Difference between Volt and Watt

A volt is a unit of electrical potential difference between two points, and the two units are completely distinct whereas watt is a unit of electric power.

Here are some of the main differences between volt and watt to help you understand how both differ:

Volt Vs Watt:

What is Volt?

The voltage unit is only volt. The letter V represents it. The potential difference in voltage or two locations is measured in volts.

A volt is formed when one place is tried to transport the charge in charge from one place to another. The voltmeter is used to measure it.

What is Watt?

The unit of power is the watt. When one joule of work is done for one second, one watt of electric power is generated.

A wattmeter is used to measure electric power.

what is the difference between volt and watt

What is the Difference between Volt and Watt?

One of the most significant differences between volt and watt is that the volt is a SI unit of potential difference and electromotive force, whereas the watt is a SI unit of power.

Volts measure a small quantity of electricity, whereas watts measure the actual power used by electrical devices.

The watt is the SI unit of power, whereas the volt is the SI unit of potential difference and electromotive force.

So, what’s the difference?  Let’s discuss the difference between volt and watt and how they are similar but not the same.

The SI unit for potential difference and Electromagnetic is volts.Watts is the SI unit of power (P).
Symbol: VSymbol: W
Volts are a measuring units for a small quantity of voltage generated by a power source.A power meter can be used to measure watts.
A Voltmeter can be used to measure volts.Watts is a more exact measurement used to evaluate power.
Formula:  V = Potential Energy/ Charge.Formula: W = Volts × Current
When compared to Watts, taking a measurement of Volts is fairly simple.Watts readings are challenging to get by since they involve measurements of both voltage and current.
Unit of volt: KgM2A-1S-3Unit of watt: KgM2S-3
The difference in electric potential across a wire while 1A current consumes 1 Watt of electricity is described by 1 Volt.The rate at which power is transported is measured in Watts.


After reading this article you learned a lot about the differences between volt and watt in detail.

The measuring unit for the potential difference is Volts, while the unit of measurement for power is Watts.

The wattage of a power source is derived by multiplying the voltage by the highest current it can produce.

Getting a watt reading is harder than having a voltage value.

Volts only describe a part of the power supply, whereas Watts can provide a more accurate measurement.

Power supplies and batteries frequently display the number of volts they supply, but not the number of watts.

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