleasure because the Indian BPL is still a very large number (26 crores).

Poverty in India can be eradicated by the use of some effective programs, although a combined effort by the government is needed for all.

The Government of India should formulate some effective strategies to develop the poor social sector through key components like primary education, population control, family welfare, employment generation etc., especially in rural areas. Also, read poverty essay in 400 words.

Effects of Poverty:

Illiteracy: Poverty makes people unable to get a proper education due to lack of money.

Nutrition and Diet: Poverty leads to inadequate availability of diet and inadequate nutrition which brings many fatal diseases and deficiency diseases.

Child labour: This gives rise to a huge level of illiteracy as the future of the country becomes involved in child labour at an early age.

Unemployment: Unemployment causes poverty because it creates a shortage of money which affects the daily life of the people.

It forces people against their will to live an incomplete life.

Social stress: It creates social tension due to income inequality between rich and poor.

Housing problems: This creates a bad situation for people to stay outside the house on sidewalks, roadways, other open spaces, multiple members in one room, etc.

Disease: It gives rise to various epidemic diseases because people with money shortage cannot maintain proper sanitation and hygiene.

Apart from this, they cannot afford a doctor for proper treatment of any disease.

Poverty alleviation: Poverty affects the lives of women to a great extent due to gender inequality and deprives them of proper diet, nutrition, medicines and treatment.


Essay on Poverty 400 words:

Poverty is a condition in which people are deprived of the basic necessities of life such as inadequacy of food, clothes and shelter.

Most people in India cannot get their two-time meals properly, sleep on the side of the road and wear dirty and old clothes.

They do not get proper and healthy nutrition, medicines, and other essential things.

Poverty is increasing in urban India due to an increase in urban population as people from rural areas prefer to migrate to cities and towns to get employment or to do some financial activity.

The income of about 8 crore urban people is below the poverty line and 4.5 crore urban people are at the threshold level of the poverty level.

A large number of people live in slums which are illiterate.

Despite some initiatives, no satisfactory results have been shown regarding poverty reduction. Also, read poverty essay FAQ.

Reasons for Poverty:

  • The main causes of poverty in India are increasing population, poor agriculture, corruption, old customs, a huge gap between poor and rich people, unemployment, illiteracy, epidemic diseases etc.
  • A large percentage of people in India depend on agriculture which is poor.
  • People usually face food shortages due to poor agriculture and unemployment.
  • The ever increasing population is also the cause of poverty in India; more population means more food, money and houses.
  • In the lack of basic facilities, poverty increases rapidly, becoming extra rich and extra poor creates a huge gap between rich and poor people.
  • Rich people are getting rich and poor people are becoming poor which creates an economic difference.

Impact of Poverty:

Poverty affects people’s lives in many ways.

  • Poverty has various effects such as illiteracy, poor diet and nutrition, child labour, poor housing, poor lifestyle, unemployment, poor sanitation, the feminization of poverty, etc.
  • Poor people cannot arrange a healthy diet, nor maintain a good lifestyle, home, good clothes, proper education etc., due to lack of money which creates a huge difference between rich and poor.
  • This difference leads to underdeveloped countries.
  • Poverty forces young children to work at a low cost and help their family financially rather than going to school.

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Control Measures for Poverty:

  • It is very important to solve the problem of poverty on a crucial basis for the good of humanity on this planet.
  • Some measures that can play a big role in solving the problem of poverty are:
  • Farmers should get proper and necessary facilities for good agriculture as well as to make it profitable.
  • Those who are illiterate should be given necessary training for the betterment of life.
  • Family planning should be followed by people to check for the increasing population and thus poverty.
  • Corruption should be eliminated worldwide to reduce poverty.
  • Every child should go to school and take proper education.
  • There should be employment opportunities where people from all categories can work together. Also, read poverty essay conclusion.


Poverty is not just an individual problem but is a national problem; this should be solved on an instant basis by implementing some effective solutions.

Various steps have been taken by the government to reduce poverty but there are no clear results.

Eradication of poverty is essential for sustainable and inclusive development of the people, economy, society and country.

Poverty can be eliminated effectively by the combined efforts of each and every individual.

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