Onam Festival Essay

Onam is also one of those festivals, it is a very ancient festival which is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

India is a country of unity in diversity, different castes and people live in India, the culture of this country is unique in itself and unforgettable, we never get tired of describing it.

India is a country where every month a festival is celebrated.

Along with Onam, the month of Chingam is celebrated in Kerala is the rice harvest festival and rain festival and Malayalis and Tamil people celebrate Onam with great pomp and show.

Onam Festival Essay:

Onam is a very prominent festival in Kerala.

The Onam is celebrated in the month of Chingam, it is the first month of the Malayalam calendar which fall in the month of August-September.

In the second solar calendar, it is also called Simha month.

According to the Tamil calendar it is also called Avni Mahina. Onam is the festival when Thiruvonam falls in the constellation in Chingam month.

Examination of King Mahabali:

Mahabali was the grandson of Prahlada. Prahlada who was the son of Hiranyakashyap Asura but still Prahlada was a devotee of Vishnu.

Mahabali was also a devotee of Lord Vishnu like Prahlada, time progressed and they grew up.

Their subjects were very happy that their empire was spread to heaven.

Bali started praying to God. Lord Vishnu disguised as Vamana. Vishnu asked for a donation of three steps.

King Bali, considered this very simple but it was not an ordinary demand.

When King Bali agreed to give three steps of land, Lord Vishnu took his giant form.

They measured the whole earth with one step and the second step cover the sky but nothing left for the third step, then King Bali sacrificed his body as nothing left for sacrifice.

But before leaving to hades, Lord Vishnu granted him a wish as Raja Bali used to give a lot of donations to the poor.

King Bali used to love his subjects very much, he ask from lord Vishnu a boon “to return to earth once a year to meet his subjects”

It is believed that in the Shravan Nakshatra of the month of Shravan, King Bali himself comes to the earth to see his subjects.

In Malayalam, Shravan Nakshatra is called Onam, hence the name of this festival Onam.

onam festival essay

Importance of Onam:

It is also a harvest festival usually falls in the month of August or September.

There is a tradition of performing many types of dances on Onam festival.

On this day, the most popular Kathakali dance of Kerala is organized on a large scale, women wear white saris and dance with flowers adorned on the hair.

All these programs are widely performed on this day. Everyone participates very vigorously in these programs.

The festival of Onam Essay brings with it a message of happiness, prosperity, love-harmony and mutual love and cooperation.

Whatever may be the story behind the Onam festival, but it is clear that it is a mirror of our culture. It is a symbol of our grand legacy.

It is the freshness of our life may come once in a year, but in this day it goes by giving us such freshness, which keeps on transmitting new water through our arteries throughout the year.

Onam in the Puranas: The festival of Onam is celebrated in memory of King Mahabali. The festival of Onam is associated with King Mahabali. Onam festival is celebrated in honor of King Mahabali.

People believe that on this day Lord Vishnu as his fifth incarnation Vamana came to earth on the day of Chingam and sent King Mahabali to Hades.

The Onam festival has been going on form centuries. This festival is celebrated to commemorate the generosity and prosperity of King Mahabali.

Onam Festival Essay in history: Some people believe that Onam festival started in Sangam period. The mentions related to the festival of Onam can be found in the time of Kulasekara Perumal.

Onam festival in those days occurs throughout the month, it is considered to be the most prominent festival in Kerala.

Onam festival is related to harvesting of crops. In the city too, this festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm.

Onam festival is celebrated at the beginning of Chingam, the first month of the Malayalam calendar. The Onam festival lasts for four to ten days.

Ten days of Onam: Onam festival is celebrated for ten days. In this, the first and tenth days are the most important. All the people of Kerala participate in this festival.

1. First day: On this day, King Mahabali Ji prepares to go from Hades to Kerala. Onam festival preparations start from this day itself. House cleaning starts for Onam’s day. Markets are also decorated and a festive atmosphere is created all around.

2. The second day is Chithira, on this day carpet of flowers making starts is called as Pukkalam.

Pukkalam is made until the Onam festival. Pookkalam competition is held on Onam festival day.

3. The third day is Chodhi, on this day 4 to 5 types of flowers are made in Pukkalam.

4. The fourth day is Visakam, from this day many types of competition start.

5. The fifth day is Anijham, on this day preparations are made for the boat race.

6. The sixth day is Thriketa, holidays begin from this day.

7. The seventh day is Moolam, on this day special kind of worship is done in the temples.

8. The eighth day is Purnadam, on this day the idols of Mahabali and Vamana are installed in the house.

9. The ninth day is Uthradom. On this day Mahabalis enter the state of Kerala.

10. Thiruvonam is the tenth day, Onam festival is held on this day.

How Onam festival is celebrated- Onam Festival Essay:

Onam is celebrated because of the Mahabali, the great king who ruled over Kerala was Mahabali.

It is believed that the Mahabali was a great, ideal, virtuous and saintly man. It is believed that there was a multiplicity of pleasures in his kingdom.

His popularity had grown so much that he had become a god rather than a king for his subjects.

He was worshiped everywhere in the state. The gods could not bear this and Devraj Indra made a conspiracy. Devraj Indra sought help from Lord Vishnu.

Vishnu came in front of Mahabali disguised as Lord Vamana and forced him to promise him and after that he asked for only three steps of land.

Onam festival is celebrated in his memory, this festival day the whole public decorates their houses are waiting for their king.

On this day, the atmosphere of happiness is develop all around. lamps are lit and god are worshipped. The earth is decorated in every way.

The earth is decorated with Rangoli and statues of Lord Vishnu and King Bali are installed on that earth.

Both are worshiped in a very grand manner, All people wear new clothes and perform different types of dances. Very grand festivals are celebrated in temples.

Many entertainment programs are organised such as boat races and elephant processions. The purpose behind doing these programs is that their kings can see them happy.

On this day, everyone gives generously in the memory of the Mahabali.



Conclusion for Onam Festival Essay:

On the festival of Onam houses and Kerala are decorated like a bride.

Rangoli is made in front of every house. Kerala’s memory can be widely seen in the festival of Onam.

Folk dances, games, snake boat races, songs, delicious food are made on Onam festival day.

King Mahabalis were the ideal of the people. On Onam day, rich people give generously to the poor.

People celebrate Onam’s day with great enthusiasm, which can be found by looking at the faces of the people.

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