Difference between Systole and Diastole

Systole is the word used to describe the period of the cardiac cycle during which heart muscle contracts, while diastole is the word used to describe the phase during which the heart muscle relaxes.

Here are some of the main differences between systole and diastole. to help you understand how both differ:

Systole Vs Diastole:


The heart’s contraction during the cardiac cycle is referred to as systole.

The heart’s internal blood pressure rises as a result.

The systolic chambers have blood pumped out of them.


The mechanism of the heart’s muscles relaxing throughout the cardiac cycle is known as the diastole, also known as the contraction of the heart chambers.

The heart chambers are relaxing as a result.

Heart blood pressure decreases as a result.

Chambers that are in diastole get blood.

What is Difference between Systole and Diastole?

Systole causes the heart contracts to pump blood outward, while diastole occurs when it relaxes after contracting.

Let’s discuss the difference between systole and diastole.

The action of heart muscle relaxation during in the cardiac cycle is referred to as diastole.The stage of the cardiac cycle when the heart contracts are referred to as systole.
The chambers of the heart are filled with blood.The heart chambers pump blood out of them.
The valves are left open to let blood enter.The valves stay closed to stop blood from backing up.
The heart’s internal blood pressure drops during diastole.The heart’s internal blood pressure rises during systole.
During diastole, a blood pressure of 80 mmHg is regarded as normal as compared to systole.During systole, a blood pressure of 120 mmHg is regarded as normal.
The pulmonary veins provide the heart chambers with blood.The pulmonary artery receives blood from the heart through the aorta.
60 to 80 mmHg for adults; 65 mmHg for new-borns; 65 mmHg (6 to 9 years).90 to 120 mmHg (for adults); 95 mmHg (for newborns); 100 mmHg (6 to 9 years).
The lowest arterial pressure is represented by the diastolic.The highest pressure placed on the arteries is represented by the systolic phase.
Diastolic pressure is shown as the lower number.Systole pressure is indicated by a greater number than Diastole.


After reading this article you learned a lot about the differences between them, the two stages of the cardiac cycle are diastole and systole.

They take place as the heart beats, pumping blood through a network of blood veins that supply blood to every region of the body.

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