Difference between Magma and Lava

Magma is a molten rock found deep inside the ground, whereas lava is a molten rock that reaches the surface and erupts from a volcano.

Here are some of the main differences between Magma and lava to help you understand how both differ:

Magma Vs Lava:

What is Magma?

Magma is a molten or semi-molten rock in which volatile substances are found beneath the earth’s crust.

This heated or molten rock sometimes solidifies and penetrates or stays in the magma chamber beneath the volcano.

Magma can either fill fissures in rocks or erupt from volcanoes.

Decompression melting, heating, and reduction of solids are some of the mechanisms by which magma is formed in the core.

What is Lava?

Lava is a semi-solid, flammable hot substance that rises from the earth’s surface.

It is a hot molten rock that has been blown off the surface of the earth.

The viscosity and composition of the extruded slag are the two most common variables used to classify lava.

What is the difference between lava and magma

What is the Difference Between Magma and Lava?

Magma is a liquid rock inside the earth that erupts when a volcano erupts. When molten rock rises to the surface, therefore, it is known as lava. As a result, the main differentiation between magma and lava is their location.

So, what’s the difference? Let’s discuss the difference between magma and lava:

Magma is the molten rock that’s been locked underground for a long time.Lava is molten rock that reaches the surface it continues to flow like a liquid.
Magma has a significantly higher temperature, ranging from 1300 to 2400 degrees Fahrenheit.Lava is slightly cooler, with temperatures ranging from 1300 to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit.
The term magma comes from the Ancient Greek word magma.The term lava comes from the Italian language.
Minerals have dissolved gases such as carbon dioxide and Sulphur in moderate concentrations.A slush of crystals, liquid, and bubbles explodes. Chemical elements are present.
It takes much longer for the body to cool down.Lava cools faster than magma.
Basaltic, Andesitic, and Rhyolitic are the three types of rocks.Lava includes Pahoehoe flow, Aa flow, Blocky lava flow, and Pillow lava flow.
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After reading this article you learned a lot about the differences between magma and lava, they are no longer able to confuse you.

In short, magma is the molten rock beneath the earth’s surface, while Lava is the term for magma that erupts from volcanic cracks and on the earth’s surface.

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